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xnera ([personal profile] xnera) wrote2006-01-24 02:27 pm
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oh sure, i'll play!

The letter meme thingy sounds like fun. Except the problem is that most of my canons are so dear to me exactly as they are that I don't want anything outside canon to interfere with it. Woe.

Okay. Maybe a few?

  1. Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl
  2. Meg Murry, A Wrinkle in Time
  3. Shuichi, Gravitation. Because this would be ubercute.
  4. Vash the Stampede, Trigun
  5. John Crichton, Farscape
  6. Stephanie Plum
  7. Melaka Fray, Fray (because I was just rereading this).
  8. Tyrion Lannister, A Song of Ice and Fire (I HAVE NOT READ A FEAST FOR CROWS YET, SO NO SPOILERS!)
  9. Any of the Fruits Basket gang (I do not read scans, so only up to issue 12 of the US released manga, please)
  10. Your favorite character. Except I kindly ask for no one from Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, or Buffy, because those are the canons that I'm really digging at the moment, and so Must Remain Pure.

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