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Guys, I am so, so broke right now.

It's mom's fault. We had vague plans of going to the Vigil together after she got off of work, and then "you can sleep over and we'll go for breakfast the next day". Except I didn't really want to sleep over, and she didn't want to drive me home after the Vigil. I said I had thought about getting a car for the weekend, but I couldn't afford it. So what ended up happening is this: we went out to dinner last night so we could at least see each other, and then we each went home... me with her car.

And when I have the car, I go up to Scumburg to visit Ikea and Mitsuwa. Because I really love to do these things and don't often get the chance. It's a mini-vacation, in a way.

Now, I've been doing envelope budgeting, so I really was NOT planning on buying anything except for a desk pad (wanted because the fake wood on my desk is chipping like crazy at the edge) and some ラムネ and perhaps some frozen おにぎり (and curry from mom, by her request). Except, well, one gets to Scumburg so infrequently that one can't help but buy things, because it may be gone by the time one gets back.

I picked up the deskpad I wanted (well, almost; I actually had wanted black, but I could only find it in red. Good thing I like red) and a cable organizer. Then I meandered through the office section, looking for DVD storage for the Xbox games. And I wasn't opposed to finding a shelving unit for the Xbox, either; right now it's on a $20 shelving unit I bought at K-mart ages ago. Perfectly functional, but not very pretty, and TONS of wasted space because each shelf is sooooo tall and non-adjustable.

I really, really, REALLY wasn't planning on buying anything. Of course not! Except I saw that there was an Expedit cube that would fit PERFECTLY on the side of my desk and give it a nice symmetry and oh gods it's only $60 surely I could handle that, yes? Except it wasn't just the $60; it was the desktop and the cable organizer and so it was $110.

But this was still doable! Okay yes this was basically the money I had allocated for my mortgage payment next week, but it was only half the money, and I could still pay my mortgage once the next paycheck hit, though things would be tight and okay it wasn't the best idea but how could I not get it?

And if it was just that, it probably would have been fine. Except it wasn't just that. Oh no, it so was not. Because I hadn't gone to Mitsuwa yet.

This time, Ravelry gets part of the blame. Because I love looking at all the new patterns that are posted (it's like crack to me), which is how I discovered that (a) the Japanese really like to crochet; and (b) they use diagrams, not text. Which means that I am pretty much capable of following a Japanese crochet pattern and dude, combining two of my interests? I AM SO THERE!

So into the bookstore I go. Finding the craft section wasn't hard; figuring out which books were crochet patterns was harder. There were some on display, but I only know a few kana so I can't really read titles. Which means I spent a good half hour pulling books at random halfway off the shelf, until I finally noticed some katakana on one crochet book that was on another and hey, now I knew what to look for! I ended up with a small book of pretty lacy accessories/home stuff, and a larger book of Tunisian patterns. I've never done Tunisian before but I was interested in learning anyway, and this book has some jaw-dropping beautiful patterns. That will need to be sized up, but it was too pretty to pass the book up.

Problem is that the prices are only in yen, and I don't have even a rough idea of the yen/USD FX, and so paid more that I was hoping. Though in retrospect the prices are about what the books would go for if they were in English and at Borders anyway; I just wasn't thinking clearly by then.

So after the bookstore was the supermarket. And really, I could have limited myself to the curry for mom and maybe some ラムネ for me, but OMG I just can't resist looking around and picking out new things to try and thus ended up with.... $50 of stuff. >_< Which actually is about how much I spend at groceries anyway, except I didn't have any money allocated to groceries for this week and oops there goes more of my mortgage fund.

And the day was not over yet! Oh no, there was one more stop on the way home, and that was to Radio Shack to pick up a hub so the Xbox and the computer can be online at the same time. Except I bought the wrong thing and will have to go back tomorrow to exchange, but the right thing is the same price, thankfully. But still, that's another $50 (needed a cat5 cable, too) and it so could have waited a few more days but dude when else am I going to have a car and thus easy errands? *SIGHS DRAMATICALLY*

So. What it all boils down to is that I used up all my mortgage funds, and probably some other stuff I had allocated for other things. There is a very, very good chance I am going to go NSF on something in the next two days (if stuff hits before my next paycheck on Wednesday, which I'm sure it will). I am NOT going to have enough to pay my mortgage on Wednesday, which is the end of the grace period, and thus it will be late this month.

In other words, in a mere afternoon of shopping I managed to shoot my finances in the foot.

But it's not all bad. I have new crochet books to drool over. Better organization for the library, which is one step closer to making things feel like an actual home around here instead of a mishmash of cheap furniture. Food to eat--and adventurous new food, at that!

And the self-confidence that I can turn my finances back around within two weeks, because I have been doing envelope budgeting for three months now and I know exactly what still needs to be paid this month. I'll need to reswizzle some things, and a bill or two will get less of a payment than planned, but I will manage. This is just a small setback. I didn't expect that I would be perfect with the envelope budgeting, so I'm not falling apart because I happened to spend money I hadn't allocated. It was bound to happen, and it did, and probably at the time it was bound to, anyway, because things were getting settled enough that I was going to start a discretionary fund at the end of this month for exactly these kinds of purchases. It's all good. Well, not the next few days, but it'll be all good after that.

Now I am going to clean off my desk so I can put the desk pad on it. And do some more cleaning so that there will be plenty of room to put together the new Expedit tomorrow. And then I will take a shower because I feel scuzzy and am wanting one.

(*) Scumburg = Schaumburg, a northwest suburb of Chicago that is big enough so that you can call surrounding towns a suburb of it. I love the area--so why do I call it Scumburg? Well, back when I did tech support, one of the call management systems we used only allowed eight letters for city names, which led to some amusing abbreviations. And what can I say, the name stuck.
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I did my marathon five years ago today.

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I kid you not.

So I get back in the car and go back to Best Buy and I'm standing there looking at the CPU fans, confused and crying a bit. I do get one and bring it home and open my machine and it looks NOTHING like the ones they had in the store.

At this point I'm wondering if it's even worth it to put any more money into this machine. It's, what, four or five years old? And it was refurbished, too.

I don't really need a completely new one, though. I have a HUGE hard drive, and the new DVD burner, and my old DVD-Rom works fine, and I've just bought some memory... so I'm thinking, maybe get a barebone kit and stick all my stuff in it? That seems to make the most sense. It's certainly cheaper than a completely new machine.

So, does anyone know TEH PLACE! to get barebone kits? Google tells me Tiger Direct, but are there any others I should try?

And at this point so much has happened over the past few weeks that I'm kind of in that numb place where nothing affects you anymore and you just do what you need to do. Well, I was like that last night after giving up on the computer and going to play hours and hours of Final Fantasy VII. Now, I'm kind of misty-eyed again.

Damn computer.

But this might be a good thing. I get to go home early this week because I'm starting an hour early so I can run Dad's procs for him while on vacation. Combine that with having no working computer at home, and I should have lots of time to clean the house and do other stuff I've been putting off but wanting to do (like play Final Fantasy VII). And now I can get a machine that works better. Right? And I've always wanted to build a computer from scratch, and yeah, okay, it's mostly parts I have already but it's still HOMEGROWN COMPUTER, so that will be fun.

In any case: this, too, shall pass, and soon everything will be groovy again. Because that's how life works. It gets a whole lot of bad for a while, and then it's smooth sailing before the next big bad comes along. Which means clear skies MUST be coming soon, because I'm starting to feel overdue.

Anyway. Got to finish running dad's procs.

edit: Maybe this one? If I'm reading the specs right, it comes with a processor. Don't know if it means I'd have to install it myself, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about choosing the right processor for the motherboard.
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This isn't getting much attention at Hatrack, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

SHINY! SERENITY! SHINDIG! My condo. South-side of Chicago in the 'burbs. October 1st. Noonish or such, with movie goin' around 2:00, I reckon.

You are all invited! Yes, you! I can't fit a HUGE amount in my condo, but it'd be shiny to go see the movie with a crowd of Browncoats. And I have a few things planned to make it one mighty fine shindig indeed.

This is a call for addresses. Snail mail or email, whichever you prefer. I'm hoping to send out official invites next week sometime. And yes, you can request an invite even if you're sure you're not going to be able to make it. Email addresses to xnera23 at Gmail. Or if you just want an evite and your email is visible on your userinfo, reply here expressing your interest.


Aug. 6th, 2005 12:37 am
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I very much kicked ass today at work. It was the timer! Timers work well for me, it looks like. Though I suspect after a while I will get bored of it, and have to go back to doing listies.

And then I had an unplanned adventure this evening that was very gleeful and fun. It culminated in attempting something I've been wanting to try for a while. I both screwed up magnificently and did a wonderful job. Whee! You'll have to wait another day or two to find out what it was, but I promise you WILL be hearing about it.

But oh, hooray for unplanned adventures and for having confidence! I think it was a good thing that I tried it even though I knew it wouldn't be perfect. I made many more mistakes than I anticipated, but that's okay, because it STILL turned out rather well. I am so very happy. And I think it was a good thing that I did screw up on it, because I have a big fear of making mistakes, or of not being as perfect as I could be.

I am going to play some Boggle and then go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be fun! [livejournal.com profile] goody_scrivener offered to pick me up after session and drive me to Rosemont. Yay! It will be really nice to see her again, even if it's just for a car ride. And then it will be WIZARD WORLD, where I will get SERENITY SCHWAG!! And they better have some left still tomorrow!

Better hit the Boggle, because I don't want to stay up too much later. Not quite ready to go to bed yet, though, hence the boggle fix.
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I need a *gronk* icon. Grumpypants-chan will do in the meantime.

Last two days were a wash. Hardly got anything done. I was feeling oogy last night so I went to bed at *gasps* 9:30. I know: SHOCK.

I'm rethinking the listies. I kind of feel like my dominant INFP is starting to look with horror on the very S-like listies and saying "STOP THAT!! NO MORE LISTS!! BE FREE!! FLY, LITTLE BIRD!!". So today, no daily listy. Instead we will have an adventure and see how much we can accomplish without planning it all in advance. Whee!

I do think a longer-term listy would be a good idea, though. I'm in an "on" stage right now. I want to do things. And there's so much to do and I am impatient and want it all done NOW!!! I want my house super clean, and I have bot coding to do, and I've starting planning my Shiny Serenity Shindig in my head and want to work on that, and there's the SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT!! Not to mention books and manga to read, and DVDs to watch, and games to play. But I can't possibly get it all done now. It's just not feasible. And so I think I get overwhelmed and my mind shuts down and all forward movement ceases and I'm in front of the computer playing Boggle or laying in a stupor on the couch.

So what I want to do now is look at all these things I want to do, and prioritize them, so I'm not so overwhelmed with the OMG SO MUCH TO DO I CAN'T DO IT ALL! *wibbles* So, here you go.

Do first, or regular routine items

  • Work stuff. Need to work so you can keep the job so you can pay bills and buy fun stuff.
  • House cleaning. (pro-active).
  • Exercising. (pro-active).
  • Apply for health insurance. Also, mom's Prudential stuff.
  • Bot stuff, as I have some serious updates that need doing.

Mid-range: would like to do sooner than later

  • Write the thingy, dammit! I want it done by this weekend.
  • Shiny Serenity Shindig stuff! There's an actual deadline on this, so yeah, this belongs in the mid-range. It's to be worked on after I do the Very Important Stuff above.
  • Other less important bot stuff.
  • Book reading and DVD watching. I put this here because it's important for my mental well-being. This is the lowest on the list, though.

Low priorties: stuff I want to do, but just aren't that important or that can wait a bit

  • Play FFVII. *sighs* Yes, I'd like to finish it before Advent Children comes out next month. But I don't need to. It's not like I'm heavily involved in FF fandom and that my whole friends list will be discussing it a la HBP. So, this can wait.
  • SUPER SEEKRIT SPECIAL SPROJECT! I know, girly girl -- you really want to do it NOW because you've waited soooo long. But (and I'm sorry to tell you this) it's just not that important. It can wait. So, be good and do the other things first.

I swear I had more on the train this morning, so this list may be updated as I think of things.

Hmm. Slurpee craving. Are there any 7-11's downtown? There IS a White Hen nearby -- do they have Slurpee-like substances?

I downloaded a timer thingy. You know how I sometimes use a kitchen timer at home to alternate bouts of cleaning with Karaoke Revolution? Thought I'd do the same at work, since it works. Except replace LJ-reading with Karaoke singing. So far it's doing it's job, so yay! But I am nearly at the end of my 15 min playbreak, so I need to end this. Might add stuff later, because I swear the mentally-written entry on the train this morning was MUCH longer...
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I wasn't sure I was going to go to Wizard World. Joss isn't coming this year (wah). Andy Hallet will be there, which is cool, but really was hoping to see one of our Big Damn Movie Stars, or the man who brought them to us.

But then I received an email: the Browncoat Table has obtained 6 boxes of official schwag from Universal. SHINY!!! I AM SO GORRAM THERE.

So yes, I will be heading up immediately after session on Saturday--which luckily is an hour earlier than normal, as Jean's ten o'clock cancelled. Catch the 11:00 (if I walk fast) or 11:30 (if I don't) bus, get to the Orange line at 11:30 or 12:00, ride Orange Line to Blue Line and Blue Line to convention center in Rosemont...should get there around 12:30 or 1:00. And yeah, my first stop will SO be the Browncoat table.
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So I did NOT get everything done on yesterday's listy. But that's okay. You can't schedule your entire life, because Life Happens. And it was a good day, which is all I ask for, really.

I kind of goofed off at work again. Oops. But I got a lot of stuff done, even though I was goofing off (huh?). What I mean is, I was working, just not doing stuff for work. That's much better than goofing off by repeatedly refreshing webpages, I think. So the day really flew by. I did finally get down to "work" work around 3:30, deleting extra files and working on the GLR process a bit. And then around 4:25 a coworker asked me if I could run some reports for him, as he was swamped with a fire on his team (er, not a literal fire). The reports he was asking for run very quick, so I said "No problem!".

Except he didn't even get the info to me until 4:50--five minutes after I'm supposed to leave. *headdesks* We're in the same division, but he doesn't work in the hub, so he doesn't know what's required to run the report. So he was sitting there copying customer numbers from the Ledger and trying to delete the duplicates. *shakes head sadly* I finally asked him if he was getting them to me, and when I saw what he was doing, said "Dude, just send the entire Ledger to me!". Because I can autofilter the Ledger to get just the relevant minors, and then I copy the custnums into this macro file we have and click a button and it weeds out the dups and formats the custnums for the query. And then I paste the macro results into the query and hit run and BANG! Results not a minute later. I got the stuff to him at 5:05. I didn't really mind all that much staying late, because it just meant taking one later bus than usual, but I had ERRANDS to do, and so I hurried up when shutting down my computer and locking up my desk...

...which was a mistake, because I forgot I was in the middle of writing the GLR procedures and I hadn't saved them. *headdesks* So yeah, I lost my updates. Grr, argh. Normally I write important stuff in Notepad or Word and hit save every so often, but I was doing these in Lotus Notes because they're going to be sent out via notes, and it's much easier to do all the formatting directly in notes. And yeah, Notes prompted me to save, but I didn't see the prompt because I had switched away from the proggie to close other stuff. It's not a huge deal because I still have the first day's work, which included the outline, but still. Annoying to have to redo things.

So then it was errand time! I had heard that the second Serenity comic had just been released, and I didn't have the first one yet because the local comic store I go to is just far enough that I can't walk there. Normally I could go before or after session because it's on the corner where I change busses, but as I haven't been to session in three weeks...well, yeah. So I wanted to get the comic because OMG SERENITY COMIC!!, but I didn't really want to go to my regular store because I didn't feel like getting off a bus two miles from home to spend 10 minutes buying comics and then have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus.

Google Local to the rescue! First hit was Graham Crackers Comics, which sounded very promising, and hey, on the way to the grocery store! So I stopped there and HOLY COW, AWESOME STORE!! I mean, I really liked Tenth Planet, my local store, but Graham Crackers is better because it's BIGGER, has lots of toys, and has MANGA. So did Tenth Planet, but their selection was very small and catered to the Dragonball Z crowd. Graham Crackers' selection is not as big as Borders', but they offer more titles. Including Fruits Basket and OMG ISSUE #11!!!!! *GRABS AND HUGS* And they had all three alternate covers of Serenity Issue #2. Sold out of #1, though, but I kind of expected that. It's going to reprint so I'll likely just wait for that--unless I go to Wizard World this weekend, which I'm seriously thinking about, and then I'll look for it there.

So yeah, very cool store, and I will be going back to it, I'm sure. :D

And then it was time to go to the grocery store. I was HUNGRY by this time, and starting to feel light-headed, so I unfortunately just focussed on getting FOOD and completely forgot about kitty chow and paper towels. Oops. Will get that tonight. I had a craving for salad so I got a BUNCH of prepackaged kits, one of which is lunch today. I also got a sourdough round, and after doing my thing in the self-checkout, immediately made a beeline for a bench and tore off a hunk of bread to eat. I so needed that.

Time to go home! I just made it to the El platform when an Orange line train arrived, but it looked crowded and I really needed to sit, so I decided to wait for the next. It wasn't going to affect my bussage, as it was 6:15 then and there was no way I'd make the 6:30 anyway, so taking the next train would be fine. And it came and I got a seat, yay! And so I immediately started reading Fruits Basket. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Got to train station at 6:45, figuring I'd have a 20 minute wait for the 7:05 bus (which I hate hate hate because it's the old bus with the squeaky axle that feels like it's going to tip over on the turns, >:o!), but then a 383 pulled in at 6:50 and immediately came to its berth rather than pulling around to sit for a bit. Hmm... the 6:30 bus really late, I take it? This doesn't bode well. And sure enough, traffic was HORRIBLE. Overheard someone say that the traffic lights went out near the mall, which is like the WORST possible place for that to happen. Only place worse than that would be any light by the airport.

We were A FREAKING MILE from my house when the bus pulled over and demanded we all get off. WTF, MAN. We had to go on the bus behind us, for gods know why. Whatever. I got home around 7:35 *fumes* and immediately made dinner. But because I got home so late and OMG FRUITS BASKET TO READ, I didn't play DDR or do much of anything else that I had planned. But like I said, that's okay, because it was a good, fun day.

And now, the squeeing. :D

Fruits Basket Issue #11 squeeing. No concrete spoilers, just emotional OMG!-ing, but that can be a spoiler to some folks so I have cut for your safety. :D )

*glares at website* Do the thing I need you to do, damn you! *stabs*

OMG, is it really 10:20 already? Damn. Better get down to work. Today's listy:

  • More procedures for Dennis. Work on them.
  • Work on GLR procedures.

Er, yeah. That's all for work today, but they're actually both fairly involved and will take a while, so yeah, two things is MORE than enough for the day.


  • OMG HEALTH INSURANCE OMG! I got distracted with vacation and stuff and totally forgot to apply for individual insurance with BCBS. I need to do that, as I am going to the doctor next week and might need testing. I can pay for the doctor's visit out of pocket, but yeah, need insurance. Might do paperwork during lunch, or even at desk as it will be fairly quick and needs doing.
  • DDR!! Must, because I missed yesterday.
  • Leftovers for dinner!
  • Some spr0t.
  • If time allows, play FFVII to next save point.
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What [livejournal.com profile] dorrie6 said. In a nutshell: I won't spoil, and I don't want to be spoiled. I am going to do a read along with [livejournal.com profile] xnera like I did last time, but like last time, all HBP entries will be placed behind an LJ-cut, and I'll be posting newer updates at the TOP of the post, with plenty of white space in between chapters. Each chapter will have its own LJ-cut, so if you want to read my thoughts for a certain chapter, you can click on that chapter's LJ-cut and be assured that you won't read newer stuff (unless you scroll up).

I started my reread of canon today. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the first book, and expect to finish it tonight. I may stay up late to get a good part of the second book read. What with lunch and bus rides, I'm pretty sure I can reread all the books this week. I might even watch the movies, too. We'll see.

I'm still not very excited about the book coming out. I mean, I actually removed Harry Potter as an interest as I've gotten very "meh" about it lately. But like last time, I'm getting the book the day it comes out because I know all of you will be reading it and squeeing about it. And while I may not love HP as much as I did, I still enjoy it, and know it'll be fun to read it and post about it and be a part of fandom, at least for a few weeks. And yes, I will see the next movie when it comes out, and likely throw a party. With goody bags, because there must be goody bags. :D

In other news, summer means lots of women walking around downtown in cute little dresses. Which has made me want a cute dress (alas, not a little one because the legs are still healing), but I didn't really want to spend a lot of money for one, so I decided to head over to Goodwill today and see what I can find. This is actually why I've got so much of HPSS read already, because it's about an hour to get there by bus. There were not as many dresses as I hoped. Nor was there a lot of plus size clothes. *sighs* But I did find a dress! Not sure I will wear it to work, but even if I just wear it at home to lounge about, I have a dress! I also got two pairs of slacks (shiny stuff, very cool), a jean skirt, three blouses, and three tins. For about $30! I love Goodwill. :D I actually do have the money to buy store clothes, but the thing is, I really have enough clothes already. I don't really need more. But I am a girl, and being a girl means that I like getting new clothes for myself, so I went to Goodwill because I knew I wouldn't feel guilty about buying new-to-me clothes there because they'd be cheap.

Anyway. I must squee over one of the pairs of slacks. About five years ago I bought a really awesome outfit at Lane Byrant. It was made of a stretchy, shimmery material, that looked maroon or black or purple depending on how the light hit it. The slacks were slim, with small darts at the bottom of the legs. And the shirt was button-down and fitted. It was a sleek, sexy, sophisticated outfit, and I loved it very much and looked so very awesome in it. But it was a 16, and though I still have it, I can't wear it because i have went and gained all this weight.

Today at Goodwill, I found the exact same slacks, in a 22--the size I currently wear. They fit perfectly. *squees madly* I am so excited. It would have been even better to find the matching top. I'm not sure what to wear with them, as I only ever wore the slacks with the matching top before, but maybe a black silky top or sweater would look nice. Either way, I have my slacks again! And the other pair of slacks I bought were similar, but in a grayish-silvery material. They're a bit tighter, but once I lose a few pounds (and I'm pretty sure I've been losing weight), they're fit just fine.

So then I went to Boston Market (yay! don't get that enough), and crossed the street to wait for the bus home. It was due to come sometime between 4:43 and 4:59, to get me to the cross street at 5:07, where I would catch the connecting bus due at 5:09. The dang thing didn't come until 5:12, and the next connecting bus wasn't due until 6:09. -.- And it's not like there was anywhere I could go sit and get a drink or anything, because this is in the middle of nowhere, where there's just a hospital, a forest preserve, and a train station. *grumbles*

I have a fascination with roads that disappear into the woods or around the bend. I wonder what's down there. Where does it lead? There's a bike path that starts at the cross street's corner that disappears around a bend and into the forest preserve, and I had always wanted to know where it led. I had time to kill today, so I took a short walk down the path.

It was pretty much like every other forest preserve in this area. Bike path, trees, open fields, maybe a stream or two. Still, very nice and an enjoyable walk. But the coolest thing was I had just made it around the first bend when I suddenly stopped and gasped, because there was a SNAKE in the path!

Now, I like snakes. A lot. So I wasn't scared or anything. But I was still startled, because I had never seen one in the wild before. I've seen them in pet shops and zoos, and had played with the ones in the science lab at my college (ball python! very cool! it tickled when it slithered against my belly. :D). I would love to own a snake, but I'm scared to because I know that they are a LOT of work, and I'm really not sure I could feed it mice, even dead, frozen ones. So no, I wasn't scared by this one. I did give it a wide berth, though, because I don't know enough about snakes to identify if any particular snake is poisonous or not, and I know there's some snakes that are harmless that have similar markings to poisonous ones, so even if I was kind of sure it was fine, I wasn't going to take my chances. I didn't get a really close look at it, but it was about 3-5 feet long, and gray and black and green. I think. It twitched its head as I walked past, but otherwise paid me no mind. And it was gone by the time I made it back. Still, very cool!

Tomorrow I need to get up early and take a bus to the 24 hour Walgreens to pick up a refill for my synthroid. *sighs* i wish I would have gone earlier today to the one close by. I checked online, and it looks like they're be closed tomorrow, so i just went ahead about called it in to the 24 hour one, which isn't actually open 24 hours but will open at 9:00 tomorrow. Obviously I don't intend to abandon Walgreens just because their pharmacists are going on strike. My sister was a pharmacist there for a while, and my younger sister a pharm tech there, and my mom STILL works in the cosmetic department, so I have a lot of loyalty to Walgreens. And the strike sounds like it's for good reasons. They're worried not about money, but that they are overworked and forced to fill prescriptions too fast. So I don't blame them at all for striking. If Supercuts is open tomorrow, I'll get my haircut while I go pick up the prescription. Otherwise, I think I will walk to Starbucks for a Frappucino and to either read a book or scribble a bit.

I am very tempted to go get ice cream tonight. But what I really need is water, so I will drink some now.


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