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May. 11th, 2010 12:10 pm
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I come offering Dreamwidth codes. Feel free to take one; if you do, I'd appreciate a comment so I can cross it off the list.

naked coeds under cut! )

About two months ago, Dreamwidth became my posting client. When I want to update my journals, I go to Dreamwidth's update page, type my entry there, and have Dreamwidth crosspost it to LiveJournal. Due to recent events (*cough*Driving Revenue*cough*) I am becoming more and more interested in making Dreamwidth my permanent home, eventually. I have a long post brewing in my brain about that, which I'm hoping to post sometime this week.

So anyway, there's this [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw thing going on, in which people post content exclusively to Dreamwidth. You can see some of the stuff people are posting at the Latest Things page.

I'm not quite ready to jump ship fulltime to Dreamwidth yet, so I won't stop crossposting to LJ. However, for the remainder of the fest, I'm turning off commenting on the LiveJournal versions of the posts. Testing the waters, so to speak. If you don't yet have a Dreamwidth account, you can use one of the codes above to create one (or via the [site community profile] dw_codesharing community, if the ones above have all been taken). If you don't wish to create a Dreamwidth account at this time, then you may still comment on the posts using OpenID.

This post (and the next, which will be LJ-only as it is a poll) are the last posts that will have commenting enabled on LiveJournal, for at least the next two weeks. I may re-enable LJ commenting after [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is over; we'll see when that time comes.
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I am too busy crocheting and being thinky-brained to read reactions to the latest [ profile] news post, but I am thinking that the "Thriller" popcorn macro would be appropriate, here.
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I have finally started playing Final Fantasy V. I mention this because Bartz just said, "Oh, crap!!" and I'm thinking I really need an icon of that. *grins* I'm at 12:01 into the game, which I'm guess puts me around 25%-33% done. So far I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm trying to get through it rather fast, so I can play FFVI and finish that relatively fast. 'Cause I really, really want to start a replay of FFVIII on my birthday, and that is less than a month away so OMG I NEED TO MOVE IT MOVE IT.

And speaking about icons--anybody know who made this one? I saved it to my harddrive without making a note of who made it.

So. The real point of this post is to say that (a) yes, I do have a Dreamwidth account (at [personal profile] xnera, of course), and (b) no, I didn't get it just to namesquat.

I haven't been using my Dreamwidth account. I'd like to, but I am not sure how to use it. I could cross-post, but that doesn't feel right to me. Plus that might annoy people who follow me on both sites. I could post separate content to each account, but that might annoy the people who don't follow me on both sites. *flails* (This post is crossposted, because it's directed to both audiences).

The main reason I'm sticking with LJ right now is because of comfort level. I hardly post publicly these days; most of my posts are either to (a) an extremely tight filter of the people I trust the most; (b) friends-only to my general friends list; (c) a filter that is somewhere between the two. I am pretty certain that once I start using Dreamwidth more, I will likely subscribe to tons of people but be selective about who I give access to. This has everything to do with my various mental illnesses. I don't really have a problem talking about them in general, but when one of your mental illnesses is social anxiety, you often feel the need to protect yourself by withdrawing from people. Hence my filters.

Dreamwidth impresses the heck out of me. I spent a good two weeks in #dw IRC channel when open beta launched. I love their goals and philosophy for the site, and they've already made a bunch of code changes that make me squee hardcore. I want to start spending more time on Dreamwidth; at the very least, keep up with my reading list. Since I wasn't posting to DW, I wasn't reading it, either. I got bored enough the other day that I ran out of things to read and went "oh hey there's my DW rlist" and I got all caught up and fell in love with the site all over again. For many, many reasons, but [site community profile] dw_news is a large reason. Dude, weekly news updates? AWESOME. And I'm planning on getting a Dreamhack once life calms down some more, because I love the idea of contributing to the site and I kinda miss playing with Perl (oh, bot *cries*).

Anyway. Expect to see some stuff from me on Dreamwidth soon. There's at least a few posts I'm planning on cross-posting to both sites. Right now the filtered stuff will likely stay on LiveJournal, though. As I get to know folks on DW I might start posting filtered stuff there. We'll see.

Anybody on LiveJournal is welcome to friend/de-friend & add/remove me from filters. I won't get offended. Anybody on Dreamwidth is welcome to subscribe/unsubscribe to me, or add/remove me from your access list; again, I won't get offended. I hope you won't get offended if I don't friend/scribe/grant you access/add you to my filters; while I do hope someday to start posting stuff more publicly, right now I need to keep things a bit more restricted for mental health reasons. Thanks for understanding. <3
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LiveJournal Support is in need of volunteers.

I know that there are many on my flist who have been frustrated with the direction that LiveJournal has been going in recent years. I'm incredibly pro-LJ, but I'd be lying if I said that I haven't been a bit disappointed myself.

But I still believe in LiveJournal. I still love this place madly. Yes, there are things I wish management had done differently. But at the end of the day, what matters is my journal and you all. As long as I still have the ability to write entries, read yours, and leave comments, then I'll still have a place here.

I very much agree with [ profile] emmavescence's comment. I was unemployed and suffering a loss of identity when I became active in Support. It gave me something to hold on to; I wasn't the little lost [ profile] xnera who had no freaking idea who she was or where she was headed. I was a Support Volunteer who was racking up the privs (at my high point, I had I1s in all public cats at that time).

Support gave me goals to work for when I most needed them. Eventually I didn't anymore, and I drifted away. But the massive love I had for Support has never died. I love these people. I love their sense of humor and how they look out for each other and the awesome things they do. I love how Support functions. I love seeing [ profile] privchange posts. I love seeing how passionate Support Volunteers are about LiveJournal.

If you still harbor good thoughts towards LiveJournal; if you love to help others; if you like learning about how LiveJournal works; if you're in need of feeling accomplished; if you want to laugh with others, then I highly recommend giving Support a try. It's awesome and fun and so thrilling when you start getting points. Even one or two touches on the board can help tremendously. <3
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This is my 2400th LiveJournal post.

Edit: Oh, fine. Here's some actual content.

I'm thinking of doing the 101 in 1001 thing. You can read about it more at [ profile] mission101. But basically, you pick 101 things you want to do, and you do them in 1001 days. This gives you 2.74064717 years to complete your goals.

I've been seeing people post about this lately, and it feels like it is something I want to try. It smacks a bit resolutiony to me, and I'm kind of against resolutions. But on the other hand, I'm starting to feel "stuck" in therapy, like I'm not really working towards anything. Having goals and a concrete timeframe to do them in might be what I need.

This is the rough list so far. I need to add more, obviously. And I will probably take some of the money-related things out. A lot of stuff on my list is money-focused, and I don't think I can do them ALL, no matter how much I want to.

Suggestions welcome. But please keep in mind that I am looking for suggestions for ME, and not what you would want to do if you were going to do 101 things. What kind of things feel [ profile] xnera-y?
A LIST! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! Or, click here to read it. )
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The elections for the LJ Advisory Board have been going on this week. Polls close tomorrow at 9pm PST. You can vote here. Here's links to the candidate's platforms, if you want to do some research first.

Just wanted to remind everyone about them so those who would be interested in voting but wasn't aware the elections are happening now have a chance to do so. Yes, I have my preferences of who I want to win, but I really just want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate. <3

edit: Also, make sure you vote for three different people. If your top candidate is eliminated, your vote will go to your second choice, and if they wash out too, then it goes to your third choice.
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[ profile] legomymalfoy has nominated herself for the LiveJournal Advisory Board. I support her nomination. Here's why.

I believe that the Advisory Board members need to be passionate about LiveJournal. I see a lot of passionate people commenting on [ profile] news. I admire their passion and their willingness to speak their minds. But you know what? Anybody can make a heated comment. True passion, I think, is being so into something that you take action. That can mean keeping a paid account, as that helps support the site (it's the reason I became a paid member way back when; I felt so strongly about LiveJournal that I wanted to throw money in their direction). But volunteering your time? That takes a heck of a lot of passion and dedication. And Jen has done a heck of a lot of volunteer work for LiveJournal, so yeah, she's passionate about it.

I believe that the Advisory Board members need to have good, concrete knowledge about how LiveJournal works. Someone who doesn't understand what features LiveJournal currently has can't make suggestions on how to improve those features, or what new features LiveJournal might need. Support Volunteers know a heck of a lot about how this site works. [ profile] legomymalfoy is not only a Support Volunteer, she's the freaking admin of the Entries category. So yes, she knows this site well. :)

I believe that the Advisory Board members need to understand the userbase. Many of you know how vocal fandom can be. Fandom has unique needs. They want to be sure they can continue doing their thing. Jen's very active in fandom (heck, just look at her username! It screams fandom) so she most definitely would understand what fandom wants.

And yeah, fandom is just a tiny portion of LiveJournal, but I do think they are fairly important. Because fandom is smart, knowledgable, passionate, dedicated. Fandom knows what's going on with LiveJournal because it directly affects their ability to do their thing. Fandom does research and writes essays and is willing to take a stand. Someone who understands fandom will also understand what the userbase wants.

I believe that the Advisory Board members can get things done. And this is really the key.

I see the same demands on [ profile] news over and over, and see the same ideas posted to [ profile] suggestions. And yeah, I'd like nothing more than to see some of those come to fruition. Who wouldn't want the ability to have a bazillion userpics, or to have a totally ad-free experience, or to get a pony? I would!

But honestly? Being repeatedly (and heatedly) vocal is NOT going to get anything done. Fact is, it's not always possible to get ponies. I feel that some of the most vocal members of the LiveJournal userbase don't understand this. They don't get that it might not be technically possible, or it might not be easy to implement, or that there are legal or privacy reasons that prevent the idea, or that it plain doesn't fit into LiveJournal's business plans.

And from my own short stint as a LiveJournal Support Volunteer, I can say that we DO get this. We have a better understanding of how the site works--not just technically, but also administratively. This makes it sound like we're some sort of clique or something, and that may be true, but I can honestly say that I can think of nobody better to serve on the Advisory Board than a Support Volunteer specifically BECAUSE of how much we know about how LiveJournal works.

And it's even better that she's on the Abuse Prevention Team. Yeah, I know a lot of people have grief with the the decisions that the APT may make, but you know what? They make those decisions because they understand the policies. And if they understand the policies, they will likely also be able to understand which policies may not be fair, or might not best suit the userbase. Which means they can make suggestions to improve policies--concrete suggestions that may likely have a chance of actually happening, because they'll know what's possible and what's not. That's my belief, anyway.

Also, as a Support Admin, she's had to deal with overseeing the volunteers, which often includes resolving personal conflicts (not saying that Support is wanky; just, anytime you have a group of people together in general, there is bound to be wank). If the Board is constantly sniping at each other, they'll never get anything done. Somebody who has the experience in resolving issues would be a much more productive member than someone who doesn't have that experience.

So yeah, I think [ profile] legomymalfoy is the perfect nominee for the Advisory Board. She's got a ton of relevant experience, is passionate about the site, and plus, I just plain like her. <3 So I hope you consider supporting her nomination. She'd do an awesome job.

edit: another reason: LiveJournal Support is all about understanding what the user is asking, and providing them with the information they need in a clearly written manner. Which means Support Volunteers know how to (a) listen and (b) communicate. Two very important skills when it comes to being on a committee.

son of the edit: I want to add a bit more about the "getting things done" idea.

My concern regarding the vocal contingency is that they will get so caught up in their pet issues that they will just repeatedly ask for them without being willing to compromise. Let's say that someone wants a bazillion userpics. If they just keep saying, "The users want a bazillion userpics!", well, that's not going to get us anywhere.

Instead, what we really need is someone who can say, "Okay, the users want a bazillion userpics. We can't give them that right now; what else can we do for them in the meantime?" Some possibilities might be: (1) increasing the number of loyalty userpics a person gets a time; (2) giving everyone on the site an extra $foo number of userpics; (3) finding other features that can be quickly implemented and that will make the users happy, while continue working on the userpic issue; or (4) making a [ profile] news post saying, "Yeah, we know everyone wants a bazillion userpics. We'd love to give them to you. Here's why it's not possible at the moment. We can't promise that we will be able to implement this feature in the future, but we're evaluating options and trying to find a solution." Support Volunteers are trained to problem-solve, and I think they have the skills to see all the different ways that LiveJournal can give the users at least part of what the userbase wants, if the whole shebang isn't possible.
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There's been a few sites/communities I've really been impressed with lately, and so I wanted to recommend them.

First is Junkfood Science. From their banner: critical examinations of studies and news on food, weight, health and healthcare that mainstream media misses. I love Sandy for pointing out how the OMG! health headlines in the news often aren't true when you examine the data. Her Obesity Paradox series is especially good (latest post is here), as is the bariatric surgery series (example).

I found Junkfood Science via Kate Harding's Shapely Prose. Kate blogs about fat acceptance. She's witty and passionate and just a plain joy to read. If you read anything by her, it should be the but don't you realize fat is unhealthy? article. Also check out the BMI project.

Final recommendation is LiveJournal's own [ profile] vaginapagina. Good moderation is hard to come by. The mods at VP are some of the best I've seen. They work hard to make VP a safe, empowering space for its users (it's not just females; men are welcome to). Some of the ways they do this are by using icons to signify official mod comments, and having standard phrasing they use when they have to warn a user. Their warnings are just as empowering as the rest of the comm, clearly stating what the user did wrong, providing the user with links to more information, and inviting the user to contact them with any questions. They also have a comm for contacting the mods at [ profile] contact_vp. The community itself is WONDERFUL, full of knowledgeable, friendly people who try to provide the most accurate information possible to empower the poster to make the choice that's right for them. I <3 VP.

(back to work I go. *grumbles*)

edit: It's NSFW so I can't find the link right now, but another good thing about [ profile] vaginapagina is their Everyday Bodies project. They collected photos of various body parts and posted them, to show the diversity that there is out there. It was an awesome project because there's a lot of women who feel insecure about various parts of their bodies, and this project showed them that hey, they are completely normal.
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I have been dragged kicking and screaming into S2.

I didn't really have anything against it. Actually, I was kind of fascinated with it when it first came out. I just never switched to it because my trusty old S1 version of Pungent Elephant with Sidecar was working just fine for me, thank you very much. I don't like busy layouts, which to me means "anything with a lot of colors and graphics". So even while some S2 layouts looked very, very nice to me when browsing them, I did NOT want them on my own journal.

I've actually tried switching to S2's version of Pungent Elephant before, but... I don't like it. It's slightly different from the S1 version, so it just looks WRONG to me. But I think I am finally ready to switch permanently, because I really really want to use S2's tag pages.

The journal's in S2 now. I want it to look like this, which is the S1 version I had. I've already made some tweaks (like text colors). Other things I need to see about:

  • making the comment links smaller;
  • fading the line underneath the dates;
  • removing the userpic from the friends page (I don't need to see my own userpic there);
  • Making the left column slightly bigger
  • Adding the day on the date fields
  • Seeing if I can add a line break between the username and usericon
  • Moving entry title below time
  • Making entry time/title a smaller font size;
  • Removing some of the currents from the friends page. I'm undecided on exactly which. I definitely want location to go bye-bye, but I'm not sure about tags and music
  • Adding a line break or two between entries and currents.
  • Changing Archive to calendar, User Info to profile, and adding memories. Though I might move tags up to where memories is, and move memories down to where tags is. Hmm. I definitely want both, but I can't decide where tags should be.
  • Main font may need to be smaller. Hard to tell. I think it's actually the same, and that it will look right if I fix the size of the left column

I think that's it.

I'm not asking for help here. In fact, I think I want to try to figure this all out on my own. Sounds like a fun challenge, and I think I could use something stimulating like that right now. If I get stuck I'll give a holler. I just wanted to make some notes so I knew what needed to be tweaked, and where else am I going to write said notes but in my journal itself?

(This day was inevitable. I always knew I'd eventually switch; just had to get bored enough to do it, or aggravated enough by S1's dismal handling of tags. But I will never never never give up my Dystopia. If LJ ever takes it away, I will be frakkin' PISSED.)

(Also, you may have noticed I have switched my mood icons to the kitties. I like most of the Firefly ones, but I really, really dislike the aggravated icon. Don't like having guns pointed at me, even in icons. And since I have felt the need to use aggravated more often... yeah, had to switch. Except I haven't found a new one yet, so kitties it is for now.)

(And yes, I'm going to bed now.)
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I've mostly gotten used to the new update.bml. I actually do like the look of it. One thing still bothers me, though--I don't like that the userpic selection is at the top. Yeah, one of the reasons is that I usually pick the userpic AFTER I type the post. But the main reason is I keep going to the wrong drop-down, and then getting very confused when I can't find the keyword I'm looking for. It takes me a minute to realise I've clicked on the "Post to:" drop down rather than the userpic one. This is annoying, but it's not a deal-breaker. I'd prefer if they moved the userpic back to the bottom, but I can live with it at the top.

Heh, this was meant to be a short, quick post, but I got carried away with the minor rant there... Anyway. Was briefly reading news sites this morning, and came across an article that mentioned that Squeenix is going to be realising something called "Kingdom Hearts II: Final Plus Mix" in the spring. I think I may have heard this before, but I forgot about it. Anybody know any details about this? Is it a different game, or is it a different version? It sounds like a different version, to me. Kind of like a director's cut, maybe? I ask because I haven't bought KH2 yet, and I was wondering if I should just wait for the Final Plus Mix, or get the version that's out now. I probably wouldn't be playing it anytime soon, so I can wait a bit.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I'm currently playing the first, and I LOVE IT. Minor Kingdom Hearts spoilers )

Okay, this SERIOUSLY got longer than I expected, so I must get to work now. Later!
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I've temporarily changed to an Expressive layout, 'cause it does Tags pages better than the "shortcomings" page that S1 layouts are forced to use. I hate hate hate the shortcomings pages. Bleargh.

This layout is readable, but alien to me. o_O I picked one of the simpler ones, and yet it still feels like too much to me. Might be time to start hacking about in S2, so I can get what I want. I'd just switch to S2's version of Pungent Elephant with Sidecar, but it displays slightly different than S1's version does, and I don't like it.

Why yes, I'm picky. :p Got a problem with that?

Anyway--temporary change, because I pointed someone to one of my tags, and I wanted it to be less than ugly. Will probably change back in a few days, until i can get a good S2 design ready. :)

I have replies to write, and another post to make, but I really need to do laundry, and I'd like to continue my stretch of DDR action (this would be Day 3), so I'm gonna go do that.

*looks at tags cloud* That's a lot of tags. O_O And I haven't finished tagging the backlog yet! O_O
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Firefox keeps tossing my cookies. I'm getting signed out of all my frequently-visited websites.

This is rather annoying. I do not want to sign in to LiveJournal every time I sit down at my computer.

Any suggestions? I've checked the cookie settings, and they appear to be fine. Unless there's something I'm missing...

In other news, I deleted two-thirds of my interests on a whim today. Some just had to be kept, however.

I am reminded that I want a new mood theme. Much as I love Jayne and Firefly, the images tend to be a little more violent than I'd like.
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Anybody know anything about Internet Law? I would guess that at the very least this would be a breach of Typepad's Terms of Services, but I'm wondering if Six Apart would have any options other than suspending Blue Security's account.
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Last night's issues were caused by a DDoS attack against Six Apart's sites. I figured it was something big when I couldn't even get to the status site, let alone my Friends' page. Didn't think to check [ profile] lj_maintenance, though. D'oh! Probably wouldn't have been able to access it anyway, but I'll have to remember to try it in the future.

Six Apart has a status page, too. Good to know. I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference.

At least one person is calling it cyber terrorism. I remain skeptical of this. Don't see the point of targeting LiveJournal for cyber terrorism. I'd imagine they'd try to target government/public services sites, first. Maybe major news sources. But a blogging site that has a large percentage of younger folks on it? Oh noes! The terror! *rolls eyes*

Lots to do today. Bleh. I'd better get started.


Mar. 28th, 2006 07:18 pm
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If you come across a "LJ Pirate" meme, don't do it. It's causing some issues, like spreading spam and stuff. Not nice! It's one of those "Type your name, select from the drop-downs, etc" and then post the answers type.

Might also be known as "Your LJ Pirate Crew" and "Your LJ Zombie Crew" and quiz/meme things from

(Thanks to [ profile] legomymalfoy for the heads up on this.)

In other news, Wendy's has some damned good ranch dressing. Yummy!

Also, Raina is in for a night of fun, as I picked up new toys and treats. Yay!
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*explodes with geeky happiness, and declares undying love for [ profile] brad*

edit: Okay, it's not perfect. I had to edit it to correct the bolding/lj user tag. But still! AN EXCEL CLIENT TO POST TO LJ!!! *dies of geekiness all over again* See [ profile] excel_to_lj for more details. And scritches to [ profile] frank for the heads up!


Dec. 8th, 2005 04:34 pm
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PSA: A slave fell down and went boom! The LJ server admins are working on it, but you might see "replag" errors. What that means for you is "now you see it, now you don't!" entries and comments. It's normal and expected; just hit refresh, and the entry/comment should reappear.

Today was good. I got three of the tie-outs done, leaving just one for tomorrow. Yay! Tonight I do more Christmas/birthday shopping. I'm enjoying it this year, possibly because I HAVE MONEY! and so can actually splurge on everyone a bit. :D Yeah, it's snowing, but the temperature is better, so I'm headed to Field's and another nearby store for birthday stuff. Depending on how long that takes, I may or may not stop at Toys 'R' Us on the way home. If I don't go tonight, I'll have to go tomorrow. I'm thinking it will be nice to finish everything tonight so I can go right home tomorrow and vegitate. The house has been neglected while I've been busy shopping this week.

Time to pack up. Yay!
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Oh my gods YES!!! I don't have to cap them myself! I will most DEFINITELY be doing massive saving later to start work on a moodtheme. :D

Also, GIP!!! Because I needed at least ONE BSG icon.


Nov. 18th, 2005 11:41 pm
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If you use LiveJournal a lot, you really should have [ profile] status friended so you can be informed if there are any issues going on with the servers.

I would like to point you to this very important post. This is a perfect example of why it's a good idea to keep informed. I'd tell you what it says, but I've decided I'm going to make you work for it. So yeah, click this link. And friend [ profile] status. It's for your own good!


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