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CT is talking (no, jatraqueros, not THAT CT). And it's the return of the Revenge. And I just want to sit in front of my computer and watch...

....except I've got to pack boxes for offsite storage. >_<

You couldn't wait a few more hours, Mind Candy? GAH.
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Excuse me, for I must scream.


I cannot believe this. I had NO CLUE one was being planned for Chicago. Sooooo excited! Out of the three, we're probably going to be the least happenin', but it'll still be a lot of fun to get together with other Cubehunters. :D And hey, maybe I can work out some trades while I'm there!

I need to figure out what cars are nearby and reserve one, so I can get home. And I need to find my charged battery for the drebel, so I can take photos.
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Calling all CubeHunters... unannounced stuff happening in the lab interface RIGHT NOW!!!

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See Violet's and Scarlett's blog updates for a link to the interface.

*BOUNCES ABOUT MADLY* I looooooooooove live stuff. [livejournal.com profile] vassilissa mentioned [livejournal.com profile] nocturne_alley today, so I was thinking this morning of how much I missed watching events unfold in real time. Sooo excited!

edit: That was fun! But gah... the next bit is happening tomorrow at an ungodly hour... FIVE A.M. Yes, I am going to attempt to be awake for it. The latest I can leave for work is 6:45-6:50... so hopefully the really important bits will happen before then. Tempted to ask Dennis if I can come in late tomorrow...but no, I'm not going to rearrange my entire life for an ARG. Getting up at 5:00 isn't that much earlier, so I don't mind that, but I have to draw the line somewhere.
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If you like puzzles and triva questions and want to have some fun, Click this link!

Actually, click it anyway. We need a certain number of unique hits to advance with the questions. :D

What's this all about? It's part of Perplex City, that thing I keep talking about. The Third Power (potentially evil organization) has interrupted the communication link between Earth and Perplex City. Luckily, there were already plans to open a new link in San Francisco today. Since Perplexians are puzzle-loving people, the link connection was going to be established via a series of puzzles that would turn on all the necessary components. Now that the first link is down, it's vitally important that we get the second link established.

So, please take a second and CLICK! Everyone hit will help. <3!

Other Cube Hunters on my friends list are welcome to borrow this post
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Registration is open!

I am soooooooo tempted to register saying I'll be there. I'd love to go. But it seems unfair to register just so I can hog a spot, when I'm not sure if I can make it or not.

Hmm. *searches airfare* Yikes! Okay, based on preliminary searches for airfare, I will NOT be going. So perhaps I'll just register for the online portion now, and if some amazing airfare deal should fall into my lap, I'll attempt registering for the live event then.

While I'd REALLY love to go to this, I'm not too upset if I should miss it. They'll be other opportunities, I'm sure. Plus it'll be fun just to follow along online.
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[livejournal.com profile] scarlettkite, what were you thinking? Yes, myspace is popular. It's also shitty as hell. You couldn't use LiveJournal or Blogger? GAH. I am not pleased. Not pleased at all.

I'll probably check it out anyway, but I'll be grimacing and making faces at the screen.

At least the site is back up. It's very frustrating to have a whole bunch of new cards you want to solve and not be able to do it because the site is down. 'Twas down from 3:30 Central until at least the time I went to bed, at 10:30. Ouch.

edit 12:48 p.m.: Okay, initial reaction over. I've actually read her blog post in full now. While I still don't like the fact that it's on myspace, I do like the idea. For one thing, the prizes are sure to attract people. Since the new blog's on myspace and the first prize is a Nintendo DS, I'm guessing they're aiming for the younger crowd.

Most myspace profiles I've seen have looked ugly as hell. Scarlett's is actually pretty decent. It looks very similar to her main blog, so it doesn't have the busyness going on that a lot of myspace blogs do. It still runs slow on my machine, as myspace tends to do, so naturally the first thing I did was to find the feed and create an LJ account for it at [livejournal.com profile] scarlettcode.
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Got six packs of PXC cards in the mail from ThinkGeek today. Oh my gods, did I get a good mix!

First, 19 of the 36 cards were new to me. Always good when the new/dup rate exceeds 50%.

Distribution of new cards by color:

1 red
1 orange
4 yellow
3 green
3 blue
4 purple
1 black
2 silver

Yes, you read that right. I got not one, but TWO Silvers from six packs. And the first silver I got? Was #243 - Shuffled. THE ONE I REALLY, REALLY WANTED.


The other silver is #232 - Water Music. I'm already getting trade offers for it. :D Haven't decided yet if I want to trade it. I'm open to trading it for another silver. No way I'm trading Shuffled, though.

Shouldn't be any problem acheiving the Yellow leitmark in the next month, I think. There's 575 points in the new cards alone (not counting Shuffled, which is worth 61). And I'll probably complete a bunch of sets with these cards, too. Yay!

One bad thing about tonight's packs: I got yet ANOTHER copy of #22 - Cold Fission. This brings my total spares to FOUR. How many copies does one girl need? *exasperated* Anybody want/need a copy? ([livejournal.com profile] portkey, I'm looking at you.)
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Last night I solved #177 - Consider a Spherical World to complete the Purple Star set. This brought me to 2309 points, which means I've now attained the Orange leitmark. Yay! It was my goal to get it by the end of this month, so I'm quite pleased. Yellow's at 4500. Can I get 2200 points in the next month? I think it's doable. I have six packs of cards due to arrive today, and some trades coming as well. I'd be happy to keep to the pace of achieving a new leitmark every month.

Current stats: 1863rd overall, 379th in the U.S., 478th amongst females. I have solved 79 cards (7 complete sets: red hex, red circles, red maze, orange hex, green star, purple circles, purple star) in 118 attempts, with 177 cards left to solve.

I dreamed about Shuffled this morning. O_O Specifically, I dreamed that there was a variation of the Solitaire cipher. It was designed by IBM (hey, they're into chess, why not cryptography?) and had a name starting with a "d", that kind of sounded like Durendal. Actually, maybe it WAS called durendal. Alas, I do not remember how it varied from Solitaire. Just recall that it was another cipher that used a deck of cards.

I really need to sit down and put some hard work towards Shuffled, if only so the phrase If entropy wins, outward looks should leave you cold. will stop floating through my mind at odd times of the day. Also, I'd love to get first solve on it. :D I doubt I will, but hey, a girl can dream, right?
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[livejournal.com profile] hillarygayle reminds me that it's the Solstice. My first thought? Wondering how all the Perplexians are spending the holiday.

Why yes, I do believe I am addicted. :D

Happy Solstice to those that celebrate it, and a Happy Wednesday to those that don't.

geeky fun!

Jun. 8th, 2006 08:32 am
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Woot-off today! Current item up for sale: Mediocre Plug-In Odor Eliminator. *snerks*

Totally in love with Perplex City. I may write a long gushy post about it later, in fact. I have a five-pack of cards plus 4 eBay'd singles winging their way to me right now; expecting the five-pack by Saturday, and the singles any day now.

I'm feeling very upbeat and happy right now. It feels good. :) Today and tomorrow are crunch days at work (it's tieout time) so I'll be queue-ing up the battle music and working my tushy off.

edit: You know you're addicted to PXC when you see a thread on a message board entitled "Selling silver" and you eagerly click on it, thinking it's a good deal on some of the silver puzzle cards. Nope, it was about selling silver spoons. I am internally laughing like mad at my crazy brain.
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Stumbled out of bed this morning around 7:00. Immediately stumbled towards computer (as I usually do) and started solving more Perplex City cards.

Mind Candy has made it very easy to become addicted to this game. First, you've got these beautiful cards with interesting puzzles on them. Everytime you solve a card, you're awarded points, given your current stats, and provided with links to your solved cards and your map. The solved cards page lets you see stats for that particular card. I like stats, so I can never resist checking it out immediately after I solve a card, to see how I'm comparing to others. Most of the cards have been solved by 10%-15% of players; the lowest I've seen so far is 3%. Woo!

I'm relying on Google & Wikipedia a lot. I'm also using unforums as well. There's been some cards I've solved completely on my own. Others I've had a good guess or were partway there, and relied on Unforums for the complete answer. And yes, there have been one or two that I've given up on easily and just gone to Unforums. This isn't against the rules; players are encouraged to team up, and the Perplex City website even links to Unforums several times (and one of the cards had an image of unforums in the background). Still, I feel a bit "guilty" about "cheating" (there's my Catholic guilt coming up again...). I'm hoping to try harder on my own on the cards I have remaining left.

My current stats:

Rank: 4595
Players: 28853
Points: 364
xnera has solved 19 cards (0 complete sets) in 31 attempts, with 237 cards left to solve.

I'm ranked 983rd amongst female players, and 816th amongst players from the United States. I have solved 4 reds, 5 oranges, four yellows, 3 greens, 1 blue, and two purples. I have four cards out of my current stash left to solve: 1 green, 2 blue, and 1 black.

I downloaded the podcasts onto my Rio Forge this morning and listened to them while I was on the treadmill at the health club. I've now got a better idea of some of the backstory. I am definitely intrigued. There's one particular thing that especially interests me (I won't say because I don't like spoiling people).

I went and made a Perplex City friends filter so I can read updates easily. And I bought this (I wanted the older kit rather than the newer, because this one comes with more cards AND a leitmark!).

Yeah, sounds like addiction to me. :D
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I recently bought a four-pack of Perplex City game cards from ThinkGeek. Have spent the last few hours solving cards. I started the night at rank ~12000, having solved one of the free online cards worth 14 points. I am now at rank 6008 with 166 points. Woo!

(Six cards in a pack * 4 packs) + one freebie card - 2 duplicates = 23 cards

I have solved 10 cards. Two reds, four orange, two yellow, one green, and one blue. In the 13 cards I have left, there are two reds, one orange, two yellow, three green, two blue, two purple, and one black.

Most of the puzzles I've solved so far have relied on general knowledge or triva. For many of them, I used Google to help me complete the answer. I often knew a portion of the answer, but not all. A few of the cards were more logic-based. The higher level cards (those later in the rainbow) appear to use more logic and less trivia.

The cards themselves are more than twice the size of standard CCG cards. They're rather pretty (as most CCGs are), and some are VERY interesting. A couple of them made me go "OOO!" and wonder if they contained ARG clues.

This is my first ARG, so I'm easing into it by sticking to what's most familiar: puzzles! I haven't investigated the ARG itself much yet; just having fun solving cards. I know only the barest minimum of the story--cube lost on earth, big reward to person who finds it, yadda yadda yadda. But I'm starting to get intrigued by the story because of some of the things on the cards. Who are these people? What are their relationships like? And what's this thing for? :D

In other puzzle-y news, the sample test for the 2006 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship has been posted. I immediately printed it out, as well as past year's test. Looks pretty standard, but there's at least one puzzle type on it that I haven't managed to solve yet, so I will need some practice. I wanted to practice anyway; last year's attempt did not go well at all. I think I ended up with 40 points, which is my worst showing yet. :( So, practice practice practice!

I'm kind of tired, but kind of not. Hmm. Maybe I'll watch a movie. Or just lay down and see if I fall asleep.

edit: I'm going to continue to journal about Perplex City, 'cause it'll be fun to keep track of my thoughts. All posts will be tagged "Perplex City", and can be read together here.


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