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Yes, tonight I am CLEANING! in preparation for my sister and her kidlets' visit on Saturday. SO MUCH TO DO!!!

Entry will be edited as things get completed.

edit 11pm: cleaning not going so well. GRRR. Library does look much better, but still so much to do. Oi.

Edit 6:30am: Up at 6am to try this again. Bathroom has been tidied!

Edit 7:09am: Took a break to read the flist. Have just finished tidying the hallway, and am now moving on to the living room.

edit 9:54am: Short break from work to put pie in oven and dishes in washer. Back to the grind until pie is done!

edit 2:08pm: Took a break from work after lunch to do more work in the living room. It's getting there!

edit 4:46pm: Work's over for the day. Mega-cleaning time. Wish me luck!

edit 5:58pm: Yay! The living room's tidied. ^_^

edit 6:58pm: Woohoo! Kitchen floor is cleared!

edit 8:17pm: Garbage thrown out; dishwasher emptied and refilled. Thinking about ordering pizza for dinner, if finances can handle it.

edit 10:05pm Pizza eaten! And dining room tidied. ^_^

edit 11:02pm: Bedroom tidied!


edit 8:00am: Got up at 6:45 today. Opened/sorted/filed mail in library. It really needed doing. Time for work to start!


Aug. 4th, 2008 06:08 pm
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I have less than six weeks to clean my entire house before I go on vacation.

How did I start? )
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And I siesta'd a good portion of the day. So I am now quite cranky. Feeling a need for a listy in hopes of getting uncrankified. Not all of this is planned for tonight.

  • Put away CDs.
  • Clean off Carver's cabinet.
  • Tidy up the rest of the living room.
  • Tidy up bathroom.
  • Scrub bathroom.
  • Drink water.
  • Throw away broken floor lamp.
  • Move furniture around in library. Minor redesign.
  • Install new lamps in library.
  • Vacuum living room.
  • Water plants. Thunderstorms took care of this.
  • Hang out with Cloud.
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I am now going to attempt to clean the library. This will include removing the "new" computer from the top of the desk and FINALLY putting it in its proper place. Woohoo!

It will be nice to have a clean library. I'm hoping it will be inspiring.

I must be kind of bored if I'm posting such boring stuff as this. Or maybe I'm lonely, or seeking validation. Hmm. Anyway, whatever.

yay! help!

Sep. 28th, 2005 06:16 pm
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I only got two of my three errands done tonight. And one of them didn't go so well, because the store was out of the thing that I was most eager to get. GRR! I got all wibbly and panicky. Between that, walking in the rain, and carrying a LOT of stuff, I walked in the house feeling pretty damn bad.

Mom left me a message, asking me to call her. Uh-oh.

But! It wasn't uh-oh! It was SQUEE!!!


She's going to do the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. This is great! This means I can spend the time doing other things. We're going to order pizza, too, so it'll be fun.

Dad is dropping off the carpet cleaner tomorrow. So I want to finish picking things up in the living room so the house looks welcoming. Going to rest for a few minutes and take some deep breaths and then do that. I'm still kind of shaky. Just, starting to get overwhelmed, you know? I knew there was a lot to do, but it's getting to me. So this makes me doubly glad that I'm going to have some help with the cleaning.

Things left to do:

* Put away papers that are on the living room floor from when I sorted them last week.
* Pick up any remaining items in the living room.
* Pick up newspapers on kitchen floor from cleaning oven.
* Throw out garbage.
* File papers in library.
* Pick up any remaining items in library.
* Move the new computer into the cubbyhole so it's no longer on top of my desk.
* Vacuum rug in all rooms.
* Clean rug in all rooms.
* Wash windows.
* Errand #1.
* Errand #2.
* Party stuff.
* Get food! I also need a new shower liner and some picture frames.
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I am in "rah rah rah let's work!" mode. This is because I want to finish all my work this morning so that I can spend the afternoon doing Serenity-related activities. Like refresh Fandango a zillion times to see if movie times have been posted yet.

About 45 minutes of cleaning last night. It goes slow. But I know I did a lot, even if it doesn't look like it. I didn't have energy to continue, so instead I fussed about with one of the party favors. Which gave me fits and will not work how I want it to work, but it will still be very shiny so I'm okay with it.

I'm probably going to end up doing last minute cleaning. *sighs* But it won't be as bad as my party last year, because the majority of it is done already. I'll try to do as much as I can tonight. I want to do errands after work tomorrow and on Thursday, so that I have everything I need and can spend Friday doing last-minute cleaning and working on the party stuff.

I hate light drinks. I wanted some cranberry juice today, but all they had downstairs was Dole Light. I got it anyway, but it's icky. It has Sucralose in it. Bleh. Give me real sugar any day.

I could probably type more but I'm stopping this now to WORK WORK WORK!!! Later, peeps.

edit 8:48 a.m.: AAAH!!! Showtimes are up for Chicago Ridge. 1:45 and 4:30. >_< 1:45 feels too early, and 4:30 is definitely too late. Waah! No showtimes for Crestwood, yet--they're only showing up to Thursday on Fandango. I suppose we can do a 1:45 show, but that is pretty damn early since I was planning on serving lunch. We'd have to leave the house at 1:00. Bleargh. Here's hoping that Crestwood will have a 2:30 showing, which would be ideal.

edit 9:03: 1:55 p.m. at Crestwood according to the AOL movie site. That will work. Still slightly earlier than I'd like, but that's not too bad. I'll send a note to the invitees as soon as the tickets are available for purchase on Fandango. Leave the house around 1:20, then? The theater's about ten minutes away.

Okay, back to work now.
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Today was really very good. :) No, I didn't get everything done on my to-do list. But I did get a lot of it done. I have a nearly clean kitchen! And I made breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and cleaned up after myself! And my living room is nearly clean. I finished my replay of FFVIII (well, except for Omega, which I'll do when I feel the need for a challenge), leaving me free to start FFVII tomorrow. I played DDR twice. I walked to Walgreens and got Flavor-ice! My backpack's all ready to go for tomorrow, and my lunch is waiting in the fridge. My clothes are laid out. I got some writing done, and I increased my threshold into the orange at Boggle. :D

I didn't get as much cleaning done as I planned. And I didn't watch Farscape. But that's okay. It was a really full day, and I'm very pleased with how it went and how much I got accomplished. It's kind of weird that I had to schedule myself to play FFVIII, especially since I love the game, but I did. I like to play video games, but left to my own devices, I either sleep or read or t00b about on the Internet. So to get stuff done--yes, even "play!" stuff, I need to write to-do lists. Which again is weird, because I'm an INFP and that's not something we normally do. We're very go with the flow. But it's kind of nice that I can rely upon my "minor" personality, and let the S part of me write to-do lists.

I'm going to keep it up this week. :D Not stick to stuff exactly, but have a general direction and purpose in mind. Basically, i want my evenings to include a little cleaning, a little DDR, good dinners, a little FF, and some Netflix every now and then. If I can complete the week with a house that is still clean, a Netflix DVD or two watched, progress on FF, and DDR action most days, I think I'll be very happy.

Bedtime, now. Will keep you posted on the week's progress.
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The air conditioner isn't working at all now. Well, it tries, but it just makes a horribly loud sound and doesn't really blow any air, so I'm not even bothering to run it. So I'll be calling in to work tomorrow so I can try to get someone out here to fix it, because I can't leave Raina alone in the heat for a whole day.

Made good progress on the cleaning. Didn't spend nearly as much time as I should have, but I threw out a lot of stuff and it's not looking too bad. I have the first load of dishes running now. I'm not going to worry about the house being messy. Oh, I'll run as many dishes as I can and put the rest away, and pick up as much stuff as possible, and will definitely clean the bathroom and wipe down the kitchen, but I'm not going to worry about the library, really, or if the house looks clean. As long as it doesn't look unsanitary, I'll be happy.

Going to try to sleep now. Hopefully it will work, because I haven't slept well the past two nights due to heat and normal monthly insomnia. I've set my alarm early, so i can get up and do lots of cleaning. I start making phone calls to places at 8:00, as I'm assuming that's when most places open. I should probably check the phone book and see if there are ads...

You know, I hate that this happened, that it's causing me discomfort and will cost me money, but I'm kind of glad, too, because these means the AC will get properly maintenanced and be good to go for a while, plus also MY HOUSE IS GETTING CLEAN!!! Seriously, I've been looking around at it and wanting to get it clean, but could never find the oomph to do it. It really takes a special event like a party or a lost bill or a household emergency for me to get it superclean. And it's not even going to be superclean tomorrow, but it will be a very good start, so hopefully I'll continue the trend and the place will look good for a while.

Wish me luck that someone can come out tomorrow and we get this fixed. Off to bed.


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