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Game of the Week: KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a Japanese RPG for the Nintendo DS. It takes place between Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, and its story runs concurrently with the events from Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories. It focuses on the happenings within Organization XIII from the viewpoint of Roxas.

The game is divided into days, and each day further divided into several missions. The gameplay is action-based. The default action when pressing the A button is to attack. You can press the X button to cycle between actions in the menu, such as using magic or an item. You can also assign shortcuts to actions, which are then accessed by holding down the L button and pressing the designated shortcut.

In the main menu, there is a Panel system which allows you to influence what you bring into battle. Panels can lock into other panels: for example, you can put a Blizzard panel into a Doublecast panel, which will allow you to make two casts of the Blizzard magic. In general, you want a Keyblade panel and its associated modifiers, some magic, and a healthy supply of potions and ethers.

The missions take place on the various worlds of the Kingdom Hearts universe. The game features the same worlds as Kingdom Hearts 1, with Twilight Town taking the place of Traverse Town. There are three types of missions: gathering Hearts, doing recon, and eliminating a giant Heartless. In some missions you must avoid being detected (my least favorite mission).

Once you complete a mission, you may undertake it again via the Holo-Missions option in the main menu. There are also Challenges, in which a mission has certain restrictions placed on it: beating the mission with these restrictions yields Challenge Sigils, which can be redeemed in the shop for freebies.

The game also features a multi-player mode in which players undertake missions together and try to beat one another to finishing it.

Here's the official trailer for the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FH0_reDWRY

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