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I needs it. Mental illness is flaring up and I've been having a devil of a time getting things done. So I am behind on work. Which I need to catch up on today. Except that I am anxious about it for a whole slew of reasons, which means it's really frakking hard to get started.

I'm getting started, though. Go me! But yeah, could use people checking in on me to see how it's going.

Cute and/or funny stuff would be appreciated as well. <3

edit: Cryptic listy of things that need doing:

1) Fifteen
2) Word
3) Boxes
4) Timesheet
5) Checklists
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Work has been going fantabulously this week. YAY!

About 30 hours into Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Am pretty certain I am approaching the endgame. Impatiently waiting for $foo to occur. It better be soon!

No KH tonight, though. Instead I was a crocheting fool. Mom's birthday is tomorrow today, and we're going out for pizza Friday evening. So I needed to make her a gift. And as usual left it to the last minute. I love how fast crochet is, because it'll be done tomorrow. Yay!

Falling into bed now. One of these nights I'll get into bed much sooner...
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(minor spoiler for BSG. So minor I don't think it needs a cut.)

I recently rewatched Seasons 1 & 2 of BSG. You know the scene where Laura is preparing for a speech and she gets the giggles beforehand? That's me right now. Except it's not a speech, but just a whole pile of work. It's going FABULOUSLY, but frak I am all giggly right now.
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Have fooooooooood. Am appeased.

Also, am GODMOTHER. Not officially yet (that's not until march or so), but yes, Lori & Gary asked me to be the godmother to Sir Squeaky the Squirmy, aka Justin. Am so, so excited. He's so, so adorable. I was hanging out with him yesterday at my parents' house, even before they asked me. Just having fun talking to him and letting him squeeze my fingers. He opened his eyes for me. :D This is good as he's been sleeping waaaaaaaaaay too much, so it was nice to see those eyes.

Consolidations have sped up at work, so now I'm having fun. It's NICE to have something to do. Plus the office is quiet so it's more like hanging out than working. There's also a thunderstorm going on, whee! Though I have to say it was really, really weird to go out for breakfast and see nobody on the street. Only thing that was open was Walgreens (they're open 365 days a year) and Dunkin' Donuts. Better than nothing.
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Some of us have to work today.

It didn't even occur to me that the busses and trains would be on holiday schedules. It's not the 1st, after all. But no, because the 1st fell on the weekend, today is considered a holiday.

Didn't even occur to me.

So there I was standing on the bus stop in the rain, getting mildly worried when the 6:27 didn't show up, then panicking when the 6:54 didn't. Panicking, and mad as hell, because this meant I would have to take a taxi to work. Meaning I'd have to go back home and call one and who knows how long it would take for it to come.

I did luck out a bit here--a taxi was driving by and honked his horn at me, so I waved him down. I'm guessing his company was sending taxis along the bus routes for people stranded like me, because you sure as hell don't see taxis in my area often. I saw a LOT this morning.

Yay, taxi. But also: BOO, TAXI. Because this meant I got to pay $22 just to go to work. *sticks anger marks on forehead*

And then I get downtown and NOTHING'S open. I should have gotten off the Orange Line and gone to the Starbucks at Roosevelt when I saw it was open, because the one by me wasn't. So I didn't get anything to eat on the way in.

I got set up on my computer, and immediately kicked off the consolidation. I figured I'd let the consolidation get to the first part--about 20 minutes--then sneak out for breakfast while it finishes the second part.

Except it's really, really slow this morning, and hasn't even gotten to the first part. *slaps more anger marks on forehead* I am HUNGRY AS HELL and I want my breakfast, but I'm afraid to leave now because surely, SURELY it's going to pop up that box soon, and yes breakfast would only take about 15 minutes to get, but we have so, so much to process today that I need to be on top of it.

Gah. *eats chocolate*

About the only good thing about this day: I have a lot to do, so I'm not bored. And I'm getting paid double-time today, with possible over-time as well. Hoorah, hoorah. Otherwise, this day can bite me.


Dec. 8th, 2005 04:34 pm
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PSA: A slave fell down and went boom! The LJ server admins are working on it, but you might see "replag" errors. What that means for you is "now you see it, now you don't!" entries and comments. It's normal and expected; just hit refresh, and the entry/comment should reappear.

Today was good. I got three of the tie-outs done, leaving just one for tomorrow. Yay! Tonight I do more Christmas/birthday shopping. I'm enjoying it this year, possibly because I HAVE MONEY! and so can actually splurge on everyone a bit. :D Yeah, it's snowing, but the temperature is better, so I'm headed to Field's and another nearby store for birthday stuff. Depending on how long that takes, I may or may not stop at Toys 'R' Us on the way home. If I don't go tonight, I'll have to go tomorrow. I'm thinking it will be nice to finish everything tonight so I can go right home tomorrow and vegitate. The house has been neglected while I've been busy shopping this week.

Time to pack up. Yay!

boss fight!

Dec. 8th, 2005 12:15 pm
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I've got a slight headache. Today is busy day at work, where I've got to bust my ass trying to get the tieouts done so we can send them tomorrow. So I've been zooming in on Essbase and running queries that take forever and writing formulas to find discrepancies like mad. All while accompianed by the Black Mages, because one must have battle music while doing battle.

Damned if I don't kind of like it.

I feel dirty.
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I am in "rah rah rah let's work!" mode. This is because I want to finish all my work this morning so that I can spend the afternoon doing Serenity-related activities. Like refresh Fandango a zillion times to see if movie times have been posted yet.

About 45 minutes of cleaning last night. It goes slow. But I know I did a lot, even if it doesn't look like it. I didn't have energy to continue, so instead I fussed about with one of the party favors. Which gave me fits and will not work how I want it to work, but it will still be very shiny so I'm okay with it.

I'm probably going to end up doing last minute cleaning. *sighs* But it won't be as bad as my party last year, because the majority of it is done already. I'll try to do as much as I can tonight. I want to do errands after work tomorrow and on Thursday, so that I have everything I need and can spend Friday doing last-minute cleaning and working on the party stuff.

I hate light drinks. I wanted some cranberry juice today, but all they had downstairs was Dole Light. I got it anyway, but it's icky. It has Sucralose in it. Bleh. Give me real sugar any day.

I could probably type more but I'm stopping this now to WORK WORK WORK!!! Later, peeps.

edit 8:48 a.m.: AAAH!!! Showtimes are up for Chicago Ridge. 1:45 and 4:30. >_< 1:45 feels too early, and 4:30 is definitely too late. Waah! No showtimes for Crestwood, yet--they're only showing up to Thursday on Fandango. I suppose we can do a 1:45 show, but that is pretty damn early since I was planning on serving lunch. We'd have to leave the house at 1:00. Bleargh. Here's hoping that Crestwood will have a 2:30 showing, which would be ideal.

edit 9:03: 1:55 p.m. at Crestwood according to the AOL movie site. That will work. Still slightly earlier than I'd like, but that's not too bad. I'll send a note to the invitees as soon as the tickets are available for purchase on Fandango. Leave the house around 1:20, then? The theater's about ten minutes away.

Okay, back to work now.
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They're doing some work in the building or something, so they have the lights turned off. So we're lit by just the emergency lights and the overhead light in our cubicle. I rather like it. The screen looks brighter and it's easier for me to focus on it.

Aww... they turned the lights back on. Shucks.

I survived the first evening without a working computer at home. I started playing FFVII almost immediately after I got home. I felt a bit guilty about this at first, until I realised I was at a point of the game with heavy exposition. Last time I played this, I got to the exposition part at 11:00 at night when I was tired and wanting to go to bed but just wanted to play a few minutes more. Very annoying, that. So I was glad to be getting through it while I was awake and alert.

Took a break during the middle when they ask you if you want to save, and made chili for dinner. Yay! Also put laundry in. Yay! I then ate chili during the second half of the exposition.

Final Fantasy VII natter )

I quit FFVII around 9:00 for some DDR action. Did actually GAME mode for once, for about 25 minutes. YAY! And *SUPERMASSIVESQUEE* "Speed Over Beethoven" will be on DDR Extreme 2! Am so, so excited as that's my favorite arcade song. I've been holding off buying a PS2 version of DDR because I'm not going to waste my money on a version that mostly has songs I already have. But I will happily shell out some dough to get Speed Over Beethoven.

I also did some crunches *ugh* and some weight-lifting. It'll likely be belly dancing tonight. Unfortunately, I am carrying most of my weight on my trunk and back, which is the worst place to carry it. Aerobic exercise like DDR and walking and Eye Toy: Groove will help, but I want to focus on the problem areas. So, if anyone has suggestions for other exercises for the area (especially the back) let me know. I'd appreciate it.

Early to bed, around ten. Didn't sleep so well, though. Ugh. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. Seem to be doing okay during the day, though, in spite of the lack of sleep.

Slight anxiety about an hour ago, but it passed pretty quick. I feel okay now, though a bit stuffed from lunch. Maybe very slightly jittery, but it's not bothersome.

I thought about going over to Tiger Direct today, but I haven't gotten paid yet (we normally get paid on Wednesdays, but it's sometimes a day late on holiday weeks), and it seems silly to waste time going over there just to scope out machines, so I'm going to stay home tonight and do more cleaning/FFVII. Or possibly watch some Netflix stuff. I'm behind on Netflix because the two things I have out right now are not OMG MUST WATCH things, which is fine, really, except it holds back the stuff I really want to see, like Fruits Basket and Farscape, so, yeah, need to finish watching MacGyver.

You know, I could get used to this starting at 7:00. I don't mind getting up that early. I thought I would, but because it's so dark it feels like night and not morning, and that's my energy time. And I get to leave in about 40 minutes, which is awesome.

But right now I have to run a report and download more eps of The Signal, so I can transfer them over to the Rio for the ride home. In other words, I'll see you all tomorrow. *smooches*
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Yo, friendslist... [livejournal.com profile] breyerchic04 is looking for well-written post-HBP fic. I haven't read any post-HBP stuff yet, so I turn the assignment over to you.

I have reports I need to finish running. I challenge myself to finish the reports by 2:00, and the spreadsheet by 3:30! *cheers self on*
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I did some memes. Like, OMG!

Snaps meme! *bounces*

And this other one. I did this on Friday afternoon, but didn't want to post it because I felt like I had been a bit spammy that day. So you get it now.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )

And the annoyance continues! I thought for sure my stuff would print over the weekend. But the printer queue is empty, and my stuff cannot be found. So now I have to redo it. >:O! It's not hard to do--just dropping some data into a template and clicking "Run", but still. I HATE REDOING WORK!

That is all for now. More later, probably.
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I am surrounded by idiots.

.PDFs? Shiny. I'll admit that. But they are SLOOOOW. And they print SLOOOOW. Especially on our old, decrepit network printers here.

Now, I do admit that everyone has a right to use the printers here. They need to as part of their job duties. But you know? Anytime I'm printing something and I realise it's taking longer than a few minutes, I cancel the job and resend it in short batches. It's only common courtesty.

So you can understand why I am ticked that there is a very large .PDF that has been tying up our printer since TEN THIRTY THIS MORNING, and the user has not canceled it.

I am even more ticked to see that he sent it to the queue TWICE. Likely because he wasn't getting his first copy fast enough.


People are SUCH asshats. I am tempted to write him a scathing email (I can see his email address in the queue) and tell him that he's impairing the job functions of EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS FLOOR. I am also tempted to contact the help desk and see if they can delete his trash from the queues.

Because you know, I kind of need to print something. For work, even! It can wait until Monday, but it's easier to have a printout to work from.


In other news, this vid is cool, in a very "that's creepy!" sort of way.
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Hit, Miss, Hit
Originally uploaded by cobalt123.

My gods is my friends list going nuts over this news. *snerks* I guess it's a big deal, huh?

Here is a picture for [livejournal.com profile] weathergirl_03! I didn't take this one, but I stumbled upon it on flickr and thought it was cool.

Goooooood day. Not as much done as I was hoping, but I worked hard and completed two important assignments. I am going to celebrate by getting smelly stuff from Bath & Body Works tonight. Yay! And hope I find something to shoot that will have as much interestingness (love that word) as this photo.


Aug. 6th, 2005 12:37 am
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I very much kicked ass today at work. It was the timer! Timers work well for me, it looks like. Though I suspect after a while I will get bored of it, and have to go back to doing listies.

And then I had an unplanned adventure this evening that was very gleeful and fun. It culminated in attempting something I've been wanting to try for a while. I both screwed up magnificently and did a wonderful job. Whee! You'll have to wait another day or two to find out what it was, but I promise you WILL be hearing about it.

But oh, hooray for unplanned adventures and for having confidence! I think it was a good thing that I tried it even though I knew it wouldn't be perfect. I made many more mistakes than I anticipated, but that's okay, because it STILL turned out rather well. I am so very happy. And I think it was a good thing that I did screw up on it, because I have a big fear of making mistakes, or of not being as perfect as I could be.

I am going to play some Boggle and then go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be fun! [livejournal.com profile] goody_scrivener offered to pick me up after session and drive me to Rosemont. Yay! It will be really nice to see her again, even if it's just for a car ride. And then it will be WIZARD WORLD, where I will get SERENITY SCHWAG!! And they better have some left still tomorrow!

Better hit the Boggle, because I don't want to stay up too much later. Not quite ready to go to bed yet, though, hence the boggle fix.
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So I did NOT get everything done on yesterday's listy. But that's okay. You can't schedule your entire life, because Life Happens. And it was a good day, which is all I ask for, really.

I kind of goofed off at work again. Oops. But I got a lot of stuff done, even though I was goofing off (huh?). What I mean is, I was working, just not doing stuff for work. That's much better than goofing off by repeatedly refreshing webpages, I think. So the day really flew by. I did finally get down to "work" work around 3:30, deleting extra files and working on the GLR process a bit. And then around 4:25 a coworker asked me if I could run some reports for him, as he was swamped with a fire on his team (er, not a literal fire). The reports he was asking for run very quick, so I said "No problem!".

Except he didn't even get the info to me until 4:50--five minutes after I'm supposed to leave. *headdesks* We're in the same division, but he doesn't work in the hub, so he doesn't know what's required to run the report. So he was sitting there copying customer numbers from the Ledger and trying to delete the duplicates. *shakes head sadly* I finally asked him if he was getting them to me, and when I saw what he was doing, said "Dude, just send the entire Ledger to me!". Because I can autofilter the Ledger to get just the relevant minors, and then I copy the custnums into this macro file we have and click a button and it weeds out the dups and formats the custnums for the query. And then I paste the macro results into the query and hit run and BANG! Results not a minute later. I got the stuff to him at 5:05. I didn't really mind all that much staying late, because it just meant taking one later bus than usual, but I had ERRANDS to do, and so I hurried up when shutting down my computer and locking up my desk...

...which was a mistake, because I forgot I was in the middle of writing the GLR procedures and I hadn't saved them. *headdesks* So yeah, I lost my updates. Grr, argh. Normally I write important stuff in Notepad or Word and hit save every so often, but I was doing these in Lotus Notes because they're going to be sent out via notes, and it's much easier to do all the formatting directly in notes. And yeah, Notes prompted me to save, but I didn't see the prompt because I had switched away from the proggie to close other stuff. It's not a huge deal because I still have the first day's work, which included the outline, but still. Annoying to have to redo things.

So then it was errand time! I had heard that the second Serenity comic had just been released, and I didn't have the first one yet because the local comic store I go to is just far enough that I can't walk there. Normally I could go before or after session because it's on the corner where I change busses, but as I haven't been to session in three weeks...well, yeah. So I wanted to get the comic because OMG SERENITY COMIC!!, but I didn't really want to go to my regular store because I didn't feel like getting off a bus two miles from home to spend 10 minutes buying comics and then have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus.

Google Local to the rescue! First hit was Graham Crackers Comics, which sounded very promising, and hey, on the way to the grocery store! So I stopped there and HOLY COW, AWESOME STORE!! I mean, I really liked Tenth Planet, my local store, but Graham Crackers is better because it's BIGGER, has lots of toys, and has MANGA. So did Tenth Planet, but their selection was very small and catered to the Dragonball Z crowd. Graham Crackers' selection is not as big as Borders', but they offer more titles. Including Fruits Basket and OMG ISSUE #11!!!!! *GRABS AND HUGS* And they had all three alternate covers of Serenity Issue #2. Sold out of #1, though, but I kind of expected that. It's going to reprint so I'll likely just wait for that--unless I go to Wizard World this weekend, which I'm seriously thinking about, and then I'll look for it there.

So yeah, very cool store, and I will be going back to it, I'm sure. :D

And then it was time to go to the grocery store. I was HUNGRY by this time, and starting to feel light-headed, so I unfortunately just focussed on getting FOOD and completely forgot about kitty chow and paper towels. Oops. Will get that tonight. I had a craving for salad so I got a BUNCH of prepackaged kits, one of which is lunch today. I also got a sourdough round, and after doing my thing in the self-checkout, immediately made a beeline for a bench and tore off a hunk of bread to eat. I so needed that.

Time to go home! I just made it to the El platform when an Orange line train arrived, but it looked crowded and I really needed to sit, so I decided to wait for the next. It wasn't going to affect my bussage, as it was 6:15 then and there was no way I'd make the 6:30 anyway, so taking the next train would be fine. And it came and I got a seat, yay! And so I immediately started reading Fruits Basket. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Got to train station at 6:45, figuring I'd have a 20 minute wait for the 7:05 bus (which I hate hate hate because it's the old bus with the squeaky axle that feels like it's going to tip over on the turns, >:o!), but then a 383 pulled in at 6:50 and immediately came to its berth rather than pulling around to sit for a bit. Hmm... the 6:30 bus really late, I take it? This doesn't bode well. And sure enough, traffic was HORRIBLE. Overheard someone say that the traffic lights went out near the mall, which is like the WORST possible place for that to happen. Only place worse than that would be any light by the airport.

We were A FREAKING MILE from my house when the bus pulled over and demanded we all get off. WTF, MAN. We had to go on the bus behind us, for gods know why. Whatever. I got home around 7:35 *fumes* and immediately made dinner. But because I got home so late and OMG FRUITS BASKET TO READ, I didn't play DDR or do much of anything else that I had planned. But like I said, that's okay, because it was a good, fun day.

And now, the squeeing. :D

Fruits Basket Issue #11 squeeing. No concrete spoilers, just emotional OMG!-ing, but that can be a spoiler to some folks so I have cut for your safety. :D )

*glares at website* Do the thing I need you to do, damn you! *stabs*

OMG, is it really 10:20 already? Damn. Better get down to work. Today's listy:

  • More procedures for Dennis. Work on them.
  • Work on GLR procedures.

Er, yeah. That's all for work today, but they're actually both fairly involved and will take a while, so yeah, two things is MORE than enough for the day.


  • OMG HEALTH INSURANCE OMG! I got distracted with vacation and stuff and totally forgot to apply for individual insurance with BCBS. I need to do that, as I am going to the doctor next week and might need testing. I can pay for the doctor's visit out of pocket, but yeah, need insurance. Might do paperwork during lunch, or even at desk as it will be fairly quick and needs doing.
  • DDR!! Must, because I missed yesterday.
  • Leftovers for dinner!
  • Some spr0t.
  • If time allows, play FFVII to next save point.
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I've just been fired.
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I'm pretty sure the newbie here at work is a dreaded Sensing type as he wants me to hold his hand. "Should I insert the next disk when it says to enter the next disk? Should I reset the computer when it's asking to be restarted?" GAH! Can't stand Sensors.
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I'm behind on my timesheets AGAIN!

It's my account manager's fault. He took me out to lunch a week or so ago. Told me the job market is terrible right now, and "oh, you must love your job since you've been there four years now". This is making me feel (a) stuck, because it'd be hard for me to move on; and (b) guilty, because I didn't correct him by saying "Oh no, actually I hate my job and can't wait to leave it".

So here I am procrastinating from the damn timesheets again because it's just a reminder that I'm chained, chained, CHAINED to this job for a little while longer while I figure out just where the hell I'm going anyway.

Damn timesheets!


Oct. 11th, 2002 03:45 pm
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Colleen is singing to me.

She is singing a song of longing, of woulda-shoulda-coulda beens, of what life would be like if the world was perfect. The melody is familiar: it may not be original. I strain my ears, but can only hear half the words, because it is a song that can never be.

Tomorrow morning my mom will come over and we will work on our resumes. I for a job I do not want, doing the same work I'm doing now; she for the job she's held for the past ten years.

I am weary. I keep making mistake after mistake until I am not sure if there is such a thing as the right thing to do. Maybe there's only whatever is done. Whatever will be, will be.

I do not think they know how I am hurting. I must be allowed to talk. I must allow myself to speak.


Oct. 10th, 2002 05:01 pm
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We have a broken printer at work.

The tech (not our normal one) showed up at 4:45 p.m. to fix it. "This may take a while," she says. Don't they realize that offices close at five and some of us would like to leave on time as they are going to their boyfriend's house after work?



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