Oct. 23rd, 2015

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Cribbage is a card game for two players. Points accumulate so fast in Cribbage that it is played with a special board. The board has holes and two pegs per player; the pegs are jumped over one another as points are scored.

Cribbage is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Kings are high and aces are low. All face cards are worth ten points. Aces are worth one point.

Each player is dealt six cards. They select two cards to be put into the crib, which is an extra hand that will be scored later by the dealer of that round. The remaining four cards are kept for play.

The object of Cribbage is to make fifteens, pairs, and runs. The non-dealer starts play, placing a card down in front of her and announcing its value. The dealer then plays a card, announcing the total of the two cards. Play continues until the current player cannot play a card that would bring the total over 31; she then announces "Go". The other player must continue playing cards if she can do so without exceeding 31. For making exactly 31, the player pegs 2; for a Go of less than 31 she pegs one. Play then restarts with a new count, until all eight cards have been played.

Points accumulate as follows:
* For making a fifteen, peg two.
* For making a pair, peg two.
* For a pair royale (three cards of the same rank), peg six.
* For four cards of the same rank, peg twelve.
* For making a run, peg the number of cards in the run.

Once all eight cards have been played, the hands are scored. Along with pegging for fifteens, pairs, and runs in your hand, you can also score four for a flush, and one for nobs (a hack that is the same suit as the starter card). Scoring is done aloud, usually in a manner such as "15-2, 15-4, 15-6, and a pair makes 8". Once each hand has been scored, the dealer scores the crib, taking the points for herself. Play then continues with the other player becoming dealer for the next turn. The game is won when 121 points have been scored.

Complete rules can be found at the Bicycle website.


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