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xnera ([personal profile] xnera) wrote2006-06-07 10:48 pm
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Quizzes! :D

xnera's Personal Assessment

You'll be fine. You really need to go out and buy a plant. Your barren home is draining the creativity from your psyche. Don't close your eyes. Darkness can blind you. Get yourself a decent pair of shoes. Smart footwear is a key component in developing self-esteem.

Your responses to the inkblot test suggest that you are unable to censor your own thoughts. Your stream of consciousness gushes like the rapids of the Mazy River and anybody entering into conversation with you is likely to drown. There are a number of excellent cognitive therapists in Perplex City who may be able to help you overcome your problem. I am not one of them.

Oistin Meade's Earth Psychology Tests!
More tests coming soon live from Perplex City!

ahahahaha!!! I haven't done this one yet, but just reading the "concepts" is cracking me up.

xnera's Personal Assessment

You clearly need more motivation in your life. Forums are dubious sources of information and can often negatively affect your mental balance. I advise that you stay away from them. Your taste in music is a sign of a degenerate and unsophisticated mind. Food isn't love. Get some exercise!

You keep yourself unencumbered by possessions - but also perhaps by obligations either. The fondness you show for old technology is charming but potentially harmful in this ever-changing world. Let go of the past. By carrying around puzzles you show that you're always interested in having fun and developing your mind. No doubt this will be rewarded with success in life! Discretion is the better part of valour - it describes you perfectly. Your dance style is cool - or at least it was about 30 years ago. Which means it will probably be cool again in 5 years time. Best stick with it. Mercy is your strong point but it could make you appear weak.

You'd spend a lottery win in an amusing but unproductive way - be a little more pragmatic.Overall you possess the right combination of wisdom and strength to become a true leader of people!

Oistin Meade's Earth Psychology Tests!
More tests coming soon live from Perplex City!

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