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xnera ([personal profile] xnera) wrote2015-10-20 12:32 pm
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yet another shawl

I'm a dork. Someone on Ravelry posted a thread asking for cozy shawl recommendations, and one of the replies mentioned the Boneyard Shawl. I thought that would be a good shawl for my Sunshine Print yarn. The Sunshine print is highly variegated, and thus needs a simple pattern as anything complex would get lost in it. So I queued the pattern.

And then started it that night, even though I still need to finish Meandering and the Butterfly Stitch shawl.

Deadlines are weird. Nerdopolis has one-month deadlines, and I find that I'm able to finish projects for Nerdopolis fairly quickly. But I have a deadline of finishing Meandering by this Friday, and I just don't want to work on it. It's become a chore, you know? So I work on other things instead.

I can still finish Meandering if I do a lot of knitting over the next few days, but I'm already given myself permission to not finish it. There's another shawl ministry meeting in December, so as long as I have it done for then I'll be happy.