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I'm making this post public, so feel free to share it with other friends who play!

To start off, let's go over the in-game announcements from this week: the Brave Frontier crossover is back! With it comes the 6* awakening of Tilith who is amazing. Here are her new skills:

* Affectionate Aura - Increase resistance to status breaks (100%) for 3 turns to all allies
* Sealed Light - Remove all status effects from all enemies
* Prism Heal - Restore HP (2500) and MP (50) to all allies except caster
* Radiant Light - Recover HP (100%) to all allies
* Goddess's Revelation - Revive all KO'd allies (100% HP)

This banner is a limited time only, so once it's over, Tilith and friends are gone. She's the best healer in the game, and will be for a good six months or so, so if you can, try to pull for her. Alas, the drop rates for this banner are really, really low. :( So, good luck, everyone!

Now, onto the E3 announcements! As you might know, FFBE's Global one-year anniversary is on June 29th, so we have a lot of exciting stuff coming out!
  • Expeditions - if you've played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, you'll be familiar with these. Expeditions allow you to send a unit out to perform a particular task. While the unit is out on expedition, it cannot be used in a party. There are special rewards for undertaking expeditions, but it's not clear yet what those are.
  • EX point system - this is a new currency that you get when you purchase lapis, and can be used for items, tickets, and perhaps even a special unit that you can't get any other way!
  • Esper SP reset - did you screw up your grid when training your espers? Not to worry - you'll be able to reset the grid and start over for 100 lapis.
  • Removal of crafting time - All items will be crafted instantly!
  • New Dungeon Tiers Unlocked - Cactuar Dunes, Gil Cave and Enchanted Maze will gain an additional level that drops better units.
  • Story Unit Special Dungeons - special dungeons will be released in which you can only use the seven story characters. The dungeons drop equipment that has special properties for those units, but that can be used on any unit.
  • Sharing summon results - You'll be able to share your summon results on social media
  • Guaranteed 5* base in a 10+1 pull - there's confusion over whether this will be a free pull or not, so start saving lapis, just in case it's not!
  • Free Summon Campaign - get an additional free summon for 28 days!
  • Vault of Hidden Treasures - for two weeks there will be a special, easy dungeon that drops pots, cactuars, and other items
  • Anniverary Special Bundle - there will be a special bundle available for purchase, but we don't know the particulars yet
  • Special daily login rewards - the reward board is supposed to be really good for July, so keep logging in! There will also be a special reward for clearing the whole board
  • 5* vision shards - Right now, you can summon special unit Kelsus from vision shards. There will be more such units in the future, so hold on to your excess shards!
  • Enhancing Units - there will be a rate up chance of getting Great and Amazing results when enhancing units.
  • Half NRG Campaign - dungeons will be half their cost for the anniversary celebration period!
  • All Portals Open - All the portals in the vortex will be open
  • Fujimoto Rainbow Hoodie - players will receive this special equipment. All we know so far is that it is clothes--we don't know the stats.
  • FFX BANNER IS COMING! - Rikku, Tidus and Wakka are coming on June 29th!

For those not in the know, Rikku is the best support unit in the game. She has AoE 100% raise, and her limit burst is AoE Re-Raise! You'll definitely want to pull her. She's a 4* unit, so might be a little tricky to get, but won't be too bad. Tidus is a strong DPS who can chain with himself.

Also! There are rumors floating around that we will be getting Warrior of Light's 6* awakening soon! He becomes the best tank in the game, as he has AoE cover abilities.

That's it! Exciting stuff, isn't it?
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So I'm about a month into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and I really like it! Though there HAS been some plot points that made me a bit grr-faced (you have to rescue kidnapped girls, and Rain is rather lecherous when talking about Siren and Shiva) but for the most part the plot is good.

I'm currently rocking a party of Rain, Lasswell, Krile, Penelo, and Dark Knight Cecil. Cecil is my leader, so that means my friends can play with him. Krile's my healer and is working pretty well in that role right now. Penelo's probably the weakest of the group, and the first one I drop when there's challenges for a party of less than the full party size.

Speaking of Penelo, in this game she's a dancer. This rather surprised me, because FFXII doesn't have the dancer role, at least not in the original version (I don't know if the Zodiac version does). I don't use her dancer abilities often, but Curing Waltz has been nice when I needed a little extra healing.

I've been checking out the Unit Ranking list, and I see I have two units ranked #1 in their roles - Refia & paladin Cecil. I'm currently working on leveling Refia to take over at healer, but I can't swap her out yet as she doesn't have any cure spells at the moment. I haven't really had need for a tank, but I will probably level Cecil next.

Dark Knight Cecil is fifth for physical damage, so I'm doing pretty good there. I really with I had Lightning. One of my friends has a maxed out Lightning, and she's just so totally ridiculous. I see Kefka is ranked third for magical damage. I do have him, so I'll probably level him soon as well.

So I think I'm doing pretty good, unit-wise, considering I've only been playing a month! I do wish I could have gotten Dracu Lasswell during the Halloween event, as he's pretty strong, but it was not to be.

Speaking of events, I haven't really been doing them, as I wasn't sure if I was strong enough for them yet. I did try some of the Grand Gaia events and did the first few dungeons, which netted me a free summon ticket. Right now there's The Big Bridge event, which I think I will try because I'm rather a big fan of Final Fantasy V.

I haven't tried the Arena yet, for fear I'd get clobbered in it. Yet the guide does say that you get stuff even for losing, so maybe I'll try it soon.

One thing that's frustrating me is not having the ingredients for magic keys. I see now that I can buy them with Lapis, but I'm not sure that'd be a good use of my Lapis. Yet the ingredients to make a key are rather hard to obtain, so.... I don't know, I may end up buying some keys eventually. Though looking at the silver chest list, the items don't look as spectacular as I had thought they were, so yeah. Hmm.


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