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For today is a most glorious day indeed!

Yes! Today is the day that both Serenity and Battlestar Galactica 2.0 come out on DVD.

I have preordered my copies at BestBuy.com, and will be picking them up at the store on the way home. Woohoo! And an extra woohoo, because they're offering a $10 savings when you buy Serenity with either season of BSG. YAY!!!!!

And yes, BSG is going in the DVD player AS SOON AS I GET HOME tonight. Whee!!!
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This isn't getting much attention at Hatrack, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

SHINY! SERENITY! SHINDIG! My condo. South-side of Chicago in the 'burbs. October 1st. Noonish or such, with movie goin' around 2:00, I reckon.

You are all invited! Yes, you! I can't fit a HUGE amount in my condo, but it'd be shiny to go see the movie with a crowd of Browncoats. And I have a few things planned to make it one mighty fine shindig indeed.

This is a call for addresses. Snail mail or email, whichever you prefer. I'm hoping to send out official invites next week sometime. And yes, you can request an invite even if you're sure you're not going to be able to make it. Email addresses to xnera23 at Gmail. Or if you just want an evite and your email is visible on your userinfo, reply here expressing your interest.
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In case you haven't seen it yet: DETROIT VACATION STORIES & PHOTOS!!! Read! In order! It's better that way. Trust me. :D

So, you may have heard me talk about this TV show called "Firefly", and its related upcoming movie called Serenity (September 30th, folks!). The official movie site has a fun, interactive section for Browncoats (and if you're a fan of the show and haven't joined yet, WHY THE HELL NOT?). And there's these challenges there, and if you complete a challenge you get points. Get enough points, and you can get some shiny schwag. Cool!

One thing you can do is join a crew and participate in crew challenges. The first such challenge was a scavenger hunt. That thing I've been working on all weekend? Yeah--it was the scavenger hunt.

The results are high-larious )
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I need a *gronk* icon. Grumpypants-chan will do in the meantime.

Last two days were a wash. Hardly got anything done. I was feeling oogy last night so I went to bed at *gasps* 9:30. I know: SHOCK.

I'm rethinking the listies. I kind of feel like my dominant INFP is starting to look with horror on the very S-like listies and saying "STOP THAT!! NO MORE LISTS!! BE FREE!! FLY, LITTLE BIRD!!". So today, no daily listy. Instead we will have an adventure and see how much we can accomplish without planning it all in advance. Whee!

I do think a longer-term listy would be a good idea, though. I'm in an "on" stage right now. I want to do things. And there's so much to do and I am impatient and want it all done NOW!!! I want my house super clean, and I have bot coding to do, and I've starting planning my Shiny Serenity Shindig in my head and want to work on that, and there's the SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT!! Not to mention books and manga to read, and DVDs to watch, and games to play. But I can't possibly get it all done now. It's just not feasible. And so I think I get overwhelmed and my mind shuts down and all forward movement ceases and I'm in front of the computer playing Boggle or laying in a stupor on the couch.

So what I want to do now is look at all these things I want to do, and prioritize them, so I'm not so overwhelmed with the OMG SO MUCH TO DO I CAN'T DO IT ALL! *wibbles* So, here you go.

Do first, or regular routine items

  • Work stuff. Need to work so you can keep the job so you can pay bills and buy fun stuff.
  • House cleaning. (pro-active).
  • Exercising. (pro-active).
  • Apply for health insurance. Also, mom's Prudential stuff.
  • Bot stuff, as I have some serious updates that need doing.

Mid-range: would like to do sooner than later

  • Write the thingy, dammit! I want it done by this weekend.
  • Shiny Serenity Shindig stuff! There's an actual deadline on this, so yeah, this belongs in the mid-range. It's to be worked on after I do the Very Important Stuff above.
  • Other less important bot stuff.
  • Book reading and DVD watching. I put this here because it's important for my mental well-being. This is the lowest on the list, though.

Low priorties: stuff I want to do, but just aren't that important or that can wait a bit

  • Play FFVII. *sighs* Yes, I'd like to finish it before Advent Children comes out next month. But I don't need to. It's not like I'm heavily involved in FF fandom and that my whole friends list will be discussing it a la HBP. So, this can wait.
  • SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT! I know, girly girl -- you really want to do it NOW because you've waited soooo long. But (and I'm sorry to tell you this) it's just not that important. It can wait. So, be good and do the other things first.

I swear I had more on the train this morning, so this list may be updated as I think of things.

Hmm. Slurpee craving. Are there any 7-11's downtown? There IS a White Hen nearby -- do they have Slurpee-like substances?

I downloaded a timer thingy. You know how I sometimes use a kitchen timer at home to alternate bouts of cleaning with Karaoke Revolution? Thought I'd do the same at work, since it works. Except replace LJ-reading with Karaoke singing. So far it's doing it's job, so yay! But I am nearly at the end of my 15 min playbreak, so I need to end this. Might add stuff later, because I swear the mentally-written entry on the train this morning was MUCH longer...
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I wasn't sure I was going to go to Wizard World. Joss isn't coming this year (wah). Andy Hallet will be there, which is cool, but really was hoping to see one of our Big Damn Movie Stars, or the man who brought them to us.

But then I received an email: the Browncoat Table has obtained 6 boxes of official schwag from Universal. SHINY!!! I AM SO GORRAM THERE.

So yes, I will be heading up immediately after session on Saturday--which luckily is an hour earlier than normal, as Jean's ten o'clock cancelled. Catch the 11:00 (if I walk fast) or 11:30 (if I don't) bus, get to the Orange line at 11:30 or 12:00, ride Orange Line to Blue Line and Blue Line to convention center in Rosemont...should get there around 12:30 or 1:00. And yeah, my first stop will SO be the Browncoat table.
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I want to go home so I can play with my kitty and lounge about on the couch watching Farscape and stuff.

Yeah, I did come to work, and yeah, I'm still sick. I'm not so tired. A little, but not any worse than on any given day. It's the upset stomach. It's making me feel all oogy and I don't like it. I felt a bit better this morning, but now I'm oogy again. *gronk* I should feel better in a day or two, I think, but it would be really nice to be relaxing right now.

Only two hours and forty minutes left. I will survive.

The real reason for this post, though, is to tell you that [livejournal.com profile] narniadear has made [livejournal.com profile] firefly_for_fun. You know you want to join.
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Will likely write more later, but for now...

The cast of Serenity made EW's Must list

This is huge, folks. I mean, it's ENTERTAINMENT FREAKING WEEKLY!!!!


Also, I am hearing reports that the trailer is being shown on more films now. Someone saw it on Star Wars, and another person up in Ann Arbor saw it on Batman Begins. Plz to be letting me know if you see it in the Chicago area, kthnxbi.


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