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I didn't read any books in September. I think this puts me behind on my goal of reading 25 books this year. I'll have to correct that in October.

I did do a TON of crafting in September, though! The Red Heart Lovers group's KAL/CAL was softies, which coincided nicely with Nerdopolis' Cute Critter War. So I, uh, went a bit overboard crafting critters:

Final Fantasy Amigurumi

Pokemon Amigurumi

Other Critters

I made so many softies that I managed to win the raffle in the Red Heart Lovers group, for the third month in a row. Yay more free yarn!

I also did a few non-critter projects. There was the Mystery 220 KAL, which turned out to be the Bandana Cowl. I figured out what it was from the first clue, but I didn't spoil it for anyone. It was still a fun mystery, because I couldn't fanthom how it was made. Turns out it uses short rows!

I did two projects for the Holiday Stashdown CAL, the Rockskipper Wristers and Fall Thicket Coaster. I have a third in the works, but I don't have a picture of it yet so I won't bother to link my project. But it's the Holiday Hostess with the Mostest Shawlette, if you want to see what it looks like.

I made two hats for the Hat of the Month group, the cute Snow Bunnies hat, and a Shell Stitch crochet hat.

Finally, I did a washcloth for the Dishcloth Weekly group, Veined Leaf. I wasn't going to do it, but another group member was having difficulty with it so I did it to figure out where she might be going wrong.

Whew! Lots of projects! October should see less crafting. Nerdopolis is back on, so I have five projects for that, plus a shawl for the ministry, and I'm doing the Mystery 220 challenge. But otherwise I don't have many crafting plans.

I'm hoping to get back to playing Final Fantasy XII this month. It'd be nice to get it finished. I'm near the end of the story but still have a lot of hunts to do. I also started yet another playthrough of Final Fantasy V last night, as the Four Job Fiesta is doing a speedrun party this month which sounds fun. I have no way to record myself so I won't be officially entering, but I thought I'd try it out anyway.
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It is only the 18th and I already have my five stars in Nerdopolis. For Nerdopolis University: Pluto and Friends, I made a crocheted pumpkin treat bowl which is orange like Jupiter. The pattern pic looked so big, so I was surprised at how small this turned out. It'd be good for holding Hershey's Kisses. For Carousel Nerdception: Sidekicks and Pets, I made another baby chocobo. The eyes turned out better on this one, I think, but still no where as cute as the pattern pic, which used felted eyes. Eventually I'd like to make felted eyes myself. For Wildcard: Boo! I made a Tunisian scarf. It had two new stitches in it. I had to watch a video to figure out the twisted stitch, and I did the shells wrong at first due to misreading where the repeat was. But I eventually got it, and it turned out nice. It's destined for the frog pond, though, because I used yarn earmarked for a shawl. Finally, my last two stars were in Area 51: Oldest WIP. My oldest WIPs are Summit Seekers projects, so instead I made a knitted pumpkin and finished a Seraphina's Shawl that I started in a fit of anxiety on September 30th.

I also started my Harvest which is coming along nicely. I haven't worked on it for a week, though, because I'm trying to finish my Meandering shawl by the ministry meeting this Friday. As if I didn't have enough to do, I saw someone post a nice crocheted shawl that features a butterfly stitch, and started one myself, which I'm also going to try to finish for the meeting.
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I don't get to go shopping often these days due to lack of money, so when I do get to, it's a big deal.

My parents gave me $50 for my birthday, yay! I quickly planned what to do with it: either buy enough yarn to make Harvest for myself, or buy The World Ends With You.

I went to Joann after my therapy session on Tuesday to scope out yarn. I had planned on using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, which is what I used for my Grande Mocha, as the price is pretty cheap and I like the yarn. Well, my local Joann had the yarn for $5 a ball, and it was only $3.50 on their website. Plus they only had four skeins of the Pumpkin in stock, which is the color I planned on using. At least I got to see the color in person and verified that I did indeed like it.

So I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and bought a Vanilla Visa card. The next day I went to Joann.com to check things out. The yarn was no longer on sale, so no longer 3.50, but was still only 3.99, cheaper than in in store. I ordered 9 balls, plus the first pair of needles I'll need (a size 8 in 36 inches). I'll also need a size 6 in 36 inches, and a size 8 in 16 inches and DPNs. I have enough money left over to buy one pair of needles, but I'll have to ask mom for the money for the other needles... or just wait until Christmas and use the money I get then. It depends on how fast I knit the sweater, I think.

I'm excited. I want the yarn OMG NOW, but they haven't processed my order yet, grr. I did use a coupon for 15% off and 3.99 shipping, so maybe it's slowed due to the cheap shipping, but it did say I could expect it in 3-7 business days. So probably sometime next week.

In other news, Nerdopolis is gearing up for tournament 1.3. Sign-ups end tomorrow. We have 11 people on team Co-op so far. A few months ago, I had a dream that we ended up in third place in tournament 1.2. Well, we did end up in third--third from last, that is, LOL. But I think that was better than the previous tournament, and we moved up in the rankings ever round, so I'm pretty pleased.
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Yay, June is here! That means that Nerdopolis officially started. Here's this month's challenges:

The Lab: Medieval Art - This month, your challenge is to craft something inspired by Medieval Art or Architecture. The Lab is for non-Ravelry sanctioned crafts, such as needlework, painting, drawing, etc.
Area 51: Reboot - Rebooting your WIPs by frogging and starting over, or ripping back to fix mistakes.
Wildcard: Signs - For this month’s challenge, craft something inspired by a road sign. Please use an existing Real World sign (not imaginary or fictional, please).
Change the World - Water Water - This month we would like to focus on water, either for people or animals.
Nerdopolis University: Archeology - This months theme is you guessed it Archaeology. And your mission should you choose to accept it is to craft something inspired by Archaeology.
Carousel Nerdception: In Memory of … - make something inspired by the memory of someone that one of Nerdopolis’ fandoms has lost.

I don't do Change the World, as that is for donations to places and I don't have any money to donate. And I don't do anything for the Lab because I don't do non-Ravelry crafts. Instead, I submit two things to Area 51, which is allowed.

So, the plans! For Nerception I crocheted a bookmark in honor of Terry Pratchett. For Wildcard: Signs, I'm making a 198 Yards of Heaven shawl, which is triangular, just like a Yield sign. For University, I'm doing my Kable. The plan is to tie it to tools which area found in archeological digs. For Area 51, I'm going to finish my Tunisian Treasures shawl, and also going to frog and reknit apair of socks that came out too big.

I'll be very busy this month! I'm already halfway done with the backing for Kable, and am on the third repeat of eight on the Heaven shawl. I'm on row 55 of 81 on the Tunisian shawl. Haven't touched the socks yet; I plan to get to them around the middle of the month.
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Hurry up, June! I want Nerdopolis to start!

I'm very excited about being captain. I plan to do Weekly Summary posts on Mondays, WIP Wednesdays, and Game of the Week on Fridays. That should keep the thread moving.

Team rosters were announced today, and we have 7 players on Team Co-op, which puts us in the small team category. It's too late to sign up for a team, but you can still play as a Rogue (and independent player). I've gone ahead and locked our old thread and started a new thread for the new tournament. I've been writing the intro post in my head for days now, LOL.

I've been planning on what I'm going to make for Nerdopolis. I'm going to finish my Tunisian shawl for Area 51. I'm also going to do another 198 Yards of Heaven in white and pink. There's the needle holder I'm making for the Red Heart Lovers group. That's three projects. I'm also thinking of doing a Fishy Tawashi, which makes four. Finally, I'll probably do some more baby blankets for the ministry, which makes five projects. Hopefully I can fit these projects to the themes.

I dug through the yarn [personal profile] goody_scrivener gave me and pulled out the skeins I'm going to use for the needle holder and shawl, so I'm good to go. I just need it to be June already!


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