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December crafting update

This may be the last month I do two shawls. I managed to finish them both, but I had to do a LOT of knitting the past few days to do so, and it was tedious.

Anyway! Yesterday I finished my Celtic Myths shawl. The cable felt like it took forever. If I do this one again, I think I would do less repeats; since I was using Aran weight yarn instead of DK it came out nearly ten inches bigger than the pattern states.

I also finished a second Boneyard shawl. I'm pleased with it, but weaving in the ends from the color changes was annoying. I didn't have enough yarn to do one color, though.

I made a doily, Mini Moods of Change. As I was working on it, the initial section really wanted to be a bowl. It flattened out once I got to the second section, but there's a bit of extra fabric in the first section so it doesn't lay perfectly flat, which annoys me. The designer did warn that the beginning rounds would be tight and not to change hook size, but still.. I feel like there aren't enough stitches in some of the rounds. So I'm just okay with the results of my work.

I finished some crocheted slippers. Who knows if I will ever actually wear them, LOL. The toes are too long; I actually ripped one of them back and tried to make it shorter but didn't have much luck. These might end up being frogged....

I made a cowl based on the Elegant Ellen hat. It curls somewhat, but not too bad. I wore it to the Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting and got compliments on it.

I also made two projects for the Crochet Holiday Stashdown, the Holly in the Snow Cup Cozy and Adelyn Earwarmer. That latter one is Tunisian, so that was fun.

Finally, I made some dishcloths and tawashi for the Dishcloth Weekly group: Maidenhair Fern dischloth, Magic Spike Mandala, Tribble #2, and Scrubbie Dots.

Whew! I sure was busy! Funny thing is that I felt like I didn't do as much crafting this month because at the beginning of the month I was spending a lot of my time reading and playing Final Fantasy V. So the crafting went to the side for a bit. But I obviously found time to get a lot of things done, even though it doesn't feel like it.

In January I plan to take a break from the shawls and work on my Nerdopolis Summit Seeker projects: my Turkish Treasure Redux and Cockleshell Camisole. I'm also making a cowl for the Red Heart Lovers group, but I haven't picked the pattern for it yet. Any suggestions?

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