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I finally finished writing my 101 in 1001 list. WOOHOO! Therefore I am starting TODAY! End date is November 22nd, 2011.

And here's the list! )
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'Cause I feel like it.

  • Mail Netflix DVDs
  • Work task #1
  • Work task #2
  • Work task #3
  • Work task #4 (optional)
  • Work task #5 (optional)
  • Throw out garbage
  • Slice leftover ham and freeze
  • Put new yarn away
  • Scan one shelf into Delicious Library
  • Wash clothes
  • Call Zenni Optical re: status of order

That should keep me busy.

Question: is <s> deprecated? I've switched from <b> & <i> to <strong> & <em> because I read that screen readers handle those better, but I don't know about strike tags. Is there a better/more proper way to do it? Anybody know?
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This is my 2400th LiveJournal post.

Edit: Oh, fine. Here's some actual content.

I'm thinking of doing the 101 in 1001 thing. You can read about it more at [livejournal.com profile] mission101. But basically, you pick 101 things you want to do, and you do them in 1001 days. This gives you 2.74064717 years to complete your goals.

I've been seeing people post about this lately, and it feels like it is something I want to try. It smacks a bit resolutiony to me, and I'm kind of against resolutions. But on the other hand, I'm starting to feel "stuck" in therapy, like I'm not really working towards anything. Having goals and a concrete timeframe to do them in might be what I need.

This is the rough list so far. I need to add more, obviously. And I will probably take some of the money-related things out. A lot of stuff on my list is money-focused, and I don't think I can do them ALL, no matter how much I want to.

Suggestions welcome. But please keep in mind that I am looking for suggestions for ME, and not what you would want to do if you were going to do 101 things. What kind of things feel [livejournal.com profile] xnera-y?
A LIST! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! Or, click here to read it. )
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And I siesta'd a good portion of the day. So I am now quite cranky. Feeling a need for a listy in hopes of getting uncrankified. Not all of this is planned for tonight.

  • Put away CDs.
  • Clean off Carver's cabinet.
  • Tidy up the rest of the living room.
  • Tidy up bathroom.
  • Scrub bathroom.
  • Drink water.
  • Throw away broken floor lamp.
  • Move furniture around in library. Minor redesign.
  • Install new lamps in library.
  • Vacuum living room.
  • Water plants. Thunderstorms took care of this.
  • Hang out with Cloud.
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I have a LOT to do today. Being a bit vague 'cause I want to be. I'll explain later. :)

  • Go to Walgreens. Acquire haircolor (if they have the shade I want) and ink for my printer. They had the hair color (YAY!) but didn't have my ink cartridges (BOO!). I got do-it-yourself refills instead. Normally I don't like those, but it should be fine for what I need the ink for.
  • Go to JoAnn's and get stuff there. Muahahaha... I am such a dork.
  • Do laundry. In dryer!
  • Find battery & flash cards.
  • Design stuff to print out.
  • Print out stuff.
  • Apply printouts to stuff from JoAnn's.
  • Potentially visit copyshop and make copies of other printouts.
  • Review inventory and update if necessary.
  • Print out inventory.
  • Organise stuff.
  • Apply haircolor, if proper shade is found.
  • Reserve a car.
  • Go to Cubefest! :D!!!
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    Okay. Since yesterday featured an attack of the Great Big Sleep, and the GBS is threatening to attack again today, I feel in the mood for a listy. So, here it is, in random order:

    • Sunday morning cleaning spree, accompianied by the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack
    • At least one hour of throwing perl code at the screen
    • Watch a Netflix disc already, man!
    • Do laundry
    • Work on the project started last week Did a bit, got frustrated, quit. Which is really all I wanted to get done today on it, so hey! :)
    • Make brownies. woot!
    • Read a chapter or two of ASOS.
    • Cuddles with the kitty!
    • Look for the cord to the digital camera.

    edit: Am only up to track eight of the BSG soundtrack, and already I am !!!!!. It is so, so wonderful. If you're a fan of the show, BUY IT.

    edit 2: Track nine invoked spontaneous bellydancing.


    edit 4: The UK opening theme is MUCH better than the US one.

    edit 5: Soundtrack inspired me to watch last disc. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! In unrelated news, I am about to take a shower at 5:00 in the afternoon, just because I want to. woot!
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    I need a *gronk* icon. Grumpypants-chan will do in the meantime.

    Last two days were a wash. Hardly got anything done. I was feeling oogy last night so I went to bed at *gasps* 9:30. I know: SHOCK.

    I'm rethinking the listies. I kind of feel like my dominant INFP is starting to look with horror on the very S-like listies and saying "STOP THAT!! NO MORE LISTS!! BE FREE!! FLY, LITTLE BIRD!!". So today, no daily listy. Instead we will have an adventure and see how much we can accomplish without planning it all in advance. Whee!

    I do think a longer-term listy would be a good idea, though. I'm in an "on" stage right now. I want to do things. And there's so much to do and I am impatient and want it all done NOW!!! I want my house super clean, and I have bot coding to do, and I've starting planning my Shiny Serenity Shindig in my head and want to work on that, and there's the SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT!! Not to mention books and manga to read, and DVDs to watch, and games to play. But I can't possibly get it all done now. It's just not feasible. And so I think I get overwhelmed and my mind shuts down and all forward movement ceases and I'm in front of the computer playing Boggle or laying in a stupor on the couch.

    So what I want to do now is look at all these things I want to do, and prioritize them, so I'm not so overwhelmed with the OMG SO MUCH TO DO I CAN'T DO IT ALL! *wibbles* So, here you go.

    Do first, or regular routine items

    • Work stuff. Need to work so you can keep the job so you can pay bills and buy fun stuff.
    • House cleaning. (pro-active).
    • Exercising. (pro-active).
    • Apply for health insurance. Also, mom's Prudential stuff.
    • Bot stuff, as I have some serious updates that need doing.

    Mid-range: would like to do sooner than later

    • Write the thingy, dammit! I want it done by this weekend.
    • Shiny Serenity Shindig stuff! There's an actual deadline on this, so yeah, this belongs in the mid-range. It's to be worked on after I do the Very Important Stuff above.
    • Other less important bot stuff.
    • Book reading and DVD watching. I put this here because it's important for my mental well-being. This is the lowest on the list, though.

    Low priorties: stuff I want to do, but just aren't that important or that can wait a bit

    • Play FFVII. *sighs* Yes, I'd like to finish it before Advent Children comes out next month. But I don't need to. It's not like I'm heavily involved in FF fandom and that my whole friends list will be discussing it a la HBP. So, this can wait.
    • SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT! I know, girly girl -- you really want to do it NOW because you've waited soooo long. But (and I'm sorry to tell you this) it's just not that important. It can wait. So, be good and do the other things first.

    I swear I had more on the train this morning, so this list may be updated as I think of things.

    Hmm. Slurpee craving. Are there any 7-11's downtown? There IS a White Hen nearby -- do they have Slurpee-like substances?

    I downloaded a timer thingy. You know how I sometimes use a kitchen timer at home to alternate bouts of cleaning with Karaoke Revolution? Thought I'd do the same at work, since it works. Except replace LJ-reading with Karaoke singing. So far it's doing it's job, so yay! But I am nearly at the end of my 15 min playbreak, so I need to end this. Might add stuff later, because I swear the mentally-written entry on the train this morning was MUCH longer...
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    So I did NOT get everything done on yesterday's listy. But that's okay. You can't schedule your entire life, because Life Happens. And it was a good day, which is all I ask for, really.

    I kind of goofed off at work again. Oops. But I got a lot of stuff done, even though I was goofing off (huh?). What I mean is, I was working, just not doing stuff for work. That's much better than goofing off by repeatedly refreshing webpages, I think. So the day really flew by. I did finally get down to "work" work around 3:30, deleting extra files and working on the GLR process a bit. And then around 4:25 a coworker asked me if I could run some reports for him, as he was swamped with a fire on his team (er, not a literal fire). The reports he was asking for run very quick, so I said "No problem!".

    Except he didn't even get the info to me until 4:50--five minutes after I'm supposed to leave. *headdesks* We're in the same division, but he doesn't work in the hub, so he doesn't know what's required to run the report. So he was sitting there copying customer numbers from the Ledger and trying to delete the duplicates. *shakes head sadly* I finally asked him if he was getting them to me, and when I saw what he was doing, said "Dude, just send the entire Ledger to me!". Because I can autofilter the Ledger to get just the relevant minors, and then I copy the custnums into this macro file we have and click a button and it weeds out the dups and formats the custnums for the query. And then I paste the macro results into the query and hit run and BANG! Results not a minute later. I got the stuff to him at 5:05. I didn't really mind all that much staying late, because it just meant taking one later bus than usual, but I had ERRANDS to do, and so I hurried up when shutting down my computer and locking up my desk...

    ...which was a mistake, because I forgot I was in the middle of writing the GLR procedures and I hadn't saved them. *headdesks* So yeah, I lost my updates. Grr, argh. Normally I write important stuff in Notepad or Word and hit save every so often, but I was doing these in Lotus Notes because they're going to be sent out via notes, and it's much easier to do all the formatting directly in notes. And yeah, Notes prompted me to save, but I didn't see the prompt because I had switched away from the proggie to close other stuff. It's not a huge deal because I still have the first day's work, which included the outline, but still. Annoying to have to redo things.

    So then it was errand time! I had heard that the second Serenity comic had just been released, and I didn't have the first one yet because the local comic store I go to is just far enough that I can't walk there. Normally I could go before or after session because it's on the corner where I change busses, but as I haven't been to session in three weeks...well, yeah. So I wanted to get the comic because OMG SERENITY COMIC!!, but I didn't really want to go to my regular store because I didn't feel like getting off a bus two miles from home to spend 10 minutes buying comics and then have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus.

    Google Local to the rescue! First hit was Graham Crackers Comics, which sounded very promising, and hey, on the way to the grocery store! So I stopped there and HOLY COW, AWESOME STORE!! I mean, I really liked Tenth Planet, my local store, but Graham Crackers is better because it's BIGGER, has lots of toys, and has MANGA. So did Tenth Planet, but their selection was very small and catered to the Dragonball Z crowd. Graham Crackers' selection is not as big as Borders', but they offer more titles. Including Fruits Basket and OMG ISSUE #11!!!!! *GRABS AND HUGS* And they had all three alternate covers of Serenity Issue #2. Sold out of #1, though, but I kind of expected that. It's going to reprint so I'll likely just wait for that--unless I go to Wizard World this weekend, which I'm seriously thinking about, and then I'll look for it there.

    So yeah, very cool store, and I will be going back to it, I'm sure. :D

    And then it was time to go to the grocery store. I was HUNGRY by this time, and starting to feel light-headed, so I unfortunately just focussed on getting FOOD and completely forgot about kitty chow and paper towels. Oops. Will get that tonight. I had a craving for salad so I got a BUNCH of prepackaged kits, one of which is lunch today. I also got a sourdough round, and after doing my thing in the self-checkout, immediately made a beeline for a bench and tore off a hunk of bread to eat. I so needed that.

    Time to go home! I just made it to the El platform when an Orange line train arrived, but it looked crowded and I really needed to sit, so I decided to wait for the next. It wasn't going to affect my bussage, as it was 6:15 then and there was no way I'd make the 6:30 anyway, so taking the next train would be fine. And it came and I got a seat, yay! And so I immediately started reading Fruits Basket. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

    Got to train station at 6:45, figuring I'd have a 20 minute wait for the 7:05 bus (which I hate hate hate because it's the old bus with the squeaky axle that feels like it's going to tip over on the turns, >:o!), but then a 383 pulled in at 6:50 and immediately came to its berth rather than pulling around to sit for a bit. Hmm... the 6:30 bus really late, I take it? This doesn't bode well. And sure enough, traffic was HORRIBLE. Overheard someone say that the traffic lights went out near the mall, which is like the WORST possible place for that to happen. Only place worse than that would be any light by the airport.

    We were A FREAKING MILE from my house when the bus pulled over and demanded we all get off. WTF, MAN. We had to go on the bus behind us, for gods know why. Whatever. I got home around 7:35 *fumes* and immediately made dinner. But because I got home so late and OMG FRUITS BASKET TO READ, I didn't play DDR or do much of anything else that I had planned. But like I said, that's okay, because it was a good, fun day.

    And now, the squeeing. :D

    Fruits Basket Issue #11 squeeing. No concrete spoilers, just emotional OMG!-ing, but that can be a spoiler to some folks so I have cut for your safety. :D )

    *glares at website* Do the thing I need you to do, damn you! *stabs*

    OMG, is it really 10:20 already? Damn. Better get down to work. Today's listy:

    • More procedures for Dennis. Work on them.
    • Work on GLR procedures.

    Er, yeah. That's all for work today, but they're actually both fairly involved and will take a while, so yeah, two things is MORE than enough for the day.


    • OMG HEALTH INSURANCE OMG! I got distracted with vacation and stuff and totally forgot to apply for individual insurance with BCBS. I need to do that, as I am going to the doctor next week and might need testing. I can pay for the doctor's visit out of pocket, but yeah, need insurance. Might do paperwork during lunch, or even at desk as it will be fairly quick and needs doing.
    • DDR!! Must, because I missed yesterday.
    • Leftovers for dinner!
    • Some spr0t.
    • If time allows, play FFVII to next save point.
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    It's a bread machine! Woot kills me with its product descriptions (that's the permalink). :D Was tempted to get this, but I'm trying to save money. They'll offer bread machines again, so I'll wait for the next one.

    Walked into work today to see Dad watching video on his computer.

    "What are you watching?"
    "NASA TV."
    "Ooo, are the launching or coming home?"
    "No, they're fixing the shuttle."
    "Oh! Are they at the space station?"

    So I run around the cubicle wall to take a gander. He's out on the arm, pulling off pieces of felt that are sticking out above the surface. Very cool. Half the office is now watching the LIVE STREAMING VIDEO! You can, too, at NASA.gov.

    I asked Dad if he had seen From the Earth to the Moon. He hadn't even heard of it! SHOCK!!! So I told him I'm getting the Signature Edition when it comes out because it's REALLY REALLY GOOD, and I'll loan it to him after I watch it. Add this to your Netflix queues, folks, because it really is phenomenal. If you liked Band of Brothers and are a space case nut, you'll love this.

    I got paid today, yay! My checking account is very happy. I'm going to splurge and get not only a breakfast sandwhich, but also a mocha frappe. And tonight I will stop at Best Buy for a memory card for FFVII, and likely to (Best Buy trip postponed as I've just went and spent money on something else I've been wanting for a while) Food 4 Less for some pizza. That will be the only splurging this week, though. See, I'm being good!

    Since cooking dinner at home and bringing the leftovers for lunch is going well, I think I might try to keep that up for a while. I'm running out of chicken, though. Tyson's is good, but I really prefer the MarketDay ChickNSteaks. Mom told me there's a Market Day outlet store near me, but I can't find it on their website or in Smartpages. Hmm. I dropped them an email; hopefully they will respond, and hopefully there WILL be a store. I want ChickNSteaks! And Teriyaki Ranch Steaks! Those are gooood, and easy to make.

    Today's listy!

    • Work on GLR procedures. I worked on them a bit. Though I got rushed at the end of the day because someone asked me to do a last minute project, and I shut down my laptop rather quickly. I fear I forgot to save it. Yikes! I was doing it in Lotus Notes, so hopefully it automatically saved it as a draft or something. As long as I didn't lose ALL of it, I will be happy.
    • Delete old reports from system. done
    • Start writing up access procedures.
    • Investigate lease access.
    • Add items to control worksheet.

    And for lunch/home:

    • Write a bit, dammit! Not what I planned to write, but i did write.
    • Errands after work! TOO DAMN LONG. Stupid traffic.
    • DDR/Eye Toy:Groove a bit.
    • Make dinner! Pizza is goooood.
    • Do some spr0t. - I checked my You Replied filter. Does that count?
    • Play FFVII to the next save point. ^_^

    Breakfast time! Hellllllooooooooo, mocha frappe!
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    I'd say yesterday was a success. Go me!

    About the only bad thing about yesterday was that I left the house late and had to run for the bus. Unlike when I was on the thyroid meds, running was NOT easy. It was barely a block, and I felt completely winded and gasping for breath, like I just could NOT breath. It took me a while to calm down and feel normal again. It's just so very obvious just how much the medication was helping. Another thing I had noticed when I was on the meds is that I physically felt slimmer. I carry a lot of fat around my middle, and normally it feels pretty firm, but with love handles galore sitting on top. But when I was on the meds I noticed that the firmness was gone and I just felt squishy, like you do when you lose weight and the skin hasn't firmed up yet. And now that I'm off the meds, the firmness is creeping back, and the love handles are ooze-ing. This is why I'm starting to exercise. Even aerobic activity like DDR will help with my middle--and I seriously need to reduce it, because that's the worst place to carry fat. It also causes me backaches and general uncomfortableness.

    video game talk. Slightly spoilery for the end of FFVIII )

    Another listy, since they seem to be working so well. And speaking of word choices, I find I like "listy" better than "list". Because "list", as in "to-do list", has some negative connotations. It's a chore; it's required work; it's unfun and tedious and boring. Whereas "listy" is a word of my own, and because it sounds, well, cuter, it makes it more appealing. It's a choice, not a chore; it's stuff to strive for, not responsibilities that carry pressure; it's fun and exciting and empowering.

    So, today's listy!

    • Update control spreadsheet and send to Dennis DONE!! I did this before starting this entry, as he needed it for his 10:00 call.
    • Start writing up the GLR process. 4:40. Okay, I goofed off today and didn't even start this until 4:00. But I got a lot done in 40 minutes, so go me!
    • Investigate lease access.
    • Check that email and respond if necessary. 1:15. Opened email and looked at it. It was for my dad. *sighs* I get about six of these a week.
    • Write a bit during lunch, or during down times (if there are any).. Meh. I did open the file and looked at it, but made no progress. In happier news, I mocked-up an S2 layout in PowerPoint (yes, PowerPoint. Go ahead and laugh if you want. It's good for quick boxy layouts). Also wrote up specs for a new bot. Yay!

    And for home:

    • Iron clothes for tomorrow. 7:20 Done! I ironed all my clothes, so I now have clothes for the rest of the week. :D I need to put some more change in my purse. I should be getting paid tomorrow, but it doesn't always hit on Wednesdays, and I want to make sure I have money for the bus home in case it doesn't. Will do that now.
    • Eye Toy:Groove a bit, to give legs and dance pad a break from DDR. About 15-20 minutes while dinner was cooking. I did all of "I Will Survive" and most of "YMCA" on Medium. Yay!
    • Make dinner! Possibly watch a Highlander ep. Grilled Chicken with Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice. Yum! And I did watch Highlander--or at least, I watched the first half.
    • Wash dishes from dinner. Yup, with the second half of Highlander playing in the background. I like Highlander, but it's not a show I feel compelled to watch, so it makes good background noise. I suspect that will change once Amanda and Methos enter the picture. :D Just finished dishes now at 9:15.
    • Play FFVII! 10:00. Just to the next save point, so about a half hour.
    • Possibly start hacking S2 Mock-up/specs made while at work, so I'm calling this done for the day.
    • Support Board 11:30 - wasn't planned. Got inspired. :D Fun! Need to do more Support runs. And now, off to bed.

    Hmm. Might need some coffee today.
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    Seen on Freecycle:

    I am liiking for a couple of good working I-Pods.
    If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks and have a Blessed day.

    DUDE. I mean, seriously. The list is not so you can get high-priced, first-world items that you can't afford or don't want to pay for. It's so people can give their unused items a good home, and so maybe someone who is truly in need can get the items they require. I have no problem with people asking for baby formula, or clothes, or heck, even the occasional hard-to-find collector's item, because you never know, someone might have it laying about and not want it. But asking for iPods, or cars, or not just one appliance or piece of furniture but an entire apartment's worth is out of line. I don't care HOW desperate you are--it's out of line. Try Goodwill or garage sales.

    Seen: a gentleman wearing a salmon-colored blazer. He looked like he should be in Florida. It was the color I think of as "Florida pink". You know the one.

    Seen: a woman at the mall on Friday, wearing a teeny denim skirt. And I do mean teeny. It had a one-inch band around the waist, with a pleated skirt that fell just below her crotch. But that's not the bad part. The bad part is the HUGE-ASS SPLIT on the left leg, so that when she walked her entire leg was shown off. And you could see her underwear. Don't understand why she went out in public like that.

    Seen: no one on the bus this morning. o_O Okay, there were people; it's not like I was the only one on it. But the 5-6 regulars who usually get on at my stop were not there. Just me and the dude in the yellow car, and we both had to run for the bus because he was zooming past, even though I know he saw yellow car dude (I was still further down the street).

    Seen: [livejournal.com profile] xnera kicking ass at Boggle last night. It was actually kind of embarrassing. I only played three games, and in each game I got about 40 points where everyone else got, like, 6. *winces* If I were more competitive I'd be happy about this, but my kind of competitiveness is competition against myself, to see how well I can do. So I like beating better players because it means I've improved and I'm doing well, but I don't like creaming less-skilled players. At least I am now safely ensconsed in Orangeland, with a rating of 1405.

    Have any of you seen anything interesting lately? Let me know! I used to do this as a writing exercise on a writing board I ran for a while, because the unusual and weird things you see can spark the imagination.

    Adding in a to-do list because I am high on the listies these days:

    • Finish overlooked GLR. D'oh! 10:30
    • Send backup for charge from previous position 10:37
    • Get contract names 3:56. This took FOR-FREAKING-EVER. But it's done now, so yay!
    • Update list and send to Dennis 4:43 - didn't quite finish, but the file has been updated to a new format. Will finish first thing tomorrow.
    • Send out templates 4:04. I had this all set up as a draft, so I just had to give it a final check before sending.
    • Research lease access

    And for home:

    • Throw a bunch of change into purse. Need it for the bus/train. 6:45. Enough for bus AND a breakfast sandwich tomorrow. w00t!
    • Make dinner! 8:00. Leftover quesadillas, soda, and extra tortillas with butter. Not the most nutritious dinner, but resourceful.
    • DDR a bit 7:32. 30 minutes original DDR for PSX, beginner workout mode. Two days ago I skipped all the jumps while DDRing because I lacked the energy/knee strength to do them. Tonight I did all the jumps in Afronova. I am so fucking proud of myself.
    • Wash dishes & tidy up a bit
    • Watch Farscape 9:23. Last disc of season three. I hate this show (she says, with massive love).
    • If time allows, start playing FFVII!!! 11:44 - not much, just to the first save point. So, twenty minutes. But I said I was going to start tonight, and I did, so yay! Having a mem card issue, though. My one blank one that i bought used is not working. Luckily I have another card that's only halfway full, but I really like to have a dedicated mem card for RPGs, so I will likely buy a new one on Wednesday when I get paid and transfer the files over. Okay, bedtime!

    Someone tell my stomach to stop rebelling.
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    Today was really very good. :) No, I didn't get everything done on my to-do list. But I did get a lot of it done. I have a nearly clean kitchen! And I made breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and cleaned up after myself! And my living room is nearly clean. I finished my replay of FFVIII (well, except for Omega, which I'll do when I feel the need for a challenge), leaving me free to start FFVII tomorrow. I played DDR twice. I walked to Walgreens and got Flavor-ice! My backpack's all ready to go for tomorrow, and my lunch is waiting in the fridge. My clothes are laid out. I got some writing done, and I increased my threshold into the orange at Boggle. :D

    I didn't get as much cleaning done as I planned. And I didn't watch Farscape. But that's okay. It was a really full day, and I'm very pleased with how it went and how much I got accomplished. It's kind of weird that I had to schedule myself to play FFVIII, especially since I love the game, but I did. I like to play video games, but left to my own devices, I either sleep or read or t00b about on the Internet. So to get stuff done--yes, even "play!" stuff, I need to write to-do lists. Which again is weird, because I'm an INFP and that's not something we normally do. We're very go with the flow. But it's kind of nice that I can rely upon my "minor" personality, and let the S part of me write to-do lists.

    I'm going to keep it up this week. :D Not stick to stuff exactly, but have a general direction and purpose in mind. Basically, i want my evenings to include a little cleaning, a little DDR, good dinners, a little FF, and some Netflix every now and then. If I can complete the week with a house that is still clean, a Netflix DVD or two watched, progress on FF, and DDR action most days, I think I'll be very happy.

    Bedtime, now. Will keep you posted on the week's progress.


    Oct. 31st, 2002 09:44 am
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    I have a to-do list! Ain't I organized?

    Now, about that shower...


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