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I didn't read any books in September. I think this puts me behind on my goal of reading 25 books this year. I'll have to correct that in October.

I did do a TON of crafting in September, though! The Red Heart Lovers group's KAL/CAL was softies, which coincided nicely with Nerdopolis' Cute Critter War. So I, uh, went a bit overboard crafting critters:

Final Fantasy Amigurumi

Pokemon Amigurumi

Other Critters

I made so many softies that I managed to win the raffle in the Red Heart Lovers group, for the third month in a row. Yay more free yarn!

I also did a few non-critter projects. There was the Mystery 220 KAL, which turned out to be the Bandana Cowl. I figured out what it was from the first clue, but I didn't spoil it for anyone. It was still a fun mystery, because I couldn't fanthom how it was made. Turns out it uses short rows!

I did two projects for the Holiday Stashdown CAL, the Rockskipper Wristers and Fall Thicket Coaster. I have a third in the works, but I don't have a picture of it yet so I won't bother to link my project. But it's the Holiday Hostess with the Mostest Shawlette, if you want to see what it looks like.

I made two hats for the Hat of the Month group, the cute Snow Bunnies hat, and a Shell Stitch crochet hat.

Finally, I did a washcloth for the Dishcloth Weekly group, Veined Leaf. I wasn't going to do it, but another group member was having difficulty with it so I did it to figure out where she might be going wrong.

Whew! Lots of projects! October should see less crafting. Nerdopolis is back on, so I have five projects for that, plus a shawl for the ministry, and I'm doing the Mystery 220 challenge. But otherwise I don't have many crafting plans.

I'm hoping to get back to playing Final Fantasy XII this month. It'd be nice to get it finished. I'm near the end of the story but still have a lot of hunts to do. I also started yet another playthrough of Final Fantasy V last night, as the Four Job Fiesta is doing a speedrun party this month which sounds fun. I have no way to record myself so I won't be officially entering, but I thought I'd try it out anyway.
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I reached 300 projects on Ravelry! I had reached 200 projects on May 26, 2015, so if I'm mathing correctly that's a project finished every 2.83 days. Sounds fast, doesn't it?


* 26 Ministry projects
* 16 doilies
* 67 dishcloths
* 4 garments
* 112 knitting projects
* 187 crochet projects
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This may be the last month I do two shawls. I managed to finish them both, but I had to do a LOT of knitting the past few days to do so, and it was tedious.

Anyway! Yesterday I finished my Celtic Myths shawl. The cable felt like it took forever. If I do this one again, I think I would do less repeats; since I was using Aran weight yarn instead of DK it came out nearly ten inches bigger than the pattern states.

I also finished a second Boneyard shawl. I'm pleased with it, but weaving in the ends from the color changes was annoying. I didn't have enough yarn to do one color, though.

I made a doily, Mini Moods of Change. As I was working on it, the initial section really wanted to be a bowl. It flattened out once I got to the second section, but there's a bit of extra fabric in the first section so it doesn't lay perfectly flat, which annoys me. The designer did warn that the beginning rounds would be tight and not to change hook size, but still.. I feel like there aren't enough stitches in some of the rounds. So I'm just okay with the results of my work.

I finished some crocheted slippers. Who knows if I will ever actually wear them, LOL. The toes are too long; I actually ripped one of them back and tried to make it shorter but didn't have much luck. These might end up being frogged....

I made a cowl based on the Elegant Ellen hat. It curls somewhat, but not too bad. I wore it to the Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting and got compliments on it.

I also made two projects for the Crochet Holiday Stashdown, the Holly in the Snow Cup Cozy and Adelyn Earwarmer. That latter one is Tunisian, so that was fun.

Finally, I made some dishcloths and tawashi for the Dishcloth Weekly group: Maidenhair Fern dischloth, Magic Spike Mandala, Tribble #2, and Scrubbie Dots.

Whew! I sure was busy! Funny thing is that I felt like I didn't do as much crafting this month because at the beginning of the month I was spending a lot of my time reading and playing Final Fantasy V. So the crafting went to the side for a bit. But I obviously found time to get a lot of things done, even though it doesn't feel like it.

In January I plan to take a break from the shawls and work on my Nerdopolis Summit Seeker projects: my Turkish Treasure Redux and Cockleshell Camisole. I'm also making a cowl for the Red Heart Lovers group, but I haven't picked the pattern for it yet. Any suggestions?
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Yay, June is here! That means that Nerdopolis officially started. Here's this month's challenges:

The Lab: Medieval Art - This month, your challenge is to craft something inspired by Medieval Art or Architecture. The Lab is for non-Ravelry sanctioned crafts, such as needlework, painting, drawing, etc.
Area 51: Reboot - Rebooting your WIPs by frogging and starting over, or ripping back to fix mistakes.
Wildcard: Signs - For this month’s challenge, craft something inspired by a road sign. Please use an existing Real World sign (not imaginary or fictional, please).
Change the World - Water Water - This month we would like to focus on water, either for people or animals.
Nerdopolis University: Archeology - This months theme is you guessed it Archaeology. And your mission should you choose to accept it is to craft something inspired by Archaeology.
Carousel Nerdception: In Memory of … - make something inspired by the memory of someone that one of Nerdopolis’ fandoms has lost.

I don't do Change the World, as that is for donations to places and I don't have any money to donate. And I don't do anything for the Lab because I don't do non-Ravelry crafts. Instead, I submit two things to Area 51, which is allowed.

So, the plans! For Nerception I crocheted a bookmark in honor of Terry Pratchett. For Wildcard: Signs, I'm making a 198 Yards of Heaven shawl, which is triangular, just like a Yield sign. For University, I'm doing my Kable. The plan is to tie it to tools which area found in archeological digs. For Area 51, I'm going to finish my Tunisian Treasures shawl, and also going to frog and reknit apair of socks that came out too big.

I'll be very busy this month! I'm already halfway done with the backing for Kable, and am on the third repeat of eight on the Heaven shawl. I'm on row 55 of 81 on the Tunisian shawl. Haven't touched the socks yet; I plan to get to them around the middle of the month.
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Hurry up, June! I want Nerdopolis to start!

I'm very excited about being captain. I plan to do Weekly Summary posts on Mondays, WIP Wednesdays, and Game of the Week on Fridays. That should keep the thread moving.

Team rosters were announced today, and we have 7 players on Team Co-op, which puts us in the small team category. It's too late to sign up for a team, but you can still play as a Rogue (and independent player). I've gone ahead and locked our old thread and started a new thread for the new tournament. I've been writing the intro post in my head for days now, LOL.

I've been planning on what I'm going to make for Nerdopolis. I'm going to finish my Tunisian shawl for Area 51. I'm also going to do another 198 Yards of Heaven in white and pink. There's the needle holder I'm making for the Red Heart Lovers group. That's three projects. I'm also thinking of doing a Fishy Tawashi, which makes four. Finally, I'll probably do some more baby blankets for the ministry, which makes five projects. Hopefully I can fit these projects to the themes.

I dug through the yarn [personal profile] goody_scrivener gave me and pulled out the skeins I'm going to use for the needle holder and shawl, so I'm good to go. I just need it to be June already!
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I reached 200 projects on Ravelry. WOW! Here are some stats:

* 60 BAMCAL squares
* 9 Ministry projects
* 13 doilies
* 41 dishcloths (wow, that many?)
* 2 garments
* 60 knitting projects
* 139 crochet projects

...which means that somewhere I have a project that's marked neither crochet or knitting. Hmm.

I finished the first set of ministry baby blankets. That used up 5 of the 39 skeins of yarn I got from [personal profile] goody_scrivener. I have a plan to use two skeins of One Pound yarn to make another gigantic 198 yards of heaven. Another skein is in use for a MCAL in the Mystery 220 group. And I'll be joining [personal profile] goody_scrivener for a KAL/CAL in the Red Heart Lovers group.
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Guys, I am so, so broke right now.

It's mom's fault. We had vague plans of going to the Vigil together after she got off of work, and then "you can sleep over and we'll go for breakfast the next day". Except I didn't really want to sleep over, and she didn't want to drive me home after the Vigil. I said I had thought about getting a car for the weekend, but I couldn't afford it. So what ended up happening is this: we went out to dinner last night so we could at least see each other, and then we each went home... me with her car.

And when I have the car, I go up to Scumburg to visit Ikea and Mitsuwa. Because I really love to do these things and don't often get the chance. It's a mini-vacation, in a way.

Now, I've been doing envelope budgeting, so I really was NOT planning on buying anything except for a desk pad (wanted because the fake wood on my desk is chipping like crazy at the edge) and some ラムネ and perhaps some frozen おにぎり (and curry from mom, by her request). Except, well, one gets to Scumburg so infrequently that one can't help but buy things, because it may be gone by the time one gets back.

I picked up the deskpad I wanted (well, almost; I actually had wanted black, but I could only find it in red. Good thing I like red) and a cable organizer. Then I meandered through the office section, looking for DVD storage for the Xbox games. And I wasn't opposed to finding a shelving unit for the Xbox, either; right now it's on a $20 shelving unit I bought at K-mart ages ago. Perfectly functional, but not very pretty, and TONS of wasted space because each shelf is sooooo tall and non-adjustable.

I really, really, REALLY wasn't planning on buying anything. Of course not! Except I saw that there was an Expedit cube that would fit PERFECTLY on the side of my desk and give it a nice symmetry and oh gods it's only $60 surely I could handle that, yes? Except it wasn't just the $60; it was the desktop and the cable organizer and so it was $110.

But this was still doable! Okay yes this was basically the money I had allocated for my mortgage payment next week, but it was only half the money, and I could still pay my mortgage once the next paycheck hit, though things would be tight and okay it wasn't the best idea but how could I not get it?

And if it was just that, it probably would have been fine. Except it wasn't just that. Oh no, it so was not. Because I hadn't gone to Mitsuwa yet.

This time, Ravelry gets part of the blame. Because I love looking at all the new patterns that are posted (it's like crack to me), which is how I discovered that (a) the Japanese really like to crochet; and (b) they use diagrams, not text. Which means that I am pretty much capable of following a Japanese crochet pattern and dude, combining two of my interests? I AM SO THERE!

So into the bookstore I go. Finding the craft section wasn't hard; figuring out which books were crochet patterns was harder. There were some on display, but I only know a few kana so I can't really read titles. Which means I spent a good half hour pulling books at random halfway off the shelf, until I finally noticed some katakana on one crochet book that was on another and hey, now I knew what to look for! I ended up with a small book of pretty lacy accessories/home stuff, and a larger book of Tunisian patterns. I've never done Tunisian before but I was interested in learning anyway, and this book has some jaw-dropping beautiful patterns. That will need to be sized up, but it was too pretty to pass the book up.

Problem is that the prices are only in yen, and I don't have even a rough idea of the yen/USD FX, and so paid more that I was hoping. Though in retrospect the prices are about what the books would go for if they were in English and at Borders anyway; I just wasn't thinking clearly by then.

So after the bookstore was the supermarket. And really, I could have limited myself to the curry for mom and maybe some ラムネ for me, but OMG I just can't resist looking around and picking out new things to try and thus ended up with.... $50 of stuff. >_< Which actually is about how much I spend at groceries anyway, except I didn't have any money allocated to groceries for this week and oops there goes more of my mortgage fund.

And the day was not over yet! Oh no, there was one more stop on the way home, and that was to Radio Shack to pick up a hub so the Xbox and the computer can be online at the same time. Except I bought the wrong thing and will have to go back tomorrow to exchange, but the right thing is the same price, thankfully. But still, that's another $50 (needed a cat5 cable, too) and it so could have waited a few more days but dude when else am I going to have a car and thus easy errands? *SIGHS DRAMATICALLY*

So. What it all boils down to is that I used up all my mortgage funds, and probably some other stuff I had allocated for other things. There is a very, very good chance I am going to go NSF on something in the next two days (if stuff hits before my next paycheck on Wednesday, which I'm sure it will). I am NOT going to have enough to pay my mortgage on Wednesday, which is the end of the grace period, and thus it will be late this month.

In other words, in a mere afternoon of shopping I managed to shoot my finances in the foot.

But it's not all bad. I have new crochet books to drool over. Better organization for the library, which is one step closer to making things feel like an actual home around here instead of a mishmash of cheap furniture. Food to eat--and adventurous new food, at that!

And the self-confidence that I can turn my finances back around within two weeks, because I have been doing envelope budgeting for three months now and I know exactly what still needs to be paid this month. I'll need to reswizzle some things, and a bill or two will get less of a payment than planned, but I will manage. This is just a small setback. I didn't expect that I would be perfect with the envelope budgeting, so I'm not falling apart because I happened to spend money I hadn't allocated. It was bound to happen, and it did, and probably at the time it was bound to, anyway, because things were getting settled enough that I was going to start a discretionary fund at the end of this month for exactly these kinds of purchases. It's all good. Well, not the next few days, but it'll be all good after that.

Now I am going to clean off my desk so I can put the desk pad on it. And do some more cleaning so that there will be plenty of room to put together the new Expedit tomorrow. And then I will take a shower because I feel scuzzy and am wanting one.

(*) Scumburg = Schaumburg, a northwest suburb of Chicago that is big enough so that you can call surrounding towns a suburb of it. I love the area--so why do I call it Scumburg? Well, back when I did tech support, one of the call management systems we used only allowed eight letters for city names, which led to some amusing abbreviations. And what can I say, the name stuck.
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Several weeks back [livejournal.com profile] birds_sing told me about NaKniSweMo, a challenge to knit a sweater during the month of November. I don't think my knitting skills are that up to par yet, but I'm pretty decent with crochet (when I'm not confusing tr for dc, that is *grins*) so I set about looking for a good pattern.

It's not going very well.

Oh, there's definitely patterns I like. Example: the Northern Dreams Pullover (pic for the non-Ravelers). It's BEAUTIFUL. I covet it greatly. Except... well, crochet takes more yarn than knitting, hence more money than knitting. And my fatness requires even more yarn on top of that. So when I started pricing yarn for it, I was getting figures of at least $150.


I'm actually not opposed to spending that much money on yarn for a homemade garment. But... not on my first one. Not when I haven't ever made a garment before and have a huge chance of screwing up royally (I'm confident in my crochet skills, but I'm also realistic. I do NOT expect this to go perfectly). So I need to find something cheaper.

Two other garments I've been drooling over are the Orchid Top (pic) and the Dahlia Top (pic). The Orchid was done in Elann Sonata, which at $1.98 a ball is definitely affordable (even if I need 20 or more). But these have a different drawback: I don't think I'm ready for them. The patterns are VERY cleverly written (you work it to your measurements, and it has both written instructions and charts) but there'd be a dec/inc needed to get the right fit, and.... yeah. Need more experience. Especially since I want them to come out AWESOME, so now's not the time (which is true for the Northern Dreams, too).

So.... something easier (or something I'm less fearful of screwing up). I briefly considered the Tall Latte (pic) because the pattern doesn't look a difficult as the Orchid/Dahlia. The pattern calls for Classic Elite Premiere, which is a cotton/Tencel mix. Mmmmm.... Tencel. My Igigi dress is made out of Tencel, and it makes an AWESOME fabric. Drapes very well, has good stretch, is easy to care for, and some of the wrinkles fall out of it naturally. But again we run into price issues. *sighs* So, that's probably a no-go, unless I find a really good price on it somewhere.

The Unseamly Sweater, perhaps? (pic). The shaping comes from stitch changes, so it'd be less complicated to work. But... I've read on the Ravelry forums that the midpart isn't very stretchy and people have had problems getting the sweater on. *looks down at the girls* Um, yeah. Still a possibility, but I'm hesitant.

I like the Simple Tunic quite a bit, and I think I'd look good in it. Except it was written for Caron Simply Soft. *pukes* I have no problem using that yarn for blankets or scarfs, but I do NOT want a garment in it.

Are you getting as big of a headache as I have now? Ugh.

I do know that I could substitute yarns. Like, if I do the Simple Tunic, I could maybe do it in a cotton rather than an acrylic. So if anyone has any substitution suggestions for any of these patterns, PLEASE let me know. I'm also open to pattern suggestions. I like the idea of doing a pullover, but I am not at all opposed to cardigans. No boleros or shrugs, though. I hate those.

I have a feeling that if I end up doing NaCroSweMo that I'll probably do the Sweet Sweater. I was initially turned off by it because that first pic is FUGLY. Hate the yarn choice, and the work screams homemade. But Andi's version is lovely (and shows that it looks good on bigger sizes), and Julie's version makes me want to pounce and steal it from her 'cause it's AWESOME. The pattern's really easy, so it'd just be an issue of deciding which yarn to use. It's just... I like it, but it doesn't excite me as much as the others, you know? So I'm not sure about it. But so far it's looking like this might be the one. Unless I just throw in the towel and say, "Frak this. I've got afghans to do." Speaking of, I've got to go get started on that.
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[livejournal.com profile] xnera: so i've been crocheting an afghan for my mom
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: and i love the colors and the pattern
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: but it's coming out wavy o_O okay, yes, it's a ripple pattern so there's supposed to be ripples but it's not laying flat
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: i thought maybe it would flatten when I block it
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: and so I just continued on
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: in the bathroom today. need something to read, so I grabbed a knitting/crochet book.
and in the back they have "here's how to do basic stitches"
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: and I decide to look at it, because I think the pattern wrote the decreases wrong and so I'm hoping the book explains how to do it
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: ...and I find out I've been doing treble crochets instead of doubles in the lacy parts >_<
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: soooooo..... I get to start over >_<
[livejournal.com profile] mackillian: oh no >_<
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: yeah >_<
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: but at least I know why it's wavy now
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: i'm probably not going to frog what I already did. Too many color changes. Besides, I do like the colors a LOT and would love one of these for myself, so i'm thinking I'll keep this botched one and after I finish mom's I'll continue on with it for myself. I don't care if mine isn't perfect
[livejournal.com profile] mackillian: frog?
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: unravel it. Also called ripping. Which led to the slang term frog... "rip it, rip it"
[livejournal.com profile] mackillian: ooooh
[livejournal.com profile] mackillian: ROFL

So yes, the crochet fiend doesn't know how to do a DC. >_< In my defense, most of my stuff has been ch/sc/hdc, so I haven't often done DCs. The last time I did, it was several projects ago. And I've only been crocheting a year, so I haven't really committed all the stitches to memory yet.

In other crochet news, I've been trying to do socks and make a scarf with fingering yarn, but I just can't seem to manage the thinner yarns. I've only used worsted/DK up to now. I use a pretty standard wrap (around my pinky, behind my ring/middle fingers, and over my index), which works well for the heavier yarns, but when I use the thinner yarns, the yarn starts to slide off my pinky and it drives me CRAZY. I also can't seem to get good tension. I tried double-wrapping around my index, but then the tension is too tight. >_< And it's a lot more fiddly to work with the smaller hooks/lighter-weight yarns. Grr. It frustrates me because there's so many pretty things I want to make. I mean, SOCKS!!! Homemade socks!! <3!! And I actually want to make a doily for my dresser (dude, where's my rocking chair? *laughs at self*). And crocheted Christmas ornaments. So when I have the patience I'll try it again, but.... grrr.

I also am sadface because it appears I might be sensitive/allergic to animal fibers. :( I have wool, alpaca, and angora, and each has made my eyes itch a bit. Woe. I may be able to use blends; I've been knitting dad's scarf in Plymouth Encore Worsted, which is a 75% acrylic/25% wool blend, and that doesn't bother me at all. I suppose I'll keep trying stuff out and see how I do with it. Otherwise... does anyone have any suggestions for warm, non-animal fiber yarns? I do like cotton a lot, but I'm not sure how warm that'd be. Bamboo is very nice to pet, too, but most of the patterns I've seen for that are for summery stuff, so that's probably out.
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[livejournal.com profile] ymmat crocheted a hat recently. I expressed enthusiasm about it, so she told me the pattern. So I made one too. )

It's too big, and it's not very warm because it's made out of Red Heart SuperSaver (acrylic yarn, and cheap stuff at that). But it's my very first hat and I LOVE IT. So there. :p

I find it amusing how much of a conversation starter fiber arts are. Nearly every time I've been crocheting or knitting in public, someone strikes up a conversation. Or stares intently at my work, like the teenage boy on the El this weekend. :D Was knitting on the never-ending scarf (started way back in November, and not even half done yet) in the shrink's office today, and again someone started asking questions. Then the shrink commented on it, saying that it's a good thing to keep busy. And then as I was leaving the office manager said she wants to see my scarf when it's done. *laughs*

So, when I started my classes in crochet & knitting, mom demanded a scarf. SOFT SOFT SOFT, is what she said. Mom is picky, so I've been stressing myself out a bit trying to find a yarn that I think she'd like. Anything fuzzy is right out. I didn't want to do wool, because she sometimes has sensitive skin issues, and I was afraid the wool would bother it. I fondled a cashmere blend at Joann's, but it still didn't seem soft enough to qualify for SOFT SOFT SOFT. Finally I went ahead with my first choice: Bernat's Bamboo yarn, which is actually 86% Bamboo 12% Acrylic 2% Polyester. It's very, very soft and silky. When I mentioned at my LYS that I was considering bamboo for the scarf, the shop daughter said that bamboo wouldn't be very warm. Which is likely true. But [livejournal.com profile] asqmh assured me that I could make a scarf out of any material, so bamboo it will be.

Which means I now have to find a pattern. I searched Ravelry on bamboo, and found (a) summery tops; (b) socks. Lots of socks. (c) The Clap. Now, I am really not opposed to The Clap. It's very, very lovely, and I do hope to make it some day. But I don't think my knitting skills are up to it yet, and even if they were, I knit very, very slowly (see: never-ending scarf, above). Mom's birthday is March 13th, so I don't think I'd be able to finish it by then. I'd prefer to crochet a scarf, because crochet is soooo much faster, but I don't want to do a basic stitch like hdc ad nauseum because hey, I've done that twice now (and dc ad nauseum once), and besides, her current scarf is a basic stitch, too. So a nice motif would be good, except it'd have to be something not terribly difficult. Because while my crochet skills are much better than my knitting skills, I'm still very much a newbie. Also, crochet takes so much more yarn than knitting, and bamboo skeins are teeny. I do not want to spent $23462363 on a blasted scarf. Which likely means some sort of lace. Hmm. Any suggestions?

Oh, hey, since I posted one pic already I might as well finally get around to posting the yarn stash I got for Christmas. )

So, yeah, I have TONS of yarn. T_T I already had quite a stash anyway, of random stuff I've bought (lots of acrylics). Which means I need to start burning through some of it, but I'm not sure what to make yet. Wondering if I have enough cotton thread to crochet a tablecloth. That'd be really, really cool. Except I'm not sure if the thread's all the same weight, and some of the colors are slightly off. Hmm. Also, I know cotton is good for washclothes and stuff, so I might be knitting some dishclothes or crocheting some bath poofs with some of the odds and ends. But yeah, I need to start burning through the stash. Suggestions welcome!
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So my last knitting class was last week. Woe. I've been enjoying all the classes I've been taking so much that I didn't want them to end, so I immediately signed up for another class--a one-day bracelet class at the local beading store. That class was today. I now am the proud owner of two bangle bracelets that I made my very own self. ^_^

From a hobbying standpoint, these past two months have been FABULOUS. I've always been interested in crafting, and would occasionally spend hours in Michael's or Joann's, buying needlepoint kits or fabric in the hopes of making... something. Never really followed through, though, and the materials just sit there, cluttering my closet and gathering dust.

But now! Now I can CRAFT! I can crochet, and knit, and make bangle bracelets. It's so, so exciting. And I don't think this is just going to be a one-time thing I do (like the little bit of machine sewing I've done here and there). I can see myself sticking to this. Sites like Ravelry and Knitty will keep the interest going, as well as all of you.

This weekend I've been working on scarves. My sister's scarf (LongScarf Redux wip on Ravelry) is going... well, it's going. I keep increasing a stitch and not realising it until several rows on, resulting in several rips back. Which means I feel like I haven't progressed much on it over the past week. I just want this one DONE already. I like hdc, but a girl does get tired of it, especially when the entire scarf is nothing but hdc. I'll keep plugging away at it, and hopefully I can finish it soon.

The other scarf is a ribbed knitted scarf. I'm having tons of fun with that one. It's about 10% complete, which is pretty good considering I'm a new, slow knitter and I just started it a week ago.

I went early to class last week because I wanted to pick out the yarn I'm going to use for the scarf mom has demanded of me. After fondling nearly every light-colored yarn in the shop, I ended up getting good ol' Cascade 220. Figured it was soft enough to please mom without having stray hairs, like the baby alpaca I was eyeing at first.

During the week prior to the yarn purchase, I had been desperately searching for a hat pattern I liked to go along with the scarf (which I planned on doing in double crochet), but hadn't had much luck. I finally decided to just get the yarn for the scarf anyway; I could keep searching for a hat pattern and buy more yarn if need be. The next day I took myself out to Schaumburg for good times (GameWorks!) and made a quick stop at Borders for something to read during dinner. Picked up several magazines... Crochet Today! and Knit Simple. And on page 29 of the latter was THE HAT!! The one I've been desperately searching for! And it has a matching cabled scarf! So I flip eagerly to the back to check out the pattern. The difficulty's listed as two colored bubbles (yay!) and the cable pattern looks a bit scary, but not so scary that this beginner couldn't handle it. My eyes scan upwards to see what yarn they recommend... and it's a bulky. *headdesks* So much for the Cascade 220. Into the stash it goes. I'm sure I'll find something else to make with it.

I have a bit of a dilemma with Thanksgiving. We usually go up to my sister's in Gurnee, which is quite a drive. Good excuse to knit and/or crochet! Problem is, all my WIPs are presents for everyone who's going to be there. This means I'm searching for something I can start working on for myself. As if I don't have enough on my needles/hooks already! *laughs* Well, when I get into something, I tend to REALLY get into it, and right now the crafting bug's got me something BAD.

I'd love to start a cardigan or sweater for myself, but I don't think I'm reading to tackle a big project such as that. Plus, I am kind of broke at the moment, so I'm not sure I could afford all the yarn. Hmm. So, something small then. I'm seriously thinking about trying out some socks. I'd have to get some sock yarn and the proper needles, but (a) I think it'd be fun, and (b) I really want to learn how to make socks. If not socks, then maybe a small purse or something. Know what this calls for? More hours spent browsing patterns at Ravelry.

edit: Maybe Calorimetry, if not socks. It'd be cheap, as I would just need to buy one skein of yarn.


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