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Yup. 7,777 comments received. Neat, huh?

Think we can get to 10,000 8000? (10K's a bit much, in retrospect, but 8K should be doable.)
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So, how about a comment post? Not aiming for a specific number; just feel free to comment with anything and everything. Yeah.
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I did some memes. Like, OMG!

Snaps meme! *bounces*

And this other one. I did this on Friday afternoon, but didn't want to post it because I felt like I had been a bit spammy that day. So you get it now.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )

And the annoyance continues! I thought for sure my stuff would print over the weekend. But the printer queue is empty, and my stuff cannot be found. So now I have to redo it. >:O! It's not hard to do--just dropping some data into a template and clicking "Run", but still. I HATE REDOING WORK!

That is all for now. More later, probably.
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We had a HUGE storm here! It was fun. The sky got really dark, and it was POURING, and there was lots of thunder and lightning. I was safe in my office, though, so I wasn't in any danger from it (put that in so [livejournal.com profile] weathergirl_03 doesn't have to worry).

Bored. Spending too much time looking at Detroit and Windsor websites, while also pulling reports. I really do want to go to Canada because it'll be fun! But I don't know what I'd do besides walk around the parks and maybe go to the casino. There doesn't seem to be many museums in Windsor. Maybe I'll go to the outlet mall.

Anyway. A portion of this was a meme going around a bit ago, and the other half comes from a thread at Hatrack. I wasn't going to post this, but I got curious. Especially about the second question, as I had a harder time answering it (Hatrack asked who you were as a kid, but since none of you knew me then I'll ask you who I am now.) So, answer away:

[Poll #536276]

And in case it isn't obvious, reading HBP renewed my interest in HP, so there will likely be a bit more HP stuff in this journal for a while. Heck, I might even get wild and add it as an interest again.


Jul. 19th, 2005 03:57 pm
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(yes, I am in love with my new Kyo icons)

Query #1: Does anyone know where I can buy some pepper spray?

Query #2: How about a really loud whistle, preferring on a keyring? I have one at home somewhere but I'm not sure I can find it easily.

Query #3: Can anyone recommend a text editor (windows) that lets you select in columns? I had one ages ago but I forget what it was. Some of my reports came over as CSV, including commas in the money columns *rolls eyes*. I'd love to be able to select a column in a text editor and do a find/replace to format it better.

Query #4: I am planning on visiting the zoo and the science center when I'm in Detroit. Is there anywhere else I should check out? I'm only going to be there for about two days so I don't have TONS of time, but I doubt the zoo and science center will keep me sufficiently occupied.

Query #5: Does anyone want to clean my house for me so it's presentable when mom comes over to feed Raina? Fine, I'll do it myself.

Query #6: Will I ever stop getting immensely bored at work?

Query #7: Isn't Kyo the cutest?

Query #8: What do you think of this?

Query #9: How about this?

Query #10: Can you recommend anything similar to #9 that might be even better? I'm more interested in the data capabilities than the voice capabilities. Web browsing is a very big plus.

Query #11: Can I go home yet?
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It is possible to play Tetris with the DDR controller. It is not easy, but it is possible.

I am such a t00b.

In happier news, I start therapy again on Friday. Woohoo!
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*waves hi to random people reading her journal*
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I am supposed to be working on the GIs for the hotel rallye tomorrow night. Or looking for a job, or reading Parachute.

Instead I am sitting and staring at the screen, trying to come up with a plot for my NaNoWriMo novel.

Maybe there's a plot lurking in the shower?


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