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Came back from an appointment this morning to find a BOX OF CRAP! on my doorstep.

Said box of crap is 24" L x 12" W x 10" H and weighs 11 pounds. And it says 1 RANDOM CRAP on the label. *snerks*

Let's see what's inside! )
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*dances about excitedly*

Visit Woot to get some crap of your own. :D edit: Sold out now.

I will take this kind of crap any day. Much better than the crappy start of the day. TMI )

Oh gods my hands are all shaky from the adrenaline. I'm just so, so excited. :D

And in other daily deals, Dizzy Sheep got me tonight, too. No randomness from them tonight; they're offering Lana Grossa Tender for $0.99 a ball. It retails at $9.95. I've never tried it, but it sounds intriguing. It's 50% Virgin Wool, 40% Microfiber, 10% Acrylic. I love microfiber clothing so I've been interested to see how yarn with microfiber feels.

This was definitely worth staying up for. :D YAY!

geeky fun!

Jun. 8th, 2006 08:32 am
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Woot-off today! Current item up for sale: Mediocre Plug-In Odor Eliminator. *snerks*

Totally in love with Perplex City. I may write a long gushy post about it later, in fact. I have a five-pack of cards plus 4 eBay'd singles winging their way to me right now; expecting the five-pack by Saturday, and the singles any day now.

I'm feeling very upbeat and happy right now. It feels good. :) Today and tomorrow are crunch days at work (it's tieout time) so I'll be queue-ing up the battle music and working my tushy off.

edit: You know you're addicted to PXC when you see a thread on a message board entitled "Selling silver" and you eagerly click on it, thinking it's a good deal on some of the silver puzzle cards. Nope, it was about selling silver spoons. I am internally laughing like mad at my crazy brain.
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--|--, [livejournal.com profile] mackillian!!!(*)

I am SO easily amused: WootBot featured one of my forum posts. I'm all proud and stuff, like this is a major accomplishment. And so, I am laughing at myself for being all proud. Hahahaha. It IS kind of silly--but hey, we all like to be recognised. I will take my recognition and acknowledgement where I can.

Still very tired and a bit blah these days. I don't like that I'm sleeping so much, or that my house is a mess, or that everything is a bit harder these days. And yet, I am content. I said at Christmas that I feel settled, and I do. I've been out of my parents' house for six years now. I have my own live and my own routines, and I'm comfortable with them. If every day consisted of making tacos for lunch, watching TV with Raina curled on my lap, and chatting with Jamie about BSG and photography... well, that'd be a pretty good life, I think.

I'm still going to move forward, though. I'm still trying to improve myself, and accomplish my goals. Because goals are good. I feel less urgency, though. Instead of feeling like I need to fill a void, I feel more like my goals would add even more enrichment to an already full life. That's very cool.

Have SOOOO much work to do today. This means battle music. And possibly pretending I am flying the Blackbird. Oh yeah.

(*)A very happy birthday to you, Jamie! :D
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Woot-off has reached the melting point! The site is sooooooo lagged right now, as everyone checks Woot on their lunch breaks. Previous item was a bracelet that was up for a while. Did the F5 dance, and guess what? The next item, a Golden Nugget Casino TV Arcade, sold old before I could even SEE it!

This is so, so much fun. I love it! Though I do wish the servers could handle the traffic better. Hey Woot, how about a very simple text-page that would just list woot-off items and link to their full description? It would cut down on traffic from people trying to load the images.

Now I am off to lunch. Making a Walgreens run in search of HP candy, though I doubt they'll have any.

FYI x 3

Nov. 18th, 2005 08:19 am
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Woohoo! It's Woot-off time! I've been waiting for one of these. I don't have much extra money right now, so chances are that I won't buy anything, but it will be fun to watch.

My local K-mart would like to inform you that women are not permitted to wear solid red socks. They are allowed black, navy, white, gray, and pastel colors. They are allowed to red slipper socks, or patterned red Christmas socks.

Also, both K-mart and Jewel want you to know that Harry Potter is so passé. The Harry Potter fan in search of merchandise for a small gathering prior to seeing the movie will only find a few posters and copies of the books.
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Websites and products and squeeing, oh my! )
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It's a bread machine! Woot kills me with its product descriptions (that's the permalink). :D Was tempted to get this, but I'm trying to save money. They'll offer bread machines again, so I'll wait for the next one.

Walked into work today to see Dad watching video on his computer.

"What are you watching?"
"Ooo, are the launching or coming home?"
"No, they're fixing the shuttle."
"Oh! Are they at the space station?"

So I run around the cubicle wall to take a gander. He's out on the arm, pulling off pieces of felt that are sticking out above the surface. Very cool. Half the office is now watching the LIVE STREAMING VIDEO! You can, too, at NASA.gov.

I asked Dad if he had seen From the Earth to the Moon. He hadn't even heard of it! SHOCK!!! So I told him I'm getting the Signature Edition when it comes out because it's REALLY REALLY GOOD, and I'll loan it to him after I watch it. Add this to your Netflix queues, folks, because it really is phenomenal. If you liked Band of Brothers and are a space case nut, you'll love this.

I got paid today, yay! My checking account is very happy. I'm going to splurge and get not only a breakfast sandwhich, but also a mocha frappe. And tonight I will stop at Best Buy for a memory card for FFVII, and likely to (Best Buy trip postponed as I've just went and spent money on something else I've been wanting for a while) Food 4 Less for some pizza. That will be the only splurging this week, though. See, I'm being good!

Since cooking dinner at home and bringing the leftovers for lunch is going well, I think I might try to keep that up for a while. I'm running out of chicken, though. Tyson's is good, but I really prefer the MarketDay ChickNSteaks. Mom told me there's a Market Day outlet store near me, but I can't find it on their website or in Smartpages. Hmm. I dropped them an email; hopefully they will respond, and hopefully there WILL be a store. I want ChickNSteaks! And Teriyaki Ranch Steaks! Those are gooood, and easy to make.

Today's listy!

  • Work on GLR procedures. I worked on them a bit. Though I got rushed at the end of the day because someone asked me to do a last minute project, and I shut down my laptop rather quickly. I fear I forgot to save it. Yikes! I was doing it in Lotus Notes, so hopefully it automatically saved it as a draft or something. As long as I didn't lose ALL of it, I will be happy.
  • Delete old reports from system. done
  • Start writing up access procedures.
  • Investigate lease access.
  • Add items to control worksheet.

And for lunch/home:

  • Write a bit, dammit! Not what I planned to write, but i did write.
  • Errands after work! TOO DAMN LONG. Stupid traffic.
  • DDR/Eye Toy:Groove a bit.
  • Make dinner! Pizza is goooood.
  • Do some spr0t. - I checked my You Replied filter. Does that count?
  • Play FFVII to the next save point. ^_^

Breakfast time! Hellllllooooooooo, mocha frappe!
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Woot-off has ended, and I didn't get anything. Waah!

But today's Woot is a Rio Forge 256MB MP3 player for $49. A quick Froogle shows that they are normally twice as much, so I snagged one. w00t!

Of course, this renders the cheapy replacement CD player I bought last night as extraneous. I had a feeling this might happen. That's okay--I'll eBay that once the Rio comes.

And I still intend to get an iPod someday, but this will tide me over until I have enough money to get my dream iPod + Mac Mini package.

Now off to shower and work!

edit 8:28 a.m.: Looking at the Rio Forge webpage. I think I might end up really liking it. It's designed for athletes, so it comes with an armband and has a built-in stop-watch and lap timer. Cool! It's also got an FM tuner with FM Record, and the memory can be expanded from 256 MB up to 1.25 GB using flash cards. Sounds like a nice little player.

Best thing about it: the software works on WinMe. The major reason I haven't splurged and gotten an iPod is that iTunes won't run on Me, and I refuse to spend money to upgrade to XP when (a) I think XP is just so-so, and (b) I plan on getting a new computer within a year anyway.

another edit! Happy Birthday, Wil. You are too cute.

The edits keep on coming! Oh, hey! A few years back I won a JamCam 3.0 because I had high attendence at the Brand X road rallyes. Crappy camera, but it was fun for a bit. I had bought a MMC card for it before I realised how crappy it was. And guess what? The Rio takes both MMC and SD cards. So I can expand the Rio's memory as soon as I get it! I forget how big my card is, but even a small card is better than nothing. w00t!


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