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Game of the Week: Devil Bunny Needs a Ham

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Christmas makes me think of ham for dinner, so here's this week's


Devil Bunny Needs a Ham at Board Game Geek

You are a highly trained sous chef who decides to scale a building. Devil Bunny needs a ham, and thinks he can get one if he can knock you off the building. Devil Bunny's logic is not very good...

Every player controls three tokens representing their sous chefs. Players start on the ground floor. Three dice are rolled on your turn. If you roll a 6, Devil Bunny moves right away. Otherwise, you move your tokens as follows:

1: You can move diagonally or horizontally, but not straight up or down.
2: Each full move must be in a straight line.
3: You do not have to use the entire move.
4: You can use each die to move a different token, or combine two or more dice to move a single token.
5: You can’t move through other players, or through Devil Bunny.
6: You can’t move into the black squares, because you fear them.

If you roll a 6, Devil Bunny jumps on the highest climber, knocking that climber down. The climber falls straight down. If there is another climber in her path, she is caught on that climber, otherwise she falls to the ground. If she is caught by another climber, that climber places her on an adjacent space beneath the climber. If she falls to the ground, she dies if she was above the Line of Death on the building.

As climbers reach the top of the building, they place their token on one of the letters at the top. At the end of the game, points are totaled based on the letter a player's tokens reside upon.

You can download the game for FREE at Cheapass Games.

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