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I was looking for something in my journal, which naturally led to re-reading entries. I love re-reading my entries, 'cause I end up getting a crush on myself. :D

Anyway. I found this meme, which actually I'm going to copy here so y'all don't have to click through. This is fun, because it's been long enough that I couldn't remember myself what some of these were, and it took me a few minutes to figure them out. I've figured them all out except for #4.

Now, to the meat of the post. This is gacked from [livejournal.com profile] vassilissa. Take the book you are currently reading (or your favorite books) and make up a title for it in the form of "Harry Potter and the _____". And then have your friends guess which book you are talking about.

I went beyond just books. The titles below come from fiction, animation, anime, manga, video games, and this really cool guy.

1. Harry Potter and the TOO MANY BROOMS!! OH NOES!!!
2. Harry Potter and the Giant Sticky Thingy
3. Harry Potter and the Royal Activist
4. Harry Potter and the Father En Flambé
5. Harry Potter and the Exploding Backside
6. Harry Potter and the Sky-High Car Insurance
7. Harry Potter and the Questionable Ladies
8. Harry Potter and the Beanstalk
9. Harry Potter and the 9.8 m/s2
10. Harry Potter and the Mother of Dragons
11. Harry Potter and the Pentomino Avalanche
12. Harry Potter and the Beagle-Loving Serial Killer
13. Harry Potter and the Gay Boys With Impossibly Large Shoulders
14. Harry Potter and the Negative Similes
15. Harry Potter and the Terrifying Space Monkeys
16. Harry Potter and the Little Doctor
17. Harry Potter and the Muppet Sex
18. Harry Potter and the Compression of Time
19. Harry Potter and the Family Secret
20. Harry Potter and the Two Canons Tallis
21. Harry Potter and the Talking Tchotchkes
22. Harry Potter and the Bicentennial Brooder

edit: I'm screening comments so everyone can play. :)
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So much for posting everyday. *snerks* I knew that wouldn't happen.

I'm having a fit of nostalgia tonight for the old Atari Play site. They had the best Boggle implementation I've found online. It was pretty without being distracting. You could type OR click. Had a stellar dictionary with lots of uncommon words. And best of all, the games were rated, just like Chess is. I spent a lot of time trying to improve my rating, because it was FUN! Not only to compete against others, but to compete against yourself.

I've spent some time tonight looking for online games that are rated. Preferably Boggle (or a Boggle-like game), but I'd be happy with others, too. And no, not Chess or Backgammon. I suck at chess, and while I like backgammon, I'm not that found of playing it online. I'm looking for casual-type or family-type games. If someone could find me such a site, that would be GREAT!

I do play games at Pogo a lot. They have badges for game achievements. Which is fun, but... not quite the same as ratings. Ratings show how you're improving with the game, whereas badges are just a temporary goal and don't really mean anything.

I also got nostalgic for another game I used to play: Bounce Out! Happily, that one still exists. I just love the sound that the balls make. It's a satisfying sound. Like the people screaming in Katamari Damacy.


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