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I have no answer to this question. I just HAD to have it posted in my journal, because LOLOLOLOLOL.
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[livejournal.com profile] mackillian and I watched Advent Children last night. Here are my thoughts. )
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So I'm watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit! and they're talking about alien abduction. Specifically, what are the signs that YOU might have been abducted? Penn is going on and on about unexplained scars, and as he is talking Teller pulls a cigar out of his pocket and begins smoking it. Teller then pulls another cigar, and another, with this quizzical look on his face, and as Penn is finishing his monologue Teller pulls back his jacket to reveal a whole slew of cigars in his vest pocket. Penn then turns to Teller and says, "We're talking unexplained scars, not unexplained cigars."

And I just lost it. I laughed so, so hard. I was cooking dinner as I was watching, so I went back to the stove to try to stir my food, and I can't stand up straight because I keep doubling over with great big belly laughs. And so I had to share the moment with you. :)
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Here's a bit of fun for your Friday!

I recently purchased Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One. I haven't really thought about Firefly in a while, but flipping through the book has rejuvenated my love for the show. I'd forgotten just how pretty the cast is. Especially Nathan Fillion. That is one pretty, pretty man. :D

I was a bit nervous about the quality of the book at first, 'cause it's by Titan Books, the same folks who do the official Battlestar Galactica magazine. And the magazine... well, it's very shiny and has some great articles, but the copy editing SUCKS. Seriously. I've been tempted to mail them a photocopy of one of their articles with a bunch of corrections marked. Luckily, the Firefly companion appears to have had better copyeditors working on it; while the language can be a bit stilted at time, I didn't notice any obvious errors (like confusing it's and its, or putting words in the wrong order, or missing words altogether--all greviances I've seen in the BSG mag).

The book contains the shooting scripts for the first six episodes ("Serenity" to "Our Mrs. Reynolds"). I'm a script-aholic, so I'm very pleased to have printed scripts from an official source. I've previously read the scripts online, though, so instead of reading those first (as I did with the Serenity movie companion book) I skipped right to the interviews, short articles, and tidbits. Very fun! There's an article/interview with all the principal actors, plus short sidebars featuring some of the more prominent guest stars. What I especially loved, though, was the articles on Mal & Zoe's sidearms. They must've had someone on staff who really understands guns and weapons, because the articles are written with enthusiastic passion and are full of detail. The book also contains many wonderful photos of the costuming and props, so those of you who are into cosplay have some excellent resources, here.

Heh. Didn't mean to write a full-on book review, but couldn't help with the gushing. What this post is really about is this snippet from the interview with Sean Maher:

As Maher told TV Guide, "Honestly, wherever Joss goes, I follow. And the cast, I would do anything with this group of people, whether it's television of film... even if we take a circus act on the road."

Circus act? Now that is one high-larious mental image that must be fleshed out in detail. So, friends... what circus act would you cast the Firefly characters (or actors themselves) in? Anybody from (or involved) in the 'verse is fair play.
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[livejournal.com profile] narniadear linked to these hilarious Star Trek Inspirational Posters.

I laughed. And then I decided that the world needs MORE fake inspirational posters.

So, your mission: make an inspirational poster. Any fandom, any sentiment. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a fandom! Just make an inspirational poster, and post it here.

[livejournal.com profile] kenboy linked me to this Inspirational Poster creator. No image editor required!
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I was looking through Dinosaur Comic's archive yesterday, trying to find a particular strip, when I stumbled upon this one.

Which means that from now on, every time someone mentions PoT, I will be thinking of icky nasty diseases.
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I am browsing Amazon.co.jp via Babelfish.


One pushing of customer!
1 step in 繧「繧、繧カ繝ッ angular type lunch box
Price: XXYEN 3,003 (including tax)

The male be completed degree: With foppery 繧ォ繝ッ繧、繧、!

Top cellar
Everyday it is renewed!

1. ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ car smell killer ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ
Price: XXYEN 4,200 (including tax)

2. ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ smell killer classic set < Black > (Approximately 16m2 correspondence) ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ
Price: XXYEN 3,675 (including tax)

3. ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ smell killer XL < Blue > (Approximately 60m2 correspondence) ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ
Price: XXYEN 6,300 (including tax)
< Market place > New item/used price : XXYEN 5,780

4. ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ shoe smell killer (2 feet: 4 it enters) ' 繧ク繝ュ繝ウ繧ォ
Price: XXYEN 4,200 (including tax)

Bus rest room supplies

Foam/home & kitchen

Cooking home appliance
Life home appliance
Seasonal home appliance
Reason beauty care goods
Health equipment
Lighting equipment
Light bulb fluorescent tube
Consumable accessory
Bedclothes it is pleasant the sleeping goods
Wind water item
Prevention of disasters goods
Crime prevention goods
To foam/home & kitchen

Going out ill-smelling goods

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I linked [livejournal.com profile] kenboy to the IM prank site. First thing he does? Pranks bot! )
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Originally uploaded by xnera.
THE BIRDS!! THE BIRDS!! *snickers*

You can see alternate versions here.

(filename: IM000718cropped)
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Homemade hamburger, homemade french fries, and green beans. Mmm.

Am renting MacGyver from Netflix! He was my first TV boyfriend, you know. Yup, I liked 'em smart, even when I was a young'un.

First appearance of the famous Swiss Army knife: 4:01 minutes into the pilot. Hee!

I am also amused that the pilot ep was directed by Alan Smithee. That caused me to bark with laughter.

*goes back to watching*
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So, over on Flickr there's a women named Rebekka who's been doing experiments with gravity. She's been tossing apples into the air and taking photos of them, with herself in the frame. The results have been amazing--but there's been some wankiness because folks just don't believe that the images aren't photoshopped.

My take on this, which I left in a comment on one of her photos:

Even if this IS fake (and I don't think it is), this picture is very well done technically. And I don't mean photoshopping skills. The lighting and focus are magnificent--obviously done by someone who understands depth of field and shutter speeds. It looks like the stuff I've seen at my camera club's weekly contests, where they show only their best work. Well done! I'm impressed.

Does it really matter if an image is photoshopped or not? I don't think so. Long before Photoshop, photographers have been using mechnical and darkroom tricks to create images that don't exist in the real world. Make some long timed exposures at night and set off a flash every now and then, and you have a good chance of producing a ghost. You can sandwich negs or do selective printing to make collages. And many other tricks exist. Photoshop's just another tool, and anybody who thinks a "real" photographer wouldn't use it hasn't read a photography magazine recently.

You can see one of Rebekka's photos here.

Anyway, enough with the rant. The real reason I'm blogging this is because someone did a parody, and, well, you've got to see it because it is FUN-NY!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Hamster With Nut Riding a Bell Pepper! )
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In case you haven't seen it yet: DETROIT VACATION STORIES & PHOTOS!!! Read! In order! It's better that way. Trust me. :D

So, you may have heard me talk about this TV show called "Firefly", and its related upcoming movie called Serenity (September 30th, folks!). The official movie site has a fun, interactive section for Browncoats (and if you're a fan of the show and haven't joined yet, WHY THE HELL NOT?). And there's these challenges there, and if you complete a challenge you get points. Get enough points, and you can get some shiny schwag. Cool!

One thing you can do is join a crew and participate in crew challenges. The first such challenge was a scavenger hunt. That thing I've been working on all weekend? Yeah--it was the scavenger hunt.

The results are high-larious )
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A phone call was received.

Phone: One ringy-dingy! Two ringy-dingy!
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: Eye Bee Emm, this is [livejournal.com profile] xnera.
Caller: Hello, is this the prostitution office?
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: ...
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: No, this is Eye Bee Emm. This is the finance department.
Caller: Oh, sorry! (laughing a bit) *hangs up*
[livejournal.com profile] xnera: ... O-kay.

It's possible she said "prosecution", but it sure sounded like that other word.
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First: [livejournal.com profile] cabridges, who wrote the hysterically funny column of HBP predictions last week, writes about Firefly this week. I knew there was a reason I liked Chris. :D

Now, to the meat of the post. This is gacked from [livejournal.com profile] vassilissa. Take the book you are currently reading (or your favorite books) and make up a title for it in the form of "Harry Potter and the _____". And then have your friends guess which book you are talking about.

I went beyond just books. The titles below come from fiction, animation, anime, manga, video games, and this really cool guy.

  1. Harry Potter and the TOO MANY BROOMS!! OH NOES!!!
  2. Harry Potter and the Giant Sticky Thingy
  3. Harry Potter and the Royal Activist
  4. Harry Potter and the Father En Flambé
  5. Harry Potter and the Exploding Backside
  6. Harry Potter and the Sky-High Car Insurance
  7. Harry Potter and the Questionable Ladies
  8. Harry Potter and the Beanstalk
  9. Harry Potter and the 9.8 m/s2
  10. Harry Potter and the Mother of Dragons
  11. Harry Potter and the Pentomino Avalanche
  12. Harry Potter and the Beagle-Loving Serial Killer
  13. Harry Potter and the Gay Boys With Impossibly Large Shoulders
  14. Harry Potter and the Negative Similes
  15. Harry Potter and the Terrifying Space Monkeys
  16. Harry Potter and the Little Doctor
  17. Harry Potter and the Muppet Sex
  18. Harry Potter and the Compression of Time
  19. Harry Potter and the Family Secret
  20. Harry Potter and the Two Canons Tallis
  21. Harry Potter and the Talking Tchotchkes
  22. Harry Potter and the Bicentennial Brooder

I could go on on on on on on on, but I have work to do.
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Rolling Stone article about Star Wars. Publication date: 1980.

I now have a massive crush on Carrie Fisher.

edit: OH. EM. GEE. THIS. IS. HILARIOUS. [livejournal.com profile] cabridges makes HBP predictions in his weekly columns. No spoilers, just TONS of silly. This may just be his best column yet.
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Friends, I would like to introduce you to one [livejournal.com profile] cabridges, a friend of mine who writes weekly humor columns on Wednesdays. Much funny resides here! The current column is about the movie industry's "slump":

Clearly the industry is doomed. People just aren't going out to the movies the way they used to way back in 2004.

Go read and enjoy!
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Iced Coffee Shortage Hits Major Metropolis

CHICAGO--Consumers in search of iced coffee were nearly out of luck this morning.

"I didn't sleep well, so I wanted some iced coffee," said [livejournal.com profile] xnera. "I tried the coffee kiosk in my building. Nope. So then I walked over the temporary bridge to Dunkin' Donuts. They were out, too! So I walked BACK over the river to Starbucks, where I finally was able to get a Frappucino."

The cause of the shortage was unknown. "No espresso, no ice," said one barrista, but he refused to go into detail. "No espresso, no ice!"

[livejournal.com profile] xnera believes the weather may be having an effect. "It's too hot outside, so who wants to drink hot coffee? I bet everyone's getting iced coffee instead, and the cafes can't keep up. Supply and demand, you know."

It is hoped that the shortage will be resolved shortly; otherwise the city may be in peril as thousands of employees attempt to work uncooled and uncaffienated.


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