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Guys, I am so, so broke right now.

It's mom's fault. We had vague plans of going to the Vigil together after she got off of work, and then "you can sleep over and we'll go for breakfast the next day". Except I didn't really want to sleep over, and she didn't want to drive me home after the Vigil. I said I had thought about getting a car for the weekend, but I couldn't afford it. So what ended up happening is this: we went out to dinner last night so we could at least see each other, and then we each went home... me with her car.

And when I have the car, I go up to Scumburg to visit Ikea and Mitsuwa. Because I really love to do these things and don't often get the chance. It's a mini-vacation, in a way.

Now, I've been doing envelope budgeting, so I really was NOT planning on buying anything except for a desk pad (wanted because the fake wood on my desk is chipping like crazy at the edge) and some ラムネ and perhaps some frozen おにぎり (and curry from mom, by her request). Except, well, one gets to Scumburg so infrequently that one can't help but buy things, because it may be gone by the time one gets back.

I picked up the deskpad I wanted (well, almost; I actually had wanted black, but I could only find it in red. Good thing I like red) and a cable organizer. Then I meandered through the office section, looking for DVD storage for the Xbox games. And I wasn't opposed to finding a shelving unit for the Xbox, either; right now it's on a $20 shelving unit I bought at K-mart ages ago. Perfectly functional, but not very pretty, and TONS of wasted space because each shelf is sooooo tall and non-adjustable.

I really, really, REALLY wasn't planning on buying anything. Of course not! Except I saw that there was an Expedit cube that would fit PERFECTLY on the side of my desk and give it a nice symmetry and oh gods it's only $60 surely I could handle that, yes? Except it wasn't just the $60; it was the desktop and the cable organizer and so it was $110.

But this was still doable! Okay yes this was basically the money I had allocated for my mortgage payment next week, but it was only half the money, and I could still pay my mortgage once the next paycheck hit, though things would be tight and okay it wasn't the best idea but how could I not get it?

And if it was just that, it probably would have been fine. Except it wasn't just that. Oh no, it so was not. Because I hadn't gone to Mitsuwa yet.

This time, Ravelry gets part of the blame. Because I love looking at all the new patterns that are posted (it's like crack to me), which is how I discovered that (a) the Japanese really like to crochet; and (b) they use diagrams, not text. Which means that I am pretty much capable of following a Japanese crochet pattern and dude, combining two of my interests? I AM SO THERE!

So into the bookstore I go. Finding the craft section wasn't hard; figuring out which books were crochet patterns was harder. There were some on display, but I only know a few kana so I can't really read titles. Which means I spent a good half hour pulling books at random halfway off the shelf, until I finally noticed some katakana on one crochet book that was on another and hey, now I knew what to look for! I ended up with a small book of pretty lacy accessories/home stuff, and a larger book of Tunisian patterns. I've never done Tunisian before but I was interested in learning anyway, and this book has some jaw-dropping beautiful patterns. That will need to be sized up, but it was too pretty to pass the book up.

Problem is that the prices are only in yen, and I don't have even a rough idea of the yen/USD FX, and so paid more that I was hoping. Though in retrospect the prices are about what the books would go for if they were in English and at Borders anyway; I just wasn't thinking clearly by then.

So after the bookstore was the supermarket. And really, I could have limited myself to the curry for mom and maybe some ラムネ for me, but OMG I just can't resist looking around and picking out new things to try and thus ended up with.... $50 of stuff. >_< Which actually is about how much I spend at groceries anyway, except I didn't have any money allocated to groceries for this week and oops there goes more of my mortgage fund.

And the day was not over yet! Oh no, there was one more stop on the way home, and that was to Radio Shack to pick up a hub so the Xbox and the computer can be online at the same time. Except I bought the wrong thing and will have to go back tomorrow to exchange, but the right thing is the same price, thankfully. But still, that's another $50 (needed a cat5 cable, too) and it so could have waited a few more days but dude when else am I going to have a car and thus easy errands? *SIGHS DRAMATICALLY*

So. What it all boils down to is that I used up all my mortgage funds, and probably some other stuff I had allocated for other things. There is a very, very good chance I am going to go NSF on something in the next two days (if stuff hits before my next paycheck on Wednesday, which I'm sure it will). I am NOT going to have enough to pay my mortgage on Wednesday, which is the end of the grace period, and thus it will be late this month.

In other words, in a mere afternoon of shopping I managed to shoot my finances in the foot.

But it's not all bad. I have new crochet books to drool over. Better organization for the library, which is one step closer to making things feel like an actual home around here instead of a mishmash of cheap furniture. Food to eat--and adventurous new food, at that!

And the self-confidence that I can turn my finances back around within two weeks, because I have been doing envelope budgeting for three months now and I know exactly what still needs to be paid this month. I'll need to reswizzle some things, and a bill or two will get less of a payment than planned, but I will manage. This is just a small setback. I didn't expect that I would be perfect with the envelope budgeting, so I'm not falling apart because I happened to spend money I hadn't allocated. It was bound to happen, and it did, and probably at the time it was bound to, anyway, because things were getting settled enough that I was going to start a discretionary fund at the end of this month for exactly these kinds of purchases. It's all good. Well, not the next few days, but it'll be all good after that.

Now I am going to clean off my desk so I can put the desk pad on it. And do some more cleaning so that there will be plenty of room to put together the new Expedit tomorrow. And then I will take a shower because I feel scuzzy and am wanting one.

(*) Scumburg = Schaumburg, a northwest suburb of Chicago that is big enough so that you can call surrounding towns a suburb of it. I love the area--so why do I call it Scumburg? Well, back when I did tech support, one of the call management systems we used only allowed eight letters for city names, which led to some amusing abbreviations. And what can I say, the name stuck.
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Remember this? Well, the blasted HVAC is doing it again. It's actually been making some weird noises for a while, but I've just been keeping the temperature low in here so it didn't kick on so much. That's fine if it's fall-ish outside, but now that it's winter-ish, I definitely need it fixed.

Except it cost $350 last time, and I don't have $350 right now. *grumbles* Oh, I'll make do. But it'll mean shifting some payments around, and watching how much I spend. Don't know what I'm gonna do about Christmas presents. I just buy for the kidlets, but there's five of them now. O_O That adds up quick.

I need to find my paperwork from last time, to see if maybe there's a warranty on the part or something. Seems very strange that it would fail a mere eighteen months later. Anyway, I'll be working from home on Thursday. I'm kind of tempted to work from home all week since it's so freakin' cold out, but I'll probably venture downtown at least twice. I'll go stir-crazy if I don't get out.
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It's a bread machine! Woot kills me with its product descriptions (that's the permalink). :D Was tempted to get this, but I'm trying to save money. They'll offer bread machines again, so I'll wait for the next one.

Walked into work today to see Dad watching video on his computer.

"What are you watching?"
"Ooo, are the launching or coming home?"
"No, they're fixing the shuttle."
"Oh! Are they at the space station?"

So I run around the cubicle wall to take a gander. He's out on the arm, pulling off pieces of felt that are sticking out above the surface. Very cool. Half the office is now watching the LIVE STREAMING VIDEO! You can, too, at NASA.gov.

I asked Dad if he had seen From the Earth to the Moon. He hadn't even heard of it! SHOCK!!! So I told him I'm getting the Signature Edition when it comes out because it's REALLY REALLY GOOD, and I'll loan it to him after I watch it. Add this to your Netflix queues, folks, because it really is phenomenal. If you liked Band of Brothers and are a space case nut, you'll love this.

I got paid today, yay! My checking account is very happy. I'm going to splurge and get not only a breakfast sandwhich, but also a mocha frappe. And tonight I will stop at Best Buy for a memory card for FFVII, and likely to (Best Buy trip postponed as I've just went and spent money on something else I've been wanting for a while) Food 4 Less for some pizza. That will be the only splurging this week, though. See, I'm being good!

Since cooking dinner at home and bringing the leftovers for lunch is going well, I think I might try to keep that up for a while. I'm running out of chicken, though. Tyson's is good, but I really prefer the MarketDay ChickNSteaks. Mom told me there's a Market Day outlet store near me, but I can't find it on their website or in Smartpages. Hmm. I dropped them an email; hopefully they will respond, and hopefully there WILL be a store. I want ChickNSteaks! And Teriyaki Ranch Steaks! Those are gooood, and easy to make.

Today's listy!

  • Work on GLR procedures. I worked on them a bit. Though I got rushed at the end of the day because someone asked me to do a last minute project, and I shut down my laptop rather quickly. I fear I forgot to save it. Yikes! I was doing it in Lotus Notes, so hopefully it automatically saved it as a draft or something. As long as I didn't lose ALL of it, I will be happy.
  • Delete old reports from system. done
  • Start writing up access procedures.
  • Investigate lease access.
  • Add items to control worksheet.

And for lunch/home:

  • Write a bit, dammit! Not what I planned to write, but i did write.
  • Errands after work! TOO DAMN LONG. Stupid traffic.
  • DDR/Eye Toy:Groove a bit.
  • Make dinner! Pizza is goooood.
  • Do some spr0t. - I checked my You Replied filter. Does that count?
  • Play FFVII to the next save point. ^_^

Breakfast time! Hellllllooooooooo, mocha frappe!
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Both [livejournal.com profile] thysanotus and [livejournal.com profile] pegkerr mentioned Cirque du Soleil in entries today, so I am in a "ooooooooh, Cirque!" mood. I love them. I really, really do. The first time I saw them was on HBO, when HBO played Nouvelle Experience. OMG, the chair balancing act! Still one of my favorites, for the sheer OMG! of it, but also the performer's expressions, light bounciness of movement, and the music. Such a catchy tune! *loves*

And then I think it was Saltimbanco on PBS. I taped it! They also played Nouvelle Experience, and I taped that, too. :D

Hmm. I think I went looking for VHS tapes next. I had problems finding any, but did find We Reinvent the Circus. It's obviously an old show from their simpler costumes and makeup, and it's got a bit of a cheesy feel to it, but it's still lots of fun. And it has one of the best clowns EVAH! on it. I laugh and laugh and LAUGH every time I watch that clown.

And then came the live shows! Alegria was my first. <insert [livejournal.com profile] bluekivrin's random letter stream here, because she does them much better than I do> OH. EM. GEE. *LOVES* The tumblers! I so love the tumblers, and the music they perform to ("Irna", I think it's called--I have the soundtrack somewhere). The whole show was simply wonderfull. I went with my mom and we had seats right off the stage, but on the far right. We also went to one of the last performances, so some city official came out to thank Cirque for being there, and the clowns had fun looking in his pockets and pulling up his pants legs as he talked. Honestly, I bet the "official" was a Cirque performer, too.

Next to come to town was Quidam. Now, my mom and I had an agreement that we'd try to see every Cirque shown that came to town, and so I started bugging her about getting tickets early. But then the summer dragged on, and even though I kept asking, she never got around to doing it. Finally about three weeks before the last performance I IMd my sister (we were both working at IBM at the time, me doing tech support and her as an Admin Assist.) and asked her if she wanted to go, my treat. Our seats were only so-so, but we had a great time. Lori liked it better than me as it was her first live show. I think you end up liking your first live show the best, because it's just so awe-full to see them live, and a bit of that magic wears off after the first time. I still liked it a lot, though. I bought a VHS of it, and now when I rewatch it I love it even more.

Then it was Dralion. I nearly missed this one. I went to see it with the (overpriced) singles group I was in at the time. They were meeting at Billy Goat's beforehand, but I didn't realise there was more than one Billy Goat's, and I didn't think I had time to drive there before the show, so I just went straight to the tent at the Chicago Stadium United Center.

Now, the group had a rule that if you were late for a performance, they would leave the ticket under YOUR name at the Will Call box. I had actually gotten there earlier than planned, so I waited a bit for the group to show up. I thought for sure they'd check to see if anybody was waiting at the gates. But then it got closer and closer to show time, and I was getting antsy because I know Cirque usually has the clowns invade the audience for a pre-show, and I didn't want to miss that. So I went up to the ticket window and asked if they had one for me. NO TICKET. WTF. Okay, maybe they haven't arrived yet. Wait some more. Ask again. Still no ticket. Call the office with my last change. No answer. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

I had to ask a worker if there was a phone I could use. I think they gave me someone's cell phone, on which I FINALLY got through to the office, which called the group's leader for the night to find out she had left it in the GROUP's name at the ticket window, so off I go again and got the ticket just as the show was starting. *STABBITY STAB STAB STAB, GROUP!!!* Needless to say, I did not enjoy the show much because I was still irked from the confusion, plus I hadn't had a proper dinner so all I had to eat was a bag of peanut M&Ms and a soda. But I did get the DVD! And this was actually the first DVD I bought, long before I had a DVD player (or even a computer to play it on!). Luckily when I watch the DVD I don't even think of the ticket hassle, and just enjoy the show.

The last show I saw live was Mystere, when I went to Vegas with Roger. It was a good show, but felt oddly short to me because I'm used to there being an intermission, and there wasn't one for this show. So alas, I was distracted during the last few acts, because I kept thinking "Surely, the intermission will come next!". So now I know not to assume there will be an intermission at the housed shows.

So those are the ones I have seen! I really, really want to see "O". It sounds so very cool. *t00bs about on website* OMG, I forgot about Zumanity! So want to see that, too. And AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! They have another show in Vegas, too! That's it--I am going to go to Vegas, and not to gamble but to see all the Cirque shows. That's THREE of them out there that I haven't seen yet!

*t00bs about website somemore* No shows coming to town soon, alas. But I signed up for the email updates! :D What's this? OMG, BOUTIQUE!!! OMG, LOOK AT THE PRETTIES!! WANT WANT WANT! Seriously. It's all so gorgeous. I want them all! Especially this, and this, and this, and this, and gah, everything. *spazzes*

edit: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I added some items to my cart and was just about to check out when I thought I'd better check to see if I had the funds available, and so I checked my bank account and I HAVE NO MONEY, because the check for the air conditioner repair, which was on JUNE 29th, was just processed this week. AHHHHHH!!! This is why I had checks, because people end up sitting on them until long after I've forgotten about them. I am obviously not good at balancing my funds. Woe! I think I have enough money left on the bus card for transit next week, and I can manage dinner just fine. breakfast is a bit more iffy, but I have a few zone bars hanging about which will do the trick. But what am I going to do for lunch? I really like either bringing sandwiches or buying lunch. I hate hate hate bringing leftovers that I have to reheat because then I have to sit with everyone, and I hate that. But I suppose I can handle it for two days. *thinks* I definitely have pasta, and I probably have the fixings for tomato sauce, so looks like spagetti for two days. I'll live. The Cirque stuff will have to wait. And yes, this is a sign that I need to stop spending money for a while until I have a bit saved up again. *sighs* It was fun while it lasted, but I can be an adult about this. Right?
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I'm booking my transportation and hotel for my trip to Detroit. The train ticket has been bought. Woohoo!

I wanted to try Hotwire for the hotel. I checked their website FAQs, and it said you could pay for it with a debit card. I didn't see anything about credit cards being required. But then when I selected the hotel and went to finalize payment, there was a big bold notice saying that a valid credit card is required at check-in.

*headdesks* I don't HAVE a credit card. I don't WANT a credit card. What the heck am I supposed to do? I've emailed Hotwire support asking if all hotels require credit cards, but if they come back and say "yes", well, I'll really be in trouble. I googled for hostels because I wouldn't have problems staying at one and they usually let you pay cash, but the two hits I got for Detroit weren't really hostels but rather cheap hotels that did not look inviting.

I hate this. I really, really do. I understand why the hotels require one (to protect against extra charges that may incur) but dude, not everyone has a credit card! This is so, so unfair. And it's not like there's enough time to get one, and even if there were, nobody's going to give me one. Seriously. I just tried applying for the PayPal Visa, and they said "Nope, sorry, no can do" -- which is fine by me because I don't WANT one.

edit: Went ahead and booked it with Hotwire. This is the hotel I got. I'm not as worried about them not accepting my debit card, now, because this hotel comes up when you search for hostels in Detroit, and most hostels don't require credit cards. It's definitely not a hostel, though, as you can see from the pictures on the site, and honestly, now that I see the site proper, it looks much better than it had appeared on the hosteling sites.

Plus, I checked their room rate using their website, and it said $119 a night. So I'm getting a room there for half off! Woohoo!

Work with me, hotels. Put a hold on some funds on my debit card. Require a safety deposit that will be returned at checkout. I can do that. I just can't do a credit card. Bastards.

Guess I will google for hostels again while waiting for Hotwire to get back to me.
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Highest temperature reached in condo: 92.

Serviceman came at 12:30. Two hours and $350 later, and I have a working air conditioner. :D It was a busted blower wheel. I'm actually wondering if it's been slowly wearing down for a while, because it's a LOT quieter now.

It's a good thing I've been saving up money, because I'll be able to handle this bill without any problems. w00t!

I passed the time this morning by dozing, working a cryptic crossword, and playing KD. THREE GORRAM CENTIMETERS!!!! >:O!!! I swear, Star Seven is out to get me. Very pleased about the cryptic, though, as I haven't had much success with them in the past. It's like it all suddenly made sense, though there's still some clues I haven't gotten. Still, half a cryptic solved is pretty good, I think!

Now I am going to eat a Flavor-Ice and play Boggle. Yay, Boggle! It's like crack.


Jun. 28th, 2005 07:10 pm
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My air conditioning is very, very sick.

Oh, it still cools. It just sounds terrible while doing it. So loud that every time it kicks in, I get startled. It sounds like a loud rattle. I've checks both the inside and outside units, but I don't see any obvious cause, so I guess it's time to call for service.

Problem is, the house is so very messy that I really can't have anyone in here without fixing it up first.

Which means tonight I get to clean. And likely tomorrow, too. I'm hoping to get a lot done tonight so I feel comfortable calling tomorrow for an appointment. I'm hoping to get someone in on Thursday or Friday. Right now the plan is Friday, but if I get things clean enough, maybe I can do Thursday.

I've got the power off to it right now because the loud sound makes me uncomfortable. I know it's likely just something rattling, but I keep imagining the thing blowing up on me. Air conditioners don't blow up, right? It's usually furnances, right?

Of course this is the worst possible time for this to happen, because it's HOT HOT HOT right now. Meh. I do have a box fan, so that will help, and I'll turn my dehumidifier back on so we can get some of the humidity out of here. I can survive for two days with limited runs of the air conditioning. I've already been drinking a lot of water, plus I have Flavor-ice! :D So, cleaning-ma requested, and also low bill-ma. Luckily I've been saving up a bit so I can afford to pay the bill, but it would still be nice for it to be a low one.

edit: Oh, and I've also been having power surges (possibly AC-related, but likely due to heat) and everytime we get one I get knocked offline, so bot will likely be down for a few days until everything settles down around here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

edit 3: If your duct system was poorly designed, or poorly installed, not enough air may be able to pass through your indoor coil, freezing up your system, and creating not only a wet situation, but a loud and costly problem.  If your duct system was undersized, then the air travels at a faster rate, creating more noise than normal (high static).  If the return grilles are undersized, the air is actually being sucked harder through the grille, making more noise than normal.  If the installer located the system to close to the return, the blower can actually overcome the sound of your TV. (link). Great. I've had a problem with humidity since I've moved in. My return is very, very close to the unit. And yes, sometimes I have to turn up my TV to hear it when the AC kicks in, and this is on a NORMAL day. Sounds like my system is badly designed. :(

insure me!

Jun. 21st, 2005 01:46 pm
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So when I was broke I let my homeowner's insurance lapse. I'd like to get new insurance, but was thinking of going with someone other than State Farm. Any suggestions?

Life's work

Mar. 6th, 2003 12:31 pm
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So, more about the potential job. Here's the description. Basically, Microsoft is looking to get more business from the education sector. So the Microsoft salespeople contact eductors and schools and ask if they're interested in Microsoft's products. If they say yes, then I go to the school and give a razzle-dazzle presentation on all the neat things that Microsoft products can do for you.

Now, there's several things that attract me to this job:

  • FLEXIBLE HOURS! I set my own schedule.
  • Allows me to show off my expertise on the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • I will be dealing primarily with teachers and school officials, an area I have been thinking about entering myself.
  • Allows me to use my creativity, which I desperately need in a job.
  • New sites and faces everyday, which will keep the job interesting. And I'm already planning on bringing my camera along so I can take photos of the neighborhoods I'm visiting.
  • Oh, and did I mention FLEXIBLE HOURS!!!!!

So I really, really, REALLY want this job. Yesterday I called the recruiter back and left her a voicemail. I politely reminded her of who I was, asked if she had received my videotape, asked if the position was still open, and expressed my interest again. I think it went well. Only drawback is that I now feel glued to the phone in case she calls back.

I've been thinking a lot this week about jobs. It really is important to me that my work involves creativity of some kind. To my surprise I find myself thinking of using my creativity in the context of technology. I'm thinking about desktop publishing, web design, DVD authoring, computer aided instruction. I want to learn more about Adobe and Macromedia products. Heck, I even want to be certified in them! So I guess I'm not really done with the computer industry; I'm just done with the support aspect of it.

But really, my greatest desire right now is to be a consumer. Oh, to have money! To be able to buy anything I want! It's becoming such a fascination that I'm beginning to feel my life's goal is to spend money, which I'm not entirely comfortable with. But the truth is that most things I want to do cost money. Here's another list for you:

  • Replace the vanity in my bathroom. I have a teeny tiny bathroom, which means almost no counter space, which means the bathroom always looks cluttered with my combs and hairspray and toothpaste scattered around the sink. My current vanity has one large door. I want a vanity with DRAWERS so I can shove some of the stuff in there. Cost: ~$200, more if I get a new countertop and sink as well.
  • Upgrade the computer and buy new software so I can be more creative:

    • Memory: $30-$100
    • Windows XP: $300
    • Office XP Pro: $450
    • Adobe Photoshop: $600
    • Macromedia Flash MX: $500
    • Plus others to be determined at a later time

  • A DVD player, so I don't have to watch movies on my computer anymore. ~$200
  • A new microwave. Mine's on its last x-rays. ~$100
  • A personal website to launch a freelance business. $100-$150 for domain registration and hosting fees.

And that's just a few things on my list. I'm frustrated that I can't just go out and buy some more memory whenever I want. That I have to be careful with my money. I want some freedom, dammit.

I need a job.
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I am behind on my mortgage payment because I have no money in my bank accounts.

I have an unemployment check that needs depositing. It is in the amount of the mortgage payment, plus ten dollars. Another unemployment check will not come for two weeks.

I'm stressed. I cannot sleep in my bed. For the past week I have only found rest on the couch, finally drifting off at three in the morning. I have panic attacks hourly. I try to combat them by watching episodes of Firefly slowly download on WinMX.

I know I should probably ask my parents for some money, but I have already borrowed a thousand dollars from them, and do not wish to ask for more. But I see no other choice.

I am mad at myself for letting depression and fear keep me from applying for jobs. I know I should not be choosy. I know I should just take any old job to pay the bills. But I am scared that I will get trapped in another five years of meaningless work, which will just make me depressed anyhow.

I keep hoping for a miracle, a revelation, an epiphany, a quick answer. Something that will light me with fire, that will get my butt in gear, that will make my dreams come true. I am losing hope that I will ever find the spark.

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Am going to the opera tonight. Whee!

This was a last minute thing, though -- just found out yesterday. Need to leave house within two hours to meet Roger downtown. Which means I must start getting ready.

I have clean dressy clothes, but they must be ironed. I'm low on clean unmentionables and have no hose. And the house is a mess and I had hoped to clean it up before Roger comes over tonight.

I have to at least hide his Christmas present. Hasn't been wrapped yet.

Meanwhile, I finally applied to two jobs yesterday, as my money situation has hit rock bottom. Nothing like threat of bankruptcy to get one's butt in gear.

Have not been able to sleep all week due to financial stress. Wah.

What am I doing typing here? I have to get ready!
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WOOHOO!! My unemployment insurance claim went through! That's one less thing to worry about.


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