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It's been at least a year since I've gotten my hair cut (probably longer), so it's time again. And I've been thinking of getting something different. Which means I actually bought a hairstyle magazine recently. O_O I haven't done that since my school days!

Saw some cute stuff in the magazine, but nothing that said This Is The One. But... on the back cover was an ad for TheHairStyler.com. And I've been curious about those makeover sites, so I bit and got a three-month membership.

It's quite impressive, actually. I thought it was just "upload your photo, and we stick hairstyles on it". Which, in a nutshell, it IS, but it guides you through tweaking the photo to get it to work well. For instance, it shows you an outline of the various face shapes and asks you to pick the one closest to yours, and then you adjust it so that your face aligns with the outline as best as possible. And when you "try on" each hairstyle, you can shift and zoom your image until it's sitting well on you. Pretty cool.

I couldn't find my tripod (well, the clamp for it, actually) so I did the bathroom mirror thing. I had to do a lot of color adjusting to get it to look even remotely natural, so the picture's kind of crappy, but it was good enough for trying on hairstyles. And I'm really glad I bit and joined the site, because WOW, a lot of stuff I liked looked baaaaaaaaaad on me. It was really amazing to see how the different cuts made me look like a different person. Too damned cool.

So I was flipping through all the choices, and then went, "Hey, it's Yuna's haircut!" (tip: make sure Safe Search is on when searching for images of any of the female Final Fantasy characters. MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!). There were several different Yuna-esque haircuts, and damned if they didn't look reaaaaaally good on me.

Here's the one that I think looks the best. And it's probably the one that's closest to her cut, too. Hee!

[Poll #1249393]

And yes, if I get her haircut, I will be cosplaying as her. ^_^ I will, at the very least, get an outfit that is inspired by her FFX wardrobe. Though I wouldn't mind doing a full-blown cosplay, either. Always thought she'd be fun to cosplay, as she's not only one of my favorite characters, but I also like her style.

I'd really love to get my haircut before vacation, because that would be awesome, having a new haircut for my birthday. But since I will likely have to buy new glasses soon... I don't think I can afford both. :( But I will try to squeeze every last cent out of my checking account to make this happen, if at all possible.
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([livejournal.com profile] mackillian: DO NOT CLICK LINK unless you want to go into a Wikipedia spiral.)

IPoAC!! HAHAHAHA!!! For the link-phobic, on April 1st, 1990, an RFC was proposed, describing a method to carry Internet Protocol traffic over .... *drum rolls* carrier pigeon.

The best part? It was actually implemented. A ping was sent via carrier pigeon, and four respondes were received. How cool is that?
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So [livejournal.com profile] incoming posted an entry titled "HIATUS", and my immediate reaction was "What, the TV show?

Man, I haven't heard any news about Hiatus in a while. Anybody have any info?
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So, googled for "linux" and "thinkpad 760xd", and found a site that listed the system specs. It was then that I discovered that this laptop is only a pentium mmx. And so now I've got to wonder if I even want to bother trying to do anything useful with this ancient thing. I'd probably be better off finding a cheap used laptop on eBay and sticking linux on that.

But I might change my mind. We'll see. It depends how much of a tinkering mood I get in to.

Read an interesting article the other day (I'd link, but this laptop has issues with copying & pasting to/from the LJ update page) about Vista, written by a Mac user. He was fairly wowed by it, and even considered switching to it permanently, but then decided to go back to his Mac. Said that it just worked right for him, without him having to think about it. Well heck, that's a big selling point for a Mac right there! One of these days I really need to get to an Apple store to see the goodies in person. I admit that at the moment I can't decide if I want a linux machine or a Mac more. Going linux would be much cheaper, but if I had a Mac I wouldn't have to worry about how to get to iTunes. Hmm.

In other consumerism news, I've pretty much decided to get a pay-as-you-go cell for the moment. Too many times when I wished I had a cell on me this past week. I took a quick look at them at Walgreens, and they're really inexpensive. Eventually I do want to get something iPhone-like, if not the iPhone itself, but that will be a ways off, likely, due to the cost.
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I've finally gotten the urge to be connected from home again. You can thank the recent events in Perplex City, which has made me itchy to continue my work on the wiki.

Desktop is still sounding sick, so I thought I would monkey around with installing Linux on the laptop Dad gave me. No go--I get an ACPI: Unable to locate RSDP error message. Google suggests that I might be able to get around this if I use the alternative Ubuntu install and set a parameter at boot, which I'll try tomorrow.

But since this happened, I thought I'd check the system stats to make sure that this system could even run ubuntu. It's recommended that you have 256MB of RAM. This laptop? Is an IBM Thinkpad 760XD (ANCIENT), and is maxed out at 104MB of ram. *dies*

I'm guessing ubuntu would run--after all, laptop is currently running Win2K Pro, and somehow managing--but it might not be as efficient as I'd like. Perhaps there's another linux install out there that would work better? I do like ubuntu a lot, but I want to get the best that I can out of this beast. Being able to get on the Internet is a must. Other basic home computing usage such as listening to music, storing photos, and editing documents would be good, too. But really, the point of Dad giving me this laptop is so I have a backup in case my desktop goes down and I can't get on the Internet. So as long I can be "plugged in", that'd be good.

Any of you more geeky types have any recommendations?
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My sister and her family sent me an Amazon.com gift certificate for Christmas. Woo!

I'm thinking of using it to buy the original Star Wars trilogy. I do have them on VHS, but I'd like to get the DVDs as the tapes are getting rather old, and these are movies I know I'd watch over and over. So I put "Star Wars" into the search box, and amongst the hits are the following:

  • Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition with Bonus Disc - $50.49
  • Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition without Bonus Disc - $36.99

    Um? $13.50 more for an extra disc? That seems a bit steep to me. Hrm. I do tend to be a sucker for the more special editions, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Special anime boxes or bonus figures, yeah, that's worth it, but bonus discs that I might not ever get around to watching? Less so. I mean, I still haven't watch all the bonus materials from the LOTR trilogy special sets, and I was really interested in those.

    Thoughts? I know some of you have the new Trilogy set--is the bonus disc worth getting?

    (title comes from a Hatrack thread in which the "pants" game is being played, starting with Star Wars quotes.)
  • baaaaaaaaa.

    Jan. 3rd, 2007 09:16 pm
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    memes get cut )
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    So about a week ago or so, I had Picasa chugging away, converting some RAWs into JPEGs. My computer said, "ARGH!! TOO MUCH STRESS!" and decided to hide from the world by shutting itself off. I let it sit for a day or two before I tried to boot it again.

    Well, it wasn't having any of that. Oh, the BIOS would load fine, but then W2K would go "DENIED!!!" and throw a STOP error at me. Wouldn't boot to safe mode--it hung while loading DLLs. I messed about with some BIOS settings, but that didn't work. So I popped in the W2K disc because I knew it had a recovery option--except the disc is not bootable. -.- Tried to find the boot disks I had created. Managed to find 3 of the 4 disks. -.-

    I was going to create a new set of boot discs, but then said, "Screw that." Yeah, yeah, there's obviously a hardware problem with my computer, since it shuts itself off. But having to deal with a crash-happy Windows was getting on my nerves. And since I lack the money to go out and get a Mac, I did the next best thing--I downloaded a linux distro.

    And here I am, all working again! :D I chose Ubuntu, mainly because I had heard good things about it--primarily that it was easy to set up. Also, you could run it from a CD, which meant I didn't have to install anything to get up and running. It took a few minutes to boot, and it's running a bit slow since it's from the CD, but it's WORKING. Setting up the ADSL was easy--just followed the instructions in the man pages help, and it started right up (once I remembered to hook the right Ethernet cable into the modem, that is--I had swapped it out to connect from the laptop.)

    The fonts are strange. That will take some getting used to. But otherwise, it's pretty cool. Very intuitive. It's using the GNOME desktop, which reminds me a bit of System 8.1. It came with Firefox preloaded (<3!), as well as OpenOffice, GIMP, and Gaim. There's also a bunch of games and some multimedia software.

    I'll probably install it on my harddrive, but not tonight. Maybe this weekend. All I really wanted was to connect to the Internet, and the CD boot is working fine for that.


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