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I didn't read any books in September. I think this puts me behind on my goal of reading 25 books this year. I'll have to correct that in October.

I did do a TON of crafting in September, though! The Red Heart Lovers group's KAL/CAL was softies, which coincided nicely with Nerdopolis' Cute Critter War. So I, uh, went a bit overboard crafting critters:

Final Fantasy Amigurumi

Pokemon Amigurumi

Other Critters

I made so many softies that I managed to win the raffle in the Red Heart Lovers group, for the third month in a row. Yay more free yarn!

I also did a few non-critter projects. There was the Mystery 220 KAL, which turned out to be the Bandana Cowl. I figured out what it was from the first clue, but I didn't spoil it for anyone. It was still a fun mystery, because I couldn't fanthom how it was made. Turns out it uses short rows!

I did two projects for the Holiday Stashdown CAL, the Rockskipper Wristers and Fall Thicket Coaster. I have a third in the works, but I don't have a picture of it yet so I won't bother to link my project. But it's the Holiday Hostess with the Mostest Shawlette, if you want to see what it looks like.

I made two hats for the Hat of the Month group, the cute Snow Bunnies hat, and a Shell Stitch crochet hat.

Finally, I did a washcloth for the Dishcloth Weekly group, Veined Leaf. I wasn't going to do it, but another group member was having difficulty with it so I did it to figure out where she might be going wrong.

Whew! Lots of projects! October should see less crafting. Nerdopolis is back on, so I have five projects for that, plus a shawl for the ministry, and I'm doing the Mystery 220 challenge. But otherwise I don't have many crafting plans.

I'm hoping to get back to playing Final Fantasy XII this month. It'd be nice to get it finished. I'm near the end of the story but still have a lot of hunts to do. I also started yet another playthrough of Final Fantasy V last night, as the Four Job Fiesta is doing a speedrun party this month which sounds fun. I have no way to record myself so I won't be officially entering, but I thought I'd try it out anyway.
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I finished my second Four Job Fiesta run! I was playing as a Black Mage, Summoner, Beastmaster, and Dragoon. I did take notes but I won't bore you with all the details. Neo Exdeath took a few tries, mostly due to being unlucky. The hardest fight was actually the crystals in the Forest of Moore. I tried taking them out one by one, as recommended in the Caves of Narshe walkthrough. I kept dying to Aqua Breath, though. Finally, after about 11 attempts, I said screw it, and changed my ability on my beastmaster and dragoon from !Black to !Summon, and sicced Titan on the crystals. That killed off the fire and wind crystals. The water crystal was killed off by a Jump from the Dragoon. Which left the earth crystal. I melee'd it, and ending up winning with only Galuf, my dragoon, standing.

After the Four Job Fiesta I considered knitting some more, but I've got a big pile of nope when it comes to knitting right now. Instead I started up Chrono Trigger. I've been playing it mostly without a walkthrough (I am usually a copious walkthrough user) because my way of reading walkthroughs, my PSP, is dead. I've been doing okay, though I did have some problems with Giga Gaia that required extra leveling to beat. Death Peak caused me fits. It took over 200 attempts to make it past the first screen... and then I missed the save point, and died to the Lavos Spawn, so had to make the climb AGAIN, ugh. Luckily I managed the climb in only five tries the second time. I'm now stuck in Geno Dome. I can't make the run fast enough to open the door with the robot behind it. Ugh.

So I put Chrono Trigger down, and picked up Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which I've played before. I considered playing Proud mode, but chickened out and started a standard game. Play is going pretty well, though I really hate the "Don't get caught!" mini-games. I suck at those.

I went to the library today and while there I checked out the games they have. There's Tomb Raider for the Xbox 360. I think I might go back tomorrow and get it. Games only have a week's rental, and I didn't want to get it today because I can't use mom's car next Monday to return it. She's off on Tuesdays, though, so that works.
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When I last posted, I was in the Barrier Tower farming Reflect Rings. I did indeed leave the tower after a while to buy more phoenix downs and eye drops. The fight with Atomos went much easier than I had expected, thanks to my Berserker and my Ranger's Rapid Fire. I won on the first try!

Cateblepos - lost on first try due to petrification (got unlucky), won on second try thanks to 3000+ hit from Berserker. Level 35.

The Crystals - had to use hi-potions several times. Lenna, my knight, was using Flametongue and I worried she would heal the Fire crystal, but I got lucky--she never hit it. Won on first try, level 38.

Died to Carbuncle on first try due to Break / deaths. Won on second try, basically Rapid Fire'd him to death. Level 40.

Gilgamesh fight was easy. Was never in any danger.

Won against Exdeath on first try. Basically Rapid Fire'd him to death while Knight and Samurai played medics.

Melusine was no problem. Five attack rounds and she was death. Level 41.

Wendigo went down fast, thanks to Rapid Fire helping me figure out which was the true enemy.

Fork Tower - sent my Berserker and Samurai up the Tower of Prowess. No problem with Minotaur. This left my Knight and Ranger, equipped with Reflect Rings, climbing the Tower of Magic. The Reflect Rings took care of the enemies on the way up. As for Omniscient... well, I'll just copy this from Ravelry:
Yay, the boring shawl is finished! It is very squishy and will make someone happy, but I am never knitting another one. I really struggled this past week and a half with getting it done. It’s Four Job Fiesta time, and all I have wanted to do was play Final Fantasy V. I tried making bargains with myself -- “okay, knit three rows and then you can play for a bit” -- but my play time was getting longer and longer, and the knitting was going by the wayside…

Then I reached Omniscient.

Omniscient lives atop the Tower of Magic, a place where magic = yay and melee = nay. My team? A berserker, a knight, a samurai, and a ranger. Not a magic user to be found. Some enemies in the tower counter melee attacks with a 9999 damage spell, insta-killing the party. Omniscient is sneakier. Upon melee damage, he simply casts Return, which starts the battle over like it never took place. How on earth was I going to beat this boss? Why, by letting him waste all his MP, of course, thereby allowing me to melee to my heart’s content without fear of Return.

Just one snag: he has 30,000 MP.

Obviously this was going to take a while. My party was equipped with Reflect Rings, which made his spells a non-issue, with the the exception of Drain, counter-acted nicely with a hi-potion. And since Omniscient doesn’t cast Drain that often, there are large stretches where the battle runs itself, without need for my intervention.

Meaning I could knit while the Epic Battle with Omniscient was taking place.

Omniscient saved my project. (Having a Race to the Top date helped greatly, too!) Without this heinous boss, I am not so sure I would have finished it. It took about nine hours, but at the end both the shawl and Omniscient were done for.

Yup, I let the game play itself for NINE HOURS while Omniscient's MP slowly drained. LOL. What can I say, I was determined to complete all four tablets before entering the Interdimensional Rift, and to do so, you have to beat Fork Tower.

Next I took on Odin, who was no problem for my team. Plenty of damage dealers with big hits, so we successfully won in a minute's time.

The triplets went down pretty fast. Had to kill each of them several times, but managed to kill them successfully in a short amount of time.

Calofisteri went down in 2 attack rounds. Level 45.

Tried Omega several times, but he is truly a killing machine. I never got to take a second turn. So I made my way past him and continued on.

Apanda was down in 3 attack rounds.

Azulmagia took only 2 attack rounds.

Catastrophe also went down in 2 attack rounds, but used Earth Shaker on us, halving our HP.

I forgot to equip Reflect Rings for Halicarnissus but turned out not to need them, because I killed her before she could cast Holy, yay!

Died to Twintania on first try. Coral Rings a go for the second try, in which I won easily in 3 attack rounds.

Lost Krile and Lenna to Necrophobe but Gilgamesh showed up to save the day.

Exdeath went down in 3 attack rounds. Lost to Neo Exdeath on first try. Lots of deaths. Left with only Berserker standing, who went down on next attack round. Tried again, lost. Didn't win until my fourth try. I kept getting unlucky with Grand Cross, with sets status effects. He would zombie two of my characters, and I couldn't recover fast enough before they killed the rest of the party. I definitely got lucky on my fourth try - Grand Cross merely set poison on Lenna. I kept Bartz, my Bersker, healed up so he could do most of the damage. Krile, my Samurai, acted as healer. Lenna was second in damage as the Brave Blade was doing 4900 damage a turn. I used Rapid Fire when I could if I didn't have to heal. All characters were standing at the end.


I definitely had fun with this challenge, and will play again next year. Hopefully next year I'll have a source of income and can donate some money - the Fiesta aims to raise money for Child's Play.
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When last we left, I had just finished World 1. I changed Galuf to Samurai as soon as I had control of him. He had no problem in Exdeath's basement, and beat Gilgamesh with just one hit!

Lost Galuf and Faris to Gilgamesh(2) but won on the first try.

Tyrannosaur almost killed me. I was left with just Galuf standing. He used a phoenix down on Bartz, my Berserker, who killed it.

The Killer Bow one-shot Dragon Pod! I was surprised, and happy. I hate that fight.

The fight with Golem went quick. I was level 24.

Beat Gilgamesh and Enkidu on the first try, level 26.

Now for the Barrier Tower. I bought 99 eye drops as the Neons there like to cast Flash. I fear I don't have enough phoenix downs for the fight with Atomos, though. The plan is to farm four Reflect Rings, then use the gil I earned while farming to load up on phoenix downs. Atomos is my least favorite boss, so I'm not looking forward to this fight. The good thing is that my party hits hard, which should help a lot.
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A few weeks ago I had a craving for White Fence Farm, as it has been years since we've gone. I didn't mention this to my parents, though. They must've had the same craving, as we went yesterday! It was gooooood. I was surprised there was no wait to be seated, as that place used to be packed every time we went (and it's a BIG restaurant!).

Onto the Four Job Fiesta, day 3!

When we left off, I had just gotten the fire crystal jobs. The job assigned to me, Ranger, isn't available right away, so I continued on with 1 Berserker and 3 Knights.

I was still level 15 when I got to the Library of Ancients, so I did some grinding in the forests outside it so everyone hit 16, to guard against Level 5 Death. We took on Ifrit at level 16 - I had to use the two hi-potions I had, but no one died. I lost Lenna to a Wind Slash from Byblos, and used an Elixir on Galuf, but won against Byblos on my first try.

Died to a pack of Mini Dragons while hunting Ramuh, grr. We took on Ramuh at level 17; I let my Berserker kill him while the knights tossed potions.

Then we took on Shiva at level 18, after I unlocked Ranger. It was an easy fight, thanks in part to the Flame Bow.

Sandworm - died first try at level 18. Won second try, but lost Bartz (my Berserker) and had to use an elixir on one of my characters.

Crayclaw went down in just three hits, thanks to the Coral Swords my knights were using.

Adamantoise at level 18 was pretty easy, but had to use !Aim with Faris.

Flamethrowers went down in 3 hits each, thanks to Coral Swords/Thunder Bow. Rocket Launcher killed Bartz and Galuf due to confusion, grr.

Won against Soul Cannon on first try, but lost Bartz and Lenna, and ran out of phoenix downs. This meant that I used tents at save points in the Ronkan Ruins to get them back.

Archeoaevis was a win on the first try - the second form went down easy, to my surprise.

Purobolos was fought at level 21. Ended up with just Faris (my Ranger) left, but won on the second try. Used 2 elixirs and 2 phoenix downs.

Won against Titan on second try. Took about 5 hits, lost Faris though.

Manticore - five hits, no one died.

Successfully raided the Jackanapes den at level 21, though was left with only 8 potions remaining after exiting the dungeon.

Then I went to the Wind Shrine to do some Elixir hunting. After about 30 fights I started keeping track of my battles:

* 16 fights against a Black Goblin, White Serpent, Moldwynd formation
* 17 fights against 3 Moldwynd formation
* 3 fights against a Mani Wizard, Moldwynd, Black Goblin formation
* 10 fights against a White Serpent, Black Goblin formation

for a total of 46 fights, and four elixirs dropped. All elixirs dropped from the 3 Moldwynd formation. Before I started keeping track, I had gotten a 2-elixir drop from that formation.
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I finished day 1 just outside of Carwen, so for day 2 I started by heading to the North Mountain to battle Magissa and Forza. I was a bit nervous about Magissa, since I would have no way to silence her. I managed to beat them at level 9. If I recall correctly, I did lose Bartz during the fight -- I forgot to make a note of that.

Garula was no problem, beating him at level 10.

Being knights and a berserker is expensive. I had to do some grinding outside of Karnak to raise enough gil to outfit my characters with the best equipment. I was concerned about getting blinded from Crew Dust's Flash, but need not have worried - by now everyone had Two Handed, so took down enemies quickly.

Liquid Flame was a bit of a challenge. I did beat him on the first try at level 14, but lost Lenna and Faris to the fight.

I got most of the chests on the escape from Karnak Castle, but someone managed to overlook the Main Gauche and Elven Mantle (I think I tend to miss these, usually). I probably had enough time to get them. We beat Iron Claw at level 15.

I'll be offline tomorrow, so I went ahead and tweeted for both the Fire and Earth crystal jobs. I got Ranger and Samurai. I don't think I'll be able to take on Omega and Shinryu with this combo.
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Game of the Week: FINAL FANTASY V

Final Fantasy V is a Japanese RPG published by Square Enix. Originally published on the SNES,, it’s since been remade for the Playstation and GBA.

The wind is dying. King Tycoon, Princess Lenna’s father, rushes to the Wind Shrine to check on the Wind Crystal. While he is gone, a meteorite falls to the ground. Lenna, concerned for her father, follows him and comes across the meteorite on her way to the shrine. There she meets Galuf and Bartz. Bartz saves Galuf and Lenna from some goblins, and agrees to join them in their journey to the Wind Shrine. They pick up Faris, a pirate with a ship, along the way. At the Wind Shrine, the four learn that they are destined to protect the crystals. But an evil power, sealed away 20 years ago, is emerging with plans to bring darkness to the world. Can the four protect the crystals and vanquish the evil once and for all?

Final Fantasy V is praised for its job class system. Characters can be assigned one of 22 jobs; as they play the job, they learn new abilities of that job. You can then assign those abilities to the character. For example, a Black Mage might be assigned the !White ability, giving her the power to perform White magic. This flexibility can lead to some extremely powerful combinations.

While the story isn’t as strong as the stories from Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI, it’s still a solid story with likeable characters. Each of the main characters has a bit of backstory. Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will enjoy the optional battles against tough bosses such as Omega and Shinryu.

Starting this week is the Four Job Fiesta, a challenge in which you are assigned one job from each crystal and must play as that job throughout the game. The Fiesta aims to raise money for Child’s Play. I got Knight as my wind crystal job, which shouldn’t be too difficult. Just tweeted for my Water crystal job, and got....Berserker. LOL, this should be interesting. I will definitely grind ABP to get Two-Handed before I get to the Water Crystal.

Final Fantasy V is a fun game that I recommend checking out, especially if you like playing around with different job classes. If you’re in need of a walkthrough, I highly recommend the one at Caves of Narshe, which is excellent.

Here’s the beginning of the game on YouTube


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