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For years I've used Yahoo! Weather as my go-to site for weather forecasts. The main reason I liked it is because it had a five-day forecast written out in text. It also had the 5-day in a graphic, with temperature and an icon indicating the type of weather. Plus the site loaded very quickly, and had easy-to-find links to radar maps on Weather.com if I wanted additional detail.

It worked for me because I could easily see at a glance what today's weather/upcoming weather would be like. Plus, I process text-based information easier than images, so I really appreciated the written out information.

The bookmark stopped working over the past few days. Grr. I've just been Googling "weather (my zip code)" to get a quick check of the temperature as needed, but today I investigated further. My fear was that Yahoo! had redesigned their weather portal.

They have. *sighs*

The new site is a lot more cluttered, IMO. Lots more links to stuff I don't care about. It does still have the five-day in image format, but this loaded slowly for me (my internet is crap right now). Most glaring: no written text explaining in detail.

So, I need to look for a new site. Any suggestions? I'd prefer something that isn't very cluttered-looking. Checking the weather is often something I do right before I dart out the door to catch a bus, so I need to get the relative information ASAP.
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Finally sat down and played with Mvelopes again after a few weeks of frivolous spending. Was reminded that I really should be cooking at home rather than eating out all the time.

Breakfast is easy: frozen waffles and yogurt. Lunch is also easy: sandwiches and stuff to go with them.

I am having problems thinking of dinners, though. I tend to eat a lot of pasta and frozen pizza. Nothing wrong with either, but I wouldn't mind a break from them. Except I can't for the life of me think of anything to make. Other than stir fry, but that's one of my other standbys, and I don't have a craving for my usual stir-fry (broccoli/carrots/snow peas packaged mix + frozen chicken breast + teriyaki sauce served over short-grain rice.

So, I am requesting dinner ideas! Bonus points for being (a) easy; (b) doesn't make too much of a mess in the kitchen; or (c) cheap.

I have a wok. I also have a crock pot, but it's a BIG one and thus I've only used it twice. Not opposed to freezing stuff made in the crock pot, though. Planning on getting a smaller one eventually because it's just me here and I really don't need a ton of food. I also have a food processor and a pizza oven (which apparently can make other things, but I only have used it for pizza so far). I have a cheap toaster oven, but I am paranoid of it because I have only plugged it in once and it was smoking and making a bad smell, which the directions *did* warn about for the first time usage, but it was smoking too much for my liking. Need to try it again.

No onions. I'm not allergic in the anaphylactic shock sense, but they made me feel miserable. Same with garlic. I can have small amounts of both but I prefer to stay away as much as possible. I am technically allergic to mushrooms, but I don't know how I react to them because I've never liked them so I don't eat them anyway. Both tree nuts and peanuts can bother my sinuses or eyes, but again, I can eat small amounts of them. I am also technically allergic to spinach, but haven't noticed a reaction, really. I like spinach but even when I eat it, it's only in small amounts.

Feel free to ask any other questions about my likes/dislikes/cooking equipment/allergies.
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Dear Lazyweb,

1. iTunes pretty. iTunes also annoying. When I play music in WMP on my work laptop, I can easily get to my playlists without having to go through the library. Even in skin mode, I can get to my playlists. iTunes, though, will not let you choose a playlist when it's in the mini player mode. There is no option anywhere in the menus, unless I am blind. This greatly annoys me. Thus, I am in search of either (a) directions on how to do this; (b) an iTunes helper app or something that would give me this functionality.

2. Mom's birthday is coming up. I'm thinking I want to make some scrapbook pages from our vacation last year so she can add them to the book I gave her two years ago. Except money is tight, and I don't want to get 54363543 photos printed. So I'm seeking a program to do layout at home, so I can figure out what photos I'll need and the size I'll need them at. It can be something really simple--I've done layout in PowerPoint before. ^_^ But it needs to handle square work areas--my scrapbook pages are 12x12. Suggestions?
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Dear LazyWeb:

I haven't been on Twitter in almost a month. Shock! Horror! The problem is that my following list just got too big. I wish like crazy that Twitter had an equivalent to LJ custom groups and that I could break things out into separate pages, like I do for LJ Support-related stuff and communities I follow. Alas, they don't. :(

So... I will need to find some third-party solution. This makes me frowny because I really like the Twitter webpage interface. I would like something that looks clean and simple, and that is easy to use. Suggestions?

farm bill?

Jun. 18th, 2008 11:07 am
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Dear lazyweb,

@BreakingNewsOn tells me that Bush vetoed the farm bill for a second time. I would like to learn more about the farm bill. Can anyone explain it to me, and what it would mean if it was passed? Would Google it(*), but I am le busy with work. Thanks!

[livejournal.com profile] xnera who is still mostly clueless about this politics stuff but is slowly becoming more knowledgable. You can thank Obama for that.

(*) And now "Google it, Sirius" is floating through my brain. Oh, [livejournal.com profile] nocturne_alley, how I miss thee.
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Dear Lazyweb,

For some time now, I have been thinking about adding a free-standing cabinet/countertop along the back wall of my dining room, to give more counter space and storage. I like the stuff at Ikea quite a bit, except they're really the only place I've seen such freestanding units. My question: do you know of other places online where I can browse freestanding kitchen cabinets?

Love and kisses,
[livejournal.com profile] xnera
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Dear Lazyweb,

One of the problems with not having a car is that it makes it difficult to go to speciality stores, as they are often out of the way. Hence, I am looking for alternate means for two of my infrequent errands.

One: I wish to read the Buffy Season 8 comics. I know there is such a thing as a comic book subscription. I'm looking for suggestions--who are your favorite retailers for comic subscriptions? [livejournal.com profile] ryuko_midori, have you ever used such a service?

Two: Had a near panic attack that I might had lost some rolls of film at Wolf/Ritz camera due to not being able to get to their store easily (it's been about a month since I dropped it off; store clerk on phone said they should still have it. Going tomorrow; hopefully they will.) I really like Ritz/Wolf's service, but unless I'm working downtown, it's really hard to get to their store, and I don't want to risk my film being tossed due to not being able to pick it up quickly. Therefore I'm thinking about using a mail-order lab. Anybody ever used any? [livejournal.com profile] mackillian, I believe you recommended Dalmatian Labs before, but I'd like to shop around for a bit. I'm looking primarily for film processing, as I have a backlog to clear out, but in the future I'd like to find a lab that will do digital prints as well. I am not looking for great deals--as a hobbyist, I'm willing to pay a little extra for a quality print. Still, most of the stuff I do is "everyday" photograhy, not fine art stuff.

Love and kisses,

[livejournal.com profile] xnera
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Dear Lazyweb,

I have occasionally seen sites that have lots of screencaps from TV shows/movies.

How do people do that?

I'm assuming there is software involved, but does it require hardware, too? I'm not sure what kind of video card I have right now, but I'd consider buying special hardware if it would make the process easier.

I really want to make a BSG moodtheme, see, and to do that, I need screencaps. Lots of 'em. Preferably straight from the DVDs, but I can rip to .AVIs temporarily if need be.

So? Ideas? I tried google-ing last night but my google-fu failed me. T_T

Much love and kisses,

[livejournal.com profile] xnera


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