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So, I have a desk from Ikea in my library. It looks like this: )

When I painted/redecorated the library, I got rid of my old filing cabinet. It was in pretty bad shape and wasn't easy to use (lateral file with deep drawers; it'd tilt over if you pulled the top drawer out.) So, the plan was to get some EFFEKTIV file cabinets and place them to the left of the desk's bookcase, running along the wall underneath the window.

The plan was to get two of this combination, though with prettier doors. Slight problem though: The total height of the unit is 37", and my window is 36" from the ground. Also, the depth is 16 7/8", but the depth of my bookcase is only 15.5". Which means that the file cabinets are slightly too big. Meh. I could use them anyway, and build up the windowsill some so it's flush, but it's not what I envisioned, you know?

Then my brain got out of whack. Time passed. Now that things are better and I've been wanting to clean things, I'm thinking again about what I can do for file storage.

While looking for some paperwork, I pulled out a magazine box from my EXPEDIT bookcase. And the lightbulb went off: I don't really need a proper file cabinet, because I don't go into my files that often. Thus, quick access is not necessary.

So now the plan is to get another EXPEDIT bookcase -- the same one that's used in my desk -- but I'll lay it on its side instead. It'll be 31 1/8" in height, which will fit nicely under the window. And then I can use boxes and bins for storage. The LEKMAN box comes in clear, which would be great for yarn storage. :) There's also drawers and doors available.

I think this will work! Can't get this anytime soon, of course, given my current financial state, but I wanted to write it down before I forgot about it.
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Yes, tonight I am CLEANING! in preparation for my sister and her kidlets' visit on Saturday. SO MUCH TO DO!!!

Entry will be edited as things get completed.

edit 11pm: cleaning not going so well. GRRR. Library does look much better, but still so much to do. Oi.

Edit 6:30am: Up at 6am to try this again. Bathroom has been tidied!

Edit 7:09am: Took a break to read the flist. Have just finished tidying the hallway, and am now moving on to the living room.

edit 9:54am: Short break from work to put pie in oven and dishes in washer. Back to the grind until pie is done!

edit 2:08pm: Took a break from work after lunch to do more work in the living room. It's getting there!

edit 4:46pm: Work's over for the day. Mega-cleaning time. Wish me luck!

edit 5:58pm: Yay! The living room's tidied. ^_^

edit 6:58pm: Woohoo! Kitchen floor is cleared!

edit 8:17pm: Garbage thrown out; dishwasher emptied and refilled. Thinking about ordering pizza for dinner, if finances can handle it.

edit 10:05pm Pizza eaten! And dining room tidied. ^_^

edit 11:02pm: Bedroom tidied!


edit 8:00am: Got up at 6:45 today. Opened/sorted/filed mail in library. It really needed doing. Time for work to start!


Aug. 4th, 2008 06:08 pm
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I have less than six weeks to clean my entire house before I go on vacation.

How did I start? )
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And I siesta'd a good portion of the day. So I am now quite cranky. Feeling a need for a listy in hopes of getting uncrankified. Not all of this is planned for tonight.

  • Put away CDs.
  • Clean off Carver's cabinet.
  • Tidy up the rest of the living room.
  • Tidy up bathroom.
  • Scrub bathroom.
  • Drink water.
  • Throw away broken floor lamp.
  • Move furniture around in library. Minor redesign.
  • Install new lamps in library.
  • Vacuum living room.
  • Water plants. Thunderstorms took care of this.
  • Hang out with Cloud.
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Remember this? Well, the blasted HVAC is doing it again. It's actually been making some weird noises for a while, but I've just been keeping the temperature low in here so it didn't kick on so much. That's fine if it's fall-ish outside, but now that it's winter-ish, I definitely need it fixed.

Except it cost $350 last time, and I don't have $350 right now. *grumbles* Oh, I'll make do. But it'll mean shifting some payments around, and watching how much I spend. Don't know what I'm gonna do about Christmas presents. I just buy for the kidlets, but there's five of them now. O_O That adds up quick.

I need to find my paperwork from last time, to see if maybe there's a warranty on the part or something. Seems very strange that it would fail a mere eighteen months later. Anyway, I'll be working from home on Thursday. I'm kind of tempted to work from home all week since it's so freakin' cold out, but I'll probably venture downtown at least twice. I'll go stir-crazy if I don't get out.
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I've got a portion of the vacation pics uploaded here. I'd have them all uploaded, except the Flickr Uploadr refuses to cooperate.

Most of the day was spent lounging about, watching TV and cuddling Raina. I am now frantically trying to get ready for the return to work tomorrow. I managed to find my backpack underneath the clutter in the bedroom, but I can't find the Ziplock bag that held most of my purse's contents (I brought only the essentials with me). I thought I had been smart and put it INSIDE my backpack, but I guess not. Unless it fell out and is now in the clutter... *shudders* Dammit, this shouldn't be happening. My house is CLEAN. Well, okay, the bedroom isn't, but that's just one room. Argh. Let's pray I find my stuff quickly. I can't get into my desk at work without it. And I'd really like to get some sleep tonight.

I'm actually more amused than frustrated by this. It's like my life immediately got back to normal. I mean, dealing with clutter? Yeah, that's SO me. *giggles*

This reminds me that one of my post-vacation goals is to finally get around to decluttering the house. I've got a good start since the house is clean, so now is the perfect time to do it. I went through the books on one shelf of the many, many bookshelves I have, and pulled off the ones I don't think I want. They're accidental buys from the Science Fiction Book Club, back when I was younger and more gullible. Some of them probably came from my brother-in-law, too--he gave me two big shopping bags of books once. Anyway, I don't think I'll ever get around to reading them, so I'm going to sell them on eBay. But before I do so, I'd like to know if any of them are worth reading. So, have you read any of these? )
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Highest temperature reached in condo: 92.

Serviceman came at 12:30. Two hours and $350 later, and I have a working air conditioner. :D It was a busted blower wheel. I'm actually wondering if it's been slowly wearing down for a while, because it's a LOT quieter now.

It's a good thing I've been saving up money, because I'll be able to handle this bill without any problems. w00t!

I passed the time this morning by dozing, working a cryptic crossword, and playing KD. THREE GORRAM CENTIMETERS!!!! >:O!!! I swear, Star Seven is out to get me. Very pleased about the cryptic, though, as I haven't had much success with them in the past. It's like it all suddenly made sense, though there's still some clues I haven't gotten. Still, half a cryptic solved is pretty good, I think!

Now I am going to eat a Flavor-Ice and play Boggle. Yay, Boggle! It's like crack.
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Raina seems to be just fine. I am shaky and sweaty. The PowerAde should help with that. Total haul from K-Mart: Three 32-oz bottles of PowerAde, a six-pack of 24 oz bottles of PowerAde, a six-pack of Dasani bottled water, a bag of ice, and some Little Debbie Swiss Cakes.

I called the local place. They can send someone out today, but they can't give me an estimated time. So I'm waiting for a phone call. That's fine, as long as it is fixed today.

Am going to watch movies and play Katamari Damashii. I WILL beat Star 7, dammit! The computer is being turned off for the duration, because the heat and humidity can't be good for it. See you all later.
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The air conditioner isn't working at all now. Well, it tries, but it just makes a horribly loud sound and doesn't really blow any air, so I'm not even bothering to run it. So I'll be calling in to work tomorrow so I can try to get someone out here to fix it, because I can't leave Raina alone in the heat for a whole day.

Made good progress on the cleaning. Didn't spend nearly as much time as I should have, but I threw out a lot of stuff and it's not looking too bad. I have the first load of dishes running now. I'm not going to worry about the house being messy. Oh, I'll run as many dishes as I can and put the rest away, and pick up as much stuff as possible, and will definitely clean the bathroom and wipe down the kitchen, but I'm not going to worry about the library, really, or if the house looks clean. As long as it doesn't look unsanitary, I'll be happy.

Going to try to sleep now. Hopefully it will work, because I haven't slept well the past two nights due to heat and normal monthly insomnia. I've set my alarm early, so i can get up and do lots of cleaning. I start making phone calls to places at 8:00, as I'm assuming that's when most places open. I should probably check the phone book and see if there are ads...

You know, I hate that this happened, that it's causing me discomfort and will cost me money, but I'm kind of glad, too, because these means the AC will get properly maintenanced and be good to go for a while, plus also MY HOUSE IS GETTING CLEAN!!! Seriously, I've been looking around at it and wanting to get it clean, but could never find the oomph to do it. It really takes a special event like a party or a lost bill or a household emergency for me to get it superclean. And it's not even going to be superclean tomorrow, but it will be a very good start, so hopefully I'll continue the trend and the place will look good for a while.

Wish me luck that someone can come out tomorrow and we get this fixed. Off to bed.


Jun. 28th, 2005 07:10 pm
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My air conditioning is very, very sick.

Oh, it still cools. It just sounds terrible while doing it. So loud that every time it kicks in, I get startled. It sounds like a loud rattle. I've checks both the inside and outside units, but I don't see any obvious cause, so I guess it's time to call for service.

Problem is, the house is so very messy that I really can't have anyone in here without fixing it up first.

Which means tonight I get to clean. And likely tomorrow, too. I'm hoping to get a lot done tonight so I feel comfortable calling tomorrow for an appointment. I'm hoping to get someone in on Thursday or Friday. Right now the plan is Friday, but if I get things clean enough, maybe I can do Thursday.

I've got the power off to it right now because the loud sound makes me uncomfortable. I know it's likely just something rattling, but I keep imagining the thing blowing up on me. Air conditioners don't blow up, right? It's usually furnances, right?

Of course this is the worst possible time for this to happen, because it's HOT HOT HOT right now. Meh. I do have a box fan, so that will help, and I'll turn my dehumidifier back on so we can get some of the humidity out of here. I can survive for two days with limited runs of the air conditioning. I've already been drinking a lot of water, plus I have Flavor-ice! :D So, cleaning-ma requested, and also low bill-ma. Luckily I've been saving up a bit so I can afford to pay the bill, but it would still be nice for it to be a low one.

edit: Oh, and I've also been having power surges (possibly AC-related, but likely due to heat) and everytime we get one I get knocked offline, so bot will likely be down for a few days until everything settles down around here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

edit 3: If your duct system was poorly designed, or poorly installed, not enough air may be able to pass through your indoor coil, freezing up your system, and creating not only a wet situation, but a loud and costly problem.  If your duct system was undersized, then the air travels at a faster rate, creating more noise than normal (high static).  If the return grilles are undersized, the air is actually being sucked harder through the grille, making more noise than normal.  If the installer located the system to close to the return, the blower can actually overcome the sound of your TV. (link). Great. I've had a problem with humidity since I've moved in. My return is very, very close to the unit. And yes, sometimes I have to turn up my TV to hear it when the AC kicks in, and this is on a NORMAL day. Sounds like my system is badly designed. :(

insure me!

Jun. 21st, 2005 01:46 pm
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So when I was broke I let my homeowner's insurance lapse. I'd like to get new insurance, but was thinking of going with someone other than State Farm. Any suggestions?


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