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So I've got a turkey baking in the oven right now. It's got cheese and tomato sauce and sausage. Okay, it's actually a Gino's East frozen deep dish pizza, but the thing has a pop-up timer in it, and I've only ever seen those in turkeys. It's kind of a good thing I'm not super hungry, because it didn't even occur to me it would take 45 minutes to bake. I'm so used to making pizzas in my pizza oven (thanks mom!) which cooks them really fast. Deep dish wouldn't turn out well in it, though, so in the oven it goes.

Kingdom Hearts news: I've found all the puppies. Yay! I need to get three more trinities, and then those will be complete, too. Yay! Except I'm kinda sad, because the last world is about to open which means I'm entering the endgame. :( There's still plenty more to play: I've decided I want to completely beat the game, so I have backtracking and side quests to do. But it feels like I flew through the game this time, and that's got me feeling a bit weird. I think I'm fearing the "what now?" thing that happens when something in your life comes to an end.

Oh, sure, I know I'm going to go right onto KH: Chain of Memories (which is totally new to me, yay! NO SPOILERS! Though I do have an idea of what happens, since I've played KH2). And after KH:CoM I'll play KH2. And then I'll get back to finishing the endgame in my replay of FFX. And then it'll be FFX-2. And then I'll start FFVII yet AGAIN and try to actually finish the damned game for once (yeah, yeah, I know it's a huge hit and everything, and I do like it, but it's failed to really grab me so far. Not like FFVIII and KH have). And after that... hmm... I think I have Chronicles. Or is it Anthology? *runs out to living room to check* Chronicles, because it has Chrono Trigger, and actually I've played that all the way till endgame and then I got bored, so maybe I'll replay that. And then I'll play the other game on Chronicles (escaping me). And I totally forgot I have Xenogears, so I'll play that after the other game on Chronicles.

But then! THEN I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY. Well, there's Abe's Exodus and Abe's Odysee, and Buffy Chaos Bleeds, and maybe a few more I'm forgetting, but I won't have any more RPGs. WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!

OOO, I KNOW! By the time I finish all these games, the new KH games should be out! There we go. And there's still other Final Fantasies I haven't played yet. Which means I should be set for games for several years.

...okay, I'm in a bit of a silly mood tonight. :) Call it cabin fever. It's supercalifragilisticexpialidociously COLD out there today. I did go out in it, to see Jean, but otherwise I've been hanging out at home. And since I pretty much always hang out at home anyway, yeah, going a bit stir crazy. Really can't wait for spring, and warmer weather. Because that makes it SOOO much easier to leave the house.

Now I am going to read game faqs to figure out how the hell I get to a particular section in the current world I'm on. I've totally forgotten how.
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I was looking through Dinosaur Comic's archive yesterday, trying to find a particular strip, when I stumbled upon this one.

Which means that from now on, every time someone mentions PoT, I will be thinking of icky nasty diseases.
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We have reached the halfway point on [livejournal.com profile] weathergirl_03's 1000+ comment post. Plz to be joining in! I'm getting tired of talking to myself, even if I do make amusing company. :D


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